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Best Ethical Hacking Projects in 2022
Updated on 08th May, 23 358 Views

Beginners could find it challenging to select the Best Ethical Hacking tasks because some might be challenging to do and others might not inspire you to push yourself to the utmost. This site is for you if anything there speaks to you in any way.

The top ethical hacking projects that we will feature in this blog are listed below:

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Let’s get right into each of the project ideas for Best Ethical Hacking Projects.

Software Keylogger:

Keylogging explained

The first project we are going to cover is Keylogger. This is a tool that comes in hardware and software form and is used to capture the characters sent from the keyboard to an attached computer.

There are four versions of Keyloggers which are: software, hardware, wireless intercept, and acoustic Even though all functionality of these are different but they have one thing in common that is keyloggers always store the data in log files.

But this project is all about a software keylogger that records keystroke data as it travels between the OS and the keyboard interface.

They are either kernel-based or typical apps in their implementation. Users were involved in some way in the installation of the malicious keyloggers in nearly all cases.

For example, Applications that log keystrokes employ a hooking mechanism, such SetWindowsHookEx(), to accomplish so. Vendors frequently package products as an executable or a DLL, such as Perfect Keylogger.

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Break a Caesar Cipher:

Break a Caesar Cipher is one of the oldest encryption projects which will be helpful for beginners to understand the concept of encryption and decryption.

Beginners can try to develop the software or a web application that decrypts the Caesar Cipher using several algorithms of data structure which are AES, Blowfish, and Brute Force.

You can break a caesar cipher by creating your own programs that will encrypt the plaintext of the alphabet and try to attempt decryption of code by using an algorithm that is a brute force that uses the trial and error methods to guess the encrypted keys.

Break a Caesar Cipher

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DNA Encryption Program:

  • The DNA Encryption Program is an ethical hacking project which is related to human science and you can get extensive cryptography knowledge from this project.
  • By translating information from DNA sequences into four-digit codes that indicate nitrogenous units, the project encrypts DNA stages. Use the most effective encoding method next to make it simpler to decode the received message.
  • After encoding, the message can be decoded using any DNA synthesis technique. We will translate the DNA bases into character and binary forms.
  • Data encryption and decryption using DNA sequences that resemble biological processes are known as DNA cryptography. DNA is a cutting-edge technique for preventing illegal access to data.

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Python Code Tutorials:

  • Python is very versatile, especially when it comes to sockets and networking. It also plays a crucial role in system monitoring. It has the ability to perform a spell at the expert level of ethical hacking.
  • Suppose, websites use plain text passwords. The Python code tutorial can now be used to crack passwords that have been hashed (md5 algorithms) and stored in plain text. The hashed input is compared to each plain text password in the following step when a match has been made.

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Image Steganography Program:

The project focuses on being familiar with the various kinds of steganography that are available. For images, image steganography is used, and the relevant data is also decrypted to get the message image.

Since there are numerous ways to accomplish this, image steganography is researched and one of the techniques is utilized to illustrate it. In picture steganography, information, such as text, photos, or audio files, is concealed within other images or video files.

The objective of the current study is to steganographic an image using another image using a spatial domain technique.

This secret information can only be acquired by using a suitable decoding technology. The photographs are encrypted and decoded using MATLAB tools.

Career Transition

Capsulecorp Pentest Project:

Another ethical hacking project for beginners that helps deepen their grasp of network penetration testing is Capsulecorp Pentest.

A virtual network using VirtualBox, Vagrant, and Ansible has been put up for the Capsulecorp Pentest environment. It also comes with a preconfigured Ubuntu Linux system that you can use as your attacking machine in addition to vulnerable enterprise systems.

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Packet Sniffer:

  • Sniffing packets is a technique for monitoring each one as it travels through the network. It is a method where a person sniffs data that belongs to other network users.
  • Both switched networks and non-switched networks can benefit from it. Packet sniffers may be used maliciously or as a tool for administration. It depends on the purpose of the user.
  • In this project you will learn how sniffing can be done in the case of the hub and switched networks, various packet sniffing methods and different methods that AntiSniff uses to detect these sniffing programs.
packet sniffer


This article provides guidance on how newcomers can make the most of their skills and address problems in the real world by applying a variety of examples. It discusses the key ethical hacking projects for beginners and specialists in 2023. Additionally, we put forth the effort to explain the purpose of ethical hacking and how to use it in real-world scenarios. We truly hope that this blog was accurate and helpful.

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