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Functions are the blocks of code that is written to perform particular job. R programming supports a huge number of in-built functions as well as user-defined ones. In order to create a function in R programming ‘function’ keyword is used.

The syntax for writing functions is-

function_name <- function (argu_1, argu_2, .... argu_N)


#Function body


For example, a function to calculate the power result of a number.

pow <- function(x, y) {

# function to print x raised to the power y

result <- x^y

print(paste(x,"raised to the power", y, "is", result))


Some of built-in functions are seq(),max(), mean(), sum(x), etc.

Calling a function

Taking the above example, a function can be called as follows:

>pow(8, 2)

Output- [1] “8 raised to the power 2 is 64”

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