Web Developer Job Description
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The web development market is changing rapidly as websites are used by all types of businesses. In addition, advancements in technology have provided numerous advantages for companies to showcase their digital presence. When someone first comes in contact with your website, you need to have a good impression of that. The user’s first impression can affect how they perceive your business. Thus, an effective strategy can give companies a planning advantage over competitors.

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What is a Web Developer?

What is a Web Developer?

A Web Developer is a technical professional responsible for building applications and websites that are hosted on the internet. Apart from this, they are responsible for designing and developing websites with the use of code, design, and different layouts.

Web Developers deal with different kinds of websites such as e-commerce, booking, gaming, or any business websites. These different website types have certain requirements and are specially used for business purposes.

Web Developers are specialized in developing web applications or websites related to the World Wide Web or distributing network applications that typically run on protocols such as HTTP from a web server to a browser.

Web Developers know different web programming languages such as Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), JavaScript (JS), React, CSS, Angular, etc.

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How to become a Web Developer?

How to become a Web Developer?

With the Internet and web applications becoming an almost permanent part of modern life, the need for Web Developer skills has also played an important role in such a transition. Below is a summary of steps for those interested in entering this career field and want to become a Web Developer.

  • Degree in Computer Science or technical field-

To become a Web Developer the first and most important step is to have a computer science degree that will pave the way for your web development career.

After completing your higher education, you should take the JEE mains and JEE Advanced entrance exams for graduation.  Qualifying for the exam will help you get into top-tier institutes such as NITs, IITs, or any private engineering institutes. Getting a degree will open the door to various opportunities which will help you to crack your dream job.

  • Industry Certifications-

To become a Web Developer or to make an entry into the software corporate world, you must have industry certifications such as IIT Certification courses, Microsoft Certification courses, and many more, which will be beneficial for knowing a particular domain and will build your resume strong while applying for any web development companies.

Pursuing certifications will help you gain industry experience and job roles which will allow you to develop your web development career with additional expertise and specialization.

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  •  Web Development Languages-

Web development languages use different programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, and C#. Initially, you need to choose which language you want to go for the implementation of your project. And once you are comfortable with any language, then gradually you can shift to other languages.

  • Build your Projects-

After you get the knowledge of any programming language, you need to start building projects which will give you an experience of what software developers usually do. By building your project, you not only up-skilling your knowledge as a Web Developer but also will make sure of what potential you have as a developer, which every company needs. Try making different projects once you learn how to code, and know different programming languages which will add wings to your resume and crack the dream job you always wanted to work for.

  • Internships-

To get used to the various industry experiences internships are the best opportunity for every student, it opens job opportunities right after the completion of your degree.

Most companies offer internships for students in different domains and allow them to work on real-world projects which not only increases their skills but also makes them learn how to work under a team and it helps them to adapt to different company environments.

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Web Developer Job Description

Web Developers are responsible for planning and developing software solutions and web applications. These applications and solutions are used for maintaining a company’s websites and digital products that are being executed for different tasks or making a living optimized digitally.

They usually need a combination of graphic design skills and technical computer skills. It allows the Web Developer, to create particular designs on web pages, using different web programming languages following the concepts of web development.

If you are passionate about being a Web Developer, you must work on the various roles and responsibilities. As well, you must be eligible for the various requirements that the companies ask for.

Every company has its own recruitment process for Web Developers, they may hire for the role of Front-end Web Developer, Back-end Web Developer, or Full-Stack Web Developer. So you must go through the various Web Developer skills including the major roles and duties of a Web Developer. You need to match the criteria and be an expert in what the company might need from you as a Web Developer.

Career Transition

Some of the roles and responsibilities of a Web Developer are the following:

  • Create, design, and maintain all websites and software.
  • Creating and editing website content.
  • Develop solutions to problems or errors.
  • This includes the user interface, browser compatibility, and general web standards and features.
  • Web applications are influenced by programming languages such as Script, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and APIs.
  • Communicate daily with colleagues, managers, and stakeholders.
  • Develop and validate test procedures to ensure the quality of external and internal interfaces.

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Web Developer Salary

Like any other industry, Web Developers in India are offered different salaries. The salary of a Web Developer in India depends on several factors such as his skills, experience in the field, the city he lives in, etc.

As stated by the professionals or experienced ones in this field, their guidance is that as a fresher, you must enjoy your job and gain more experience from a reputable tech company rather than focusing on the salary.

For freshers, the average salary of a Web Developer in India is Rs 433,500 LPA. And a mid-level Web Developer can earn an average of Rs 569,000 LPA.


Websites are the heart of any business’s online presence. For this reason, a good web page design is important. Primarily you need to understand that a good page layout will make an impact on customer satisfaction for your business. This includes the style of a page, text organization, font selection, page size, graphics used, etc. In order to create a well-designed page for a specific audience. The Web Developer needs to analyze the user’s basic needs and requirements while creating a well-designed web page. Finally what counts the most is, the better the web page design, the more visits the page will receive.

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