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In this AWS Tutorial you will learn AWS from the very basics and get a clear understanding of this top cloud computing platform. You will learn why AWS is such a powerful cloud computing service. Today the shift towards the cloud is unstoppable. AWS is the number 1 player in this domain.

Watch this AWS Certification full course for Beginners video

AWS offer a secure cloud services platform which can be deployed by enterprises for leveraging the computing power, storage services, network services, content delivery and other functionalities to help these enterprises scale and grow rapidly. AWS offers all these services on a hassle-free pay as you go business model along with other benefits like high availability, flexibility, reliability, scalability and security.

What is AWS?

CriteriaAWS CloudOn-premise
Initial costLowHigh
ScalabilityInstantNeeds time
MaintenanceNot neededneeded

Amazon Web Services or AWS is a pay as you go cloud services platform that offers a whole host of cloud services for enterprises to concentrate on their core competencies while Amazon takes care of the IT and cloud related hassles.

AWS is the pioneer of the cloud computing technology. Way back in 2006 it first offered its cloud solutions and today is rightly way ahead of its competition. Back in 2006 cloud might still have been a novelty but today it is critical to the survival of any business enterprise. Cloud is offering some incredible advantages that on-premise technology just cannot compete with.

Why is AWS so widely used?

AWS is the most widely used cloud computing platform in the world today and it will remain so well into the future.

Here are some of the reasons why AWS is such a hit with its customers.

  • Pay as you use
  • Ease of use
  • Highly flexible service
  • Very cost-effective
  • Extremely reliable
  • High performance
  • Instant services
  • High scalability
  • Better security
  • Zero maintenance
  • Latest version
  • Holistic delivery of service

What are the top AWS products?

EC2 : This is Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute. This is the virtual computing environment offered by AWS. It is offered as a web service that lets you perform computing tasks of any capacity in a secure and resizable environment. EC2 provides you configuration capacity in a seamless manner. With EC2 you have complete control of your computing environment along with high availability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

S3 : This is the Amazon Simple Storage. AWS S3 lets you seamlessly store and retrieve huge amounts of data anytime, anywhere through the web interface. It lets software developers to have access to data fast in an inexpensive, reliable and highly scalable manner. You can store all sorts of folders, files, and documents on the AWS S3.

RDS : This is the Amazon Relational Database Service. The Amazon RDS is a highly scalable relational database service. It offers a simple, cost-efficient database in the cloud that also automatically does database setup, hardware provisioning, backup and patching. Its advantages include high availability, fast performance, security and compatibility.

DynamoDB : This is the Amazon NoSQL database in the cloud that provides extremely high latency at any scale. It offers highly reliable service that is fully managed, has built-in security, in-memory caching, backup and restoration.

VPC : This is the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud which can be thought of as a cloud data center for deploying all your resources. VPC lets you isolate all your resources on the Amazon cloud and thus offers heightened security. Amazon gives you complete freedom to work within your virtual networking environment, along with selection of IP addresses, creating subnets, configuring route tables and network gateways. AWS VPC offers logically isolated provisioning on the cloud wherein you can launch your AWS resources.

Applications of AWS

Amazon Web Services has a widespread usage that is cutting across the industry vertical. Today every enterprise is morphing itself into a software thanks to the digital economy that we are living in. In such a scenario the applications of AWS range from running websites, taking care of data centers, offering on the fly computing services, deploying data analytics, providing networking services on a pay as you go model and so on.

Why should you learn AWS?

Some of the top reasons why you should learn AWS are as follows:

  • AWS is the gold standard of cloud and is slowly becoming synonymous with the cloud itself
  • The salaries of AWS professionals are among the best in the technology industry
  • Getting AWS certified is not tough; all you need is the right training in AWS
  • There is a huge shortage of certified AWS professionals thanks to the rapid deployment of AWS
  • There are no prerequisites to learn AWS as anybody can master this top technology
  • AWS is a very vast domain, and anybody can find their niche and excel in their careers.

Watch this End to End AWS Tutorial video

Recommended audience

Anybody who wants to make a career in the cloud domain can go through this AWS Tutorial and learn AWS in an easy yet effective manner. IT and software developers, system administrators, project managers and others can benefit from this AWS tutorial.


There are no prerequisites for this AWS Tutorial. If you want to learn AWS, then all you need to have is a basic understanding of the cloud concepts and you are good to go.

Table of Content

Definition of Cloud computing

What is Cloud Computing?

