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How to create a Salesforce Campaign
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What is Salesforce?

SaaS (Software as a Service) company Salesforce also known as Customer Relationship Management, Inc. is situated in San Francisco and offers cloud computing and social business software.

The business was first established as a provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms in March 1999 by former Oracle executive Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez.

With the development of its many cloud platforms, Salesforce has grown into a SaaS behemoth that caters to a variety of needs. Salesforce stated in August 2022 that its sales have increased by 32% annually to $8.72 billion.

Through the examination of customer data, Salesforce CRM offers insightful information about customer behavior and demands. Salesforce provides a comprehensive view of every consumer encounter with a brand by bridging the divides between data stores from various departments.

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What is the Salesforce Campaign?

A Salesforce Campaign is an entity that assists in tracking the opportunities and leads connected to your marketing campaigns.

A campaign is what marketers define as a coordinated effort to accomplish a certain objective. The information captured by such activities is tracked, saved, and managed by Salesforce Campaigns.

The Business Development teams (Lead Generation Agencies/SDRs/BDRs) also can employ campaigns, but the Promotional Team normally uses them.

Learn more about Salesforce Campaigns through our Salesforce Tutorial.

Types of Campaigns in Salesforce

Types of Salesforce Campaigns are discussed below:

  • Seminar/Conference/Webinar campaigns:
    • Organizing a conference or seminar is a fantastic approach to generating leads for potential customers.
    • The lecture or seminar should benefit prospective customers. A lead’s likelihood of becoming a purchase can be increased by providing worth without charge.
  • Referrals Campaign:
    • Referral programs are essential for both B2C and B2B companies.
    • A reference campaign assists you in obtaining clients or high-quality prospects from current clients or consumers.
    • If you’ve been recommended to new prospective customers by anyone they know, they’re most inclined to believe you.
  • Targeted Email Campaign:
    • Spreading the information about a business or service’s most recent launch may be done extremely successfully by sending a targeted email marketing campaign to a set of organizations.
    • From Salesforce, you can manage and monitor the development of this type of campaign.
  • Poster Ads:
    • When people search online for pertinent keywords, banner ads will showcase your services and goods.
    • Salesforce may be used to monitor the success of such display ad campaigns.

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Create a Campaign in Salesforce

Creating Salesforce Campaigns are really easy and basic procedure.

The steps you must take to create a campaign in Salesforce are listed below:

  1. Signing in to Salesforce and selecting the “Campaigns” tab are the first steps.
  2. To create a brand-new campaign, click “New” on the right.
  3. If you are unable to immediately start a new campaign, you must set the Marketing User option to True. On the User Record, this functionality is available.
  4. Request that your Salesforce System Administrator make adjustments to your User Record and switch the checkbox to True.
  5. After obtaining the necessary rights, go to the “Campaign Edit” screen by selecting “New” under the “Campaigns” tab. You can modify the fields and particular campaign details here. The running dates, campaign description, campaign status, and other required elements will all need to be filled up.
  6. Once you’ve supplied all the information and completed all the forms, click “Active” to finish creating your Salesforce Campaign. By doing this, you’ll make it possible for Salesforce users from your firm to watch and interact with your campaign. You can leave the option unchecked if you do not want others to be able to see your campaign.
  7. To complete the procedure and obtain your Salesforce Campaign, click “Save” when finished.
Create a Salesforce Campaign

Why do we use Salesforce to track Campaign performance?

Salesforce has an extended variety of options that you may use to monitor the success of your advertising activities.

Salesforce Campaigns can be used for the following:

  • Analyze the connections and possibilities that various campaigns have produced.
  • Track the leads and connections that your marketing campaigns are targeting.
  • Analyze the marketing strategies that are generating the best chances.
  • Give credit for profitable sales to various marketing initiatives.
  • Organize marketing initiatives into hierarchies with parent-child links across campaigns.

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What is Salesforce Campaign Management?

You must be familiar with Salesforce Campaign Management after setting up Salesforce Campaigns and making campaign data.

From the campaign development stage until the possible closure phase, this is the procedure for maintaining and monitoring Salesforce Campaign.

Salesforce Campaigns are divided into two categories:

  • Lead generation campaigns:

You could conduct certain efforts for lead generation. A seminar invitation or a request to participate in a free demonstration could be sent through g-mail. As Campaign participants for the campaign, you may add individuals that agree.

  • Lead-nurturing campaigns:

You can conduct additional campaigns to persuade current prospects to take a particular action, such as making a purchase, booking a session with a sales representative, or emailing a reminder.

You can include a connected leads track as a campaign member once it has been transformed into an identity, possibility, and connection record.

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What does a Salesforce Campaign Member mean?

A campaign member in Salesforce is, to put it simply, the connection between a particular lead or customer and your Salesforce Campaign. You can utilize the data to create individualized dashboards and reports by documenting the variations in this connection over the period.

What does the Campaign Member Responded Field do?

The Campaign Member Responded field, as its name implies, lets you know whether a lead or contact has reacted to your marketing message. This enables you to eliminate the prospects who don’t respond to your message and nurture the ones who do.

However, you have the option of recording only a response to your message or recording more detailed information about what your contacts did.

For instance, if you send an email requesting your connections to participate in a seminar by selecting between “Interested” and “Not Interested,” your action will be seen as a reaction.

You may separate the replies by taking into account the alternatives that each contact has selected if you wish to proceed and gauge their desire to participate in your seminar.

What is Campaign Report Types?

When you understand objects and connections, Salesforce’s reporting features are simple and well-regarded.

The following reports are provided right from the beginning for the Campaign object:

  • Campaigns
  • Campaigns with Influenced Opportunities (Customizable Campaign Influence)
  • Campaigns with Leads
  • Campaigns with Campaign Members
  • Campaigns with Leads and Converted Lead Information
  • Campaigns with Contacts
  • Opportunities with Campaign History

You can develop reports that go beyond the limitations of the default Salesforce report kinds by using custom report types.

A Salesforce report type may be compared to a magnifier that examines the entire Salesforce data model.

Salesforce Campaigns Metrics

  • Won possibilities in the Campaign: The proportion of closed wins related to the campaign.
  • Campaign responses: This figure is crucial. It demonstrates the number of people that responded positively to our marketing message.
  • Analyzing Campaign Opportunities: The number of opportunities associated with the campaign in terms of money.
  • Aggregate Members: The total amount of leads and contacts connected to the campaign.


A campaign is nothing more than a group of communications created around one central idea and distributed to a specific target audience. A campaign involves communicating a single message to a group of prospects and customers in order to accomplish the desired goals.

Depending on the objectives they are seeking to accomplish, campaigns can take on a number of shapes. A marketing campaign aims to engage your target audience and persuade them to engage with your business. A sales campaign helps to convince customers to buy from you and boosts sales.

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