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What would you choose: a programming language fun to work with or one that pays the most? What if a programming language provides both? Well, Python is the number one language and beats the second most popular language, i.e., Java, in terms of the pay scale. To make your choice even easier, take a look at these statements from TechRepublic:

  • Python is the hottest programming language on the planet
  • Python ranks first in the top 10 most in-demand programming languages for developers
  • Python is the second favorite IoT programming language
  • Over 68% of Data Scientists prefer Python

With this guide on how to become a Python Developer, we want to introduce Python to a variety of professionals, including individuals with zero-technical experience and full-stack developers (in other programming languages). Starting from the common questions on Python, we’ll take you through all steps you need to learn and code in Python.

Know about Python developer roles and responsibilities to begin career as a Python developer.

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Topics covered in this blog:

  • Python Learning Path: How to become an expert in Python?
  • What is a Python Developer?
  • What does a Python Developer do?
  • Python Developer Skills: How much Python do you need to know to get a job?
  • How long it takes to become proficient in Python?

Python Learning Path: How to become an expert in Python?

Before diving further into the Python roadmap, here is quick dos and don’ts for you:

  • Don’t pick up Python just on a whim
  • If still in college or want to switch the domain, learn how to get your first Python job
  • The only thing that would separate you from the others for availing a lucrative job in a reputable MNC is your commitment and time investment
  • Make an investment in a reputable online Python training course—it pays well!
  • Create your first Python project: Choose Pygame or Matplotlib as your first programming sweetheart!
  • Finally, learn to automate!

Remember, you won’t learn Python, at least not its application, until you work on a real-time project. Learn Git, create your GitHub page, and most importantly build something like hiring managers love the profiles that showcase a candidate’s real-time project. It reflects his/her true hard work.

Preparing for Python Interviews? Check out Python Interview Questions that will help you land your dream job.

What is a Python Developer? What does a Python Developer do?

After reviewing a number of job descriptions for Python Developers, we have compiled a list of many tasks/functions for Python Developers, thus, answering the inevitable: What does a Python Developer do? What are the Python job roles?

  • Accountable for developing, improving, modifying, and/or maintaining applications in a global market environment
  • Code, design, debug, and log programs and support enterprise architecture activities
  • Have an in-depth understanding of development tools and languages
  • Manage data exchanges between servers and users
  • Develop server-side logic to ensure high performance and responsiveness to front-end requirements
  • Able to write efficient, scalable, and reusable code
  • Write unit and integration tests
  • Able to redesign the user interface and implement a new one through backend development
  • Design and build a scalable web application framework
  • Skilled in writing a debugger and integrate the application with third-party web services
  • Design and implement low-latency, high-availability, and high-performance applications
  • Have the know-how to build components and services for data-intensive solutions
  • Review the existing architectures and recommend short-term and long-term solutions
  • Have knowledge of other programming languages, preferably JavaScript, Java, etc.
  • Have basic knowledge of Docker and containerization
  • Create scalable and reliable products in the cloud
  • Work with Ansible
  • Have knowledge of Unix and Windows
  • Know the basics of database and storage, e.g., the Nagios platform
  • Familiar with Graphite

Now, this is too much, even for a full-stack Python Developer! Thus, to simply state the work functions of a Python Developer: ‘A Python Developer uses the Python programming language to develop, deploy, and debug projects. He/she can create an app, design a framework (for the code), build tools to get the job done, create a website or launch a new service, and work with analytics to provide insights.’

More or less, this is the sum of all the crazy bullet points above. So, do not get dejected, rather tread hard on your journey to becoming a Python Developer. The real intent behind listing the entire job summary and employers’ expectations is to help you decode the job functions of a Python programming expert. So, again summarizing the above sentence further, a Python expert can be a Coder, Automation Tester, Web Developer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and many more. The bottom line is, he/she should know Python well.

Certification in Full Stack Web Development

Python Developer Skills: How much Python do you need to know to get a job?

Python is akin to today’s German-engineered car! Everything is refined and polished, and it offers much more than your everyday sedan. Moreover, you can leverage it to reach far off places in no time!

Here is good news for you: If you are looking to start your Python programming career, then now is the best time! In recent years, the demand for this language has grown dramatically, contending neck and neck with other languages, including JavaScript. Even the salaries are good; those who start their careers in Python can expect to get almost US$69,000, while the average salary is close to US$120,000.

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Any particular reason for this surge?

Yes! One of the greatest applications of Python is in big data. Employers need professionals who can sift through the astounding volume of data generated (and collected) by modern technology to find/decode the information to predict outcomes and leverage it to lead the market. As explained earlier, Python is your engineering marvel and considered the safest best by industry experts to reach for a conclusion quickly.

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Python has a clear structure; you can turn your insights into an actionable code in no time.

If your motto is to learn the minimum and get a job, you have to decide which areas you want to tread into. Is it web development? Or, Data Science? Or, web testing?

Whatever fits your ambition, following things are must for getting a job:

Bonus: Since Python is an object-oriented language, you can translate many of its principles and techniques into related languages, such as C++, Ruby on Rails, and Java. Thus, in the future, if you want to switch to one of these languages, your Python experience will come in handy!

Want to pursue career in Python Domain? Master Python developer skills and start your career.

How long it takes to become proficient in Python?

Well, longevity is a matter of time. The more focused you are, the shorter your journey will be as a Python Developer. The real question is which platform you want to step on. Do you want to learn basic Python or go further and learn advanced Python?

How long it takes to become proficient in Python

Basic Python: A Small Eventful Journey of 6–8 Weeks!

With basic Python, you will learn Python syntax, data types, keywords, functions, classes, if-else, loops, and exception handling. It can take up to 6 to 8 weeks for a typical programmer to become familiar with Python basics.

Learn basic Python from scratch through our Python Beginner Tutorial!

Advanced Python: A Month or a Couple of it!

It includes multithreading, linked lists, socket programming, database programming (including MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, etc.), synchronization techniques, and more. The timeline is dependent on an individual’s background, ability, and motive.

To learn the advanced concepts of Python, you can enroll in our online instructor-led Python Certification Training Course!

Wait! Just don’t jump the section yet!

Professional Python or Python for Data Science: Blame or Bless Big Data!

The enormous demand for Data Science professionals has created a black hole sort of gravity-defying pull that is engulfing more and more Python professionals to this domain. It requires proficiency in Python vis-à-vis Data Analytics, associated libraries/packages, Machine Learning, and more. The good thing is, you have a plethora of options to learn Python Data Science tutorial. Choose one and commit to the program. The typical journey is from a week to a month(s).

To speed up your learning curve, commit yourself to Intellipaat’s 39 hours (Plus 50 hours of real-time projects!) of Data Science with Python!

Companies hailed as next unicorns in the IT market, including SpaceX, WeWork, Airbnb, etc., consider Python as the most in-demand programming technology. Currently, Python is ruling over all the other programming languages and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. So, it is highly unlikely that another language is going to replace it anytime soon. Thus, to soar high in your career, add Python to your portfolio.

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