What is salesforce?

You got an introduction of Salesforce. But wait, what is Salesforce? In this session, I’ll explain to you the actual Salesforce meaning. So, in today’s market, Salesforce is a cloud-based software company which provides its customers with a platform to develop their own application without following the tough steps used in the legacy system. The software or application once created can be uploaded onto the Cloud allowing the end-users to view them.

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Salesforce Meaning What is salesforce? You got an introduction of Salesforce. But wait, what is Salesforce? In this session, I’ll explain to you the actual Salesforce meaning. So, in today’s market, Salesforce is a cloud-based software company which provides its customers with a platform to develop their own application without following the

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Salesforce is currently providing various software solutions and platforms for developers to create and distribute custom software/application. Tech joints like Google, Twitter, Amazon, or Facebook are using Salesforce either in the form of SaaS or PaaS.
What is salesforce
Here is how Salesforce will boost your career in 2019

By using Salesforce, developers can make one application on the Cloud and share that application with multiple companies across multiple domains.
Talking about HR systems, every company across the globe has an HR team. Each HR team would require an HR application to store employee records. Almost all specifications for such an application would be common for all companies. So, as a developer, it would be very easy to create an application for such specifications, post it onto the Cloud, and provide that application as a service to multiple clients at the same time. Maintenance of the same can be done altogether too. So basically, the problem of scalability got eliminated.

This is what Salesforce can do and that is why Salesforce is important for your business.

It’s the same with Financial Systems also since most of the finance companies or banks need to keep track of different transactions, who is making the transactions, how much was the amount transacted, and at what time the transaction was made. So, a single application can be created to perform all the required applications. And by just posting this application on the Cloud, multiple clients can be serviced.
In the below image, you can see the soaring numbers of customers, applications, and installations of Salesforce. This is why Salesforce is number one in CRM and in Sales.
It is the oldest and flexible CRM to date. I hope now you understood Salesforce meaning properly.

Salesforce Cloud

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud:  

This salesforce cloud is the most popular and the most trusted Cloud service offered by Salesforce. It is very useful for companies which require a lot of follow-ups with respect to leads and customers. It makes the work of a sales representative very easy as Sales Cloud gives him a very consolidated view of all customers. All the data can be stored in a single window with all the required details. With just a single click, the details of a customer can be viewed, edited, or deleted. The entire customer information and interactions happen in one place that is the sales cloud of Salesforce meaning it enables better use of sales data by the sales personnel. Deals are progressed faster as best practices are used along with in-line intelligence. Decisions can be made very quickly based on the latest information as all the data is located in one place. This information is so compatible that it can be viewed from a phone, laptop, etc. Leads can be provided to the right representatives at the correct time. Converting the leads becomes that much easy.

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  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

Marketing Cloud is used by almost all companies for marketing purposes. In this salesforce marketing cloud, you can send customized mass mailers to thousands of potential customers at just a single click. You can also target some content on social media using advertisements. This can be used to boost your sales numbers.
There are many ways how optimal marketing strategy should be. But from those companies which failed badly in marketing one thing is clear. Deluging mistargeted ads to the customers is clearly not the way to go. If you’re an avid online user you might definitely have encountered such ads in your mailbox. If you are in the marketing business then you can make your marketing team smarter and more predictive about each customer. You’ll get an intelligent platform integrating marketing, sales, service, and commerce which makes for a collaborative CRM equipped with the tools and data to make recommendations based on past purchases. This is also helpful in solving issues your customers may have had with a certain product. You can increase engagement through custom communities as specified in the subsequent section below and connect to your customers through any device on any channel from social media to your connected products. Gathering key insights to strengthen your relationship with each customer at every stage will be made very easy with Salesforce technology of marketing cloud. Easily adjustable campaigns to help drive leads in the pipeline all while you get a complete view of the customer data to optimize your marketing strategy is very much possible with Salesforce’s marketing facility.

  • Salesforce Service Cloud:

Using Salesforce, support agents can address customer problems by equipping them with the right tools. Building self-service communities give your customers the ability to solve their issues on their own terms. As a service owner, customer opinions ought to be your top concern. Every share, like, hearts, recommendations make a big difference from customers and if they’re happy you’re happy. The service business owner knows all about the issues from the customer and they provide one-to-one conversational service. The business owner knows all about the customer history as what all issues he had previously from what product through this cloud. This makes the service agents smarter, better able to discuss the details of each sale, case history. They are also able to put forth marketing messages that tweaks the interest of the customers. They are better able to connect to the technicians on the field hence making them more productive.

  • Salesforce Analytics Cloud:

Analytics Cloud can be integrated with many other Clouds. In this Salesforce Cloud, you can get data from all Clouds and give an analysis of what the problem was with the outcome.

  • Salesforce Community Cloud:

Users may wonder what Salesforce does in the community cloud. It has good applications in marketing, sales, service but what could it have in the community. This cloud lets you directly connect with customers, increase partner success, and drive employee productivity like there’s no tomorrow. Multiple communities can be easily created and accessed for specific needs and customized to represent any brand. You can personalize each customer’s experience with their specific interests so customers can search the community to find information quickly and ask the community to get the answer they need while service representatives spend time tackling the toughest cases. Channel partners can close the deal faster by easily accessing experts and managing leads right within the community. Marketing teams can collaborate with agencies to streamline their campaign creation and gather feedback from potential customers.

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  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

The next Salesforce cloud is, Salesforce Commerce Cloud. It is a cloud-based e-commerce platform which can manage products giving a wide range of facilities. It delivers a comprehensive digital experience to its customers. It enhances customers’ shopping experience. It connects the customers or shoppers with the right product at the right time. It is used for connecting merchandisers with the right information they need in order to make the right business decisions with Artificial Intelligence.

  • Salesforce App Cloud:

Let’s talk about the next Salesforce cloud, i.e. Salesforce App cloud. Imagine, how it would be if you had the power to create apps! Salesforce App Cloud is a new kind of PaaS. In simple terms, it can be said as Salesforce for dummies. You may imagine this to be in-line with Play Store of Google but for CRM purposes. It is a kind of ecosystem for building, discovering, and running all your apps. Developers using frameworks in modern languages and business admins using drag-and-drop lightning tools like app builder and process builder can all leverage App Cloud. Through this platform, legacy data can be modernized into mobile apps for all your employees if you host an organization. You can design apps to listen to event data from mobile devices, sensors, websites, etc. and then make prudent actions based on it. This truly gives out several Salesforce features in the development of apps.

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  • Salesforce Collaboration Cloud or Quip

This Salesforce cloud changes the way a team works together. Be it combining data, documents, spreadsheets, and what not! It is basically used to connect your content and communicate with your team.

In this session, Salesforce meaning of the Salesforce tutorial, we learned What is Salesforce a little more in-depth by now I hope you understood Salesforce meaning properly. We also learned about various Salesforce clouds. In the following session of this tutorial, we’ll be learning about Salesforce Marketing Cloud .

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