AWS is one of vendors of cloud services, which is why is becomes imperative to have a clear understanding of cloud computing. Cloud Computing is generally referred to as 'Cloud'. Cloud delivers the resources and services on a virtual platform on-demand in a pay-as-you-go manner. These resources and services can be anything ranging from applications to data Read More

Advantages And Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is shaping how we live and work today. Like it or not, it has become an integral part of our lives. Companies and businesses of all shapes and sizes are now turning to cloud Computing. But nothing is perfect and Cloud Computing is no exception. While it is vastly beneficial, it also Read More

Global Infrastructure

Global Infrastructure of AWS

AWS spreads its services around the world and has a million dynamic clients. The global infrastructure of AWS is broadening so that the clients or end users capable to get the result of higher throughput and lower latency and also to make sure that the client’s data remains in their desired space or region they specify. Read More

AWS Introduction

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) can be defined as the huge set of on-demand services provided to the customers on cloud with pay-as-you-go pricing method. Whether it is about configuring a server or running an application, AWS lets you execute your operations on cloud in a similar way as you would do on a physical computer. You can Read More

AWS Security

Security in AWS

Security is the most prior thing in AWS. The advantage of using the AWS service is that, you can reach the requirements of the most security-sensitive organization from data center and network architecture. If your desire is to maintain secure environments then clients can go to AWS cloud and also it permits clients to scale and innovate. Read More

AWS Compliance

AWS Compliance overview

AWS makes clients to identify the vigorous controls in place with the aid of Cloud Compliance at AWS at data safety and sustain security in the cloud. The compliance responsibilities will get exchanged since the systems are created on top of AWS cloud infrastructure. Through tying mutually governance-targeted, audit-pleasant service characteristics with appropriate compliance or audit standards, Read More

Amazon Web Services Cloud Platform

AWS Cloud Platform

It is essential to have a wide variety of technologies, so that it is possible to develop, operate and manage our applications. The AWS  comprises a several cloud services, they can be well suited to your business or to your organizational needs. The services can be extracted from the AWS management Console and Command Line Interface. AWS Read More


AWS Computation

Amazon EC2: This is a web service, have a feature of resizable compute in the cloud. It makes easy for developers in the process of web-scale computing. This provides an interface and with that we can get configure capacity by minimum resistance. We will be able to hold the entire control on our own computing resources and also, Read More

Storage and Content Delivery

Storage requirements

What is Amazon S3 Overview video [videothumb class="col-md-12" id="CvWoj1EBrTA" alt="What is Amazon S3 Overview" title="What is Amazon S3 Overview"] Amazon Web Services suggests a wide variety of services to reach the storage requirements. Key services Key concepts Usage scenarios Documentation Key services Key services Description Amazon S3 With this component one can retrieve the input data sets which Read More


Database management system in AWS

The developers offered a several database management services from AWS. The there are numerous options you can find to run, managed relational data and also managed NoSQL databases, or there is one more option to run the code on online platform in the cloud on Amazon EBS and Amazon EC2. Amazon RDS : A known web Read More


AWS Networking

The networking services offered by AWS are immense. We can set up the internet route by joining IP addresses, setting up of the logical servers according to the transmission protocols. The networking services can be used on applications like: Key services Key concepts Architecture Documentation What is AWS VPC video [videothumb class="col-md-12" id="q0pzZqUs3fA" alt="What is AWS VPC" title="What Read More

Developer Tools

AWS Development Tools Overview

Applications of AWS are used by developer tools brilliantly. Tools used by the developers are as below: AWS Management Console : It manages the quickly growing Amazon architecture.It  controls your calculation, storing  and also some cloud based activities using a very simple graphical border. AWS Toolkit for Eclipse : It is a tool for using  Java Read More

Management Tools

Popular management tools offered by AWS

In this chapter we will be discussing about the various management tools offered by AWS. Amazon CloudWatch It monitors the tune-ups used in the cloud and also other functions on the Amazon web services. It is used for metrics following controlling logging files and also keeping alerts. Instances, Database tables, metrics are all controlled Read More

Security And Identity

AWS Security and Identity Overview

The  safety concern offered by this AWS enables us to have a safer data storage in the cloud network. Safety services of AWS include AWS Identity and Access Management which uses terms and conditions to allow the entry of the users into the AWS assets. Another safety measure is the AWS Directory Service which allows Read More


AWS Analytics Overview

The  services provided by the analytical  tools of AWS are as follows: The data are organized and controlled by the  Amazon Elastic MapReduce with the assistance of the Hadoop technology  sharing deals.This tool very simply sets up and manages the Hadoop framework. This tool controls the calculative assets and carries on the MapReduce process.  The  flowing of Read More

Internet Of Things

AWS Internet of things

The AWS IoT acts as the mediator between the components and the network.  It hence, gathers information from those things and works on them. AWS IoT is defined as a platform which enables you to connect devices to AWS Services along with the other devices, secure data and interactions, process and act upon device data, and Read More

Mobile Services

Amazon Cognito

finds out ways to recognize sole users, recover provisional ,unimportant passwords and helps in information management operations. To initiate with Cognito, the steps are: Register in AWS. Get the token of your application. Develop an identity pool for Cognito. Develop SDK , accumulate and then synchronize the information. The maximum size of the dataset is 1 Read More

AWS Lambda Tutorial


In this tutorial, we will discuss Amazon’s very reliable serverless computing service AWS Lambda. Before starting this tutorial, we’re assuming that you’ve already worked on AWS cloud and you’ve knowledge of AWS compute and database services. We will dive you into the main concepts of AWS Lambda by understanding why we need this service, what is this service, its Read More

AWS Cheat Sheet

AWS Quick Reference Guide

If you are looking for a flexible and low cost IT resource, then you must take AWS into consideration. This AWS cheat sheet covers the services offered by Amazon, common use cases and technical limitations. This is a handy reference to the one who is willing to work on cloud services which provides all the basic Read More



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