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How to Extract Data in Tableau?

To improve performance and data to allow for more advanced capabilities and to analyze offline you can use extracts which are saved subsets of a data source. You can make an extract by defining filters and limits that contains the data you want in the extract.

After creating an extract you can refresh it through data from the original data source. You can either refresh the data, replacing all of the extract contents or you can increment the extract, which only add rows that are novel since the last refresh.

Extracts can

  • Improve performance.
  • Add functionality to file based data sources, such as the ability to compute Count Distinct.
  • Provide offline access to your data
  • Creating an Extract
  • Using Extracts
  • Refreshing Extracts
  • Adding Rows from a File
  • Upgrading Legacy Extracts
  • Optimizing Extracts

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