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AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Study Guide
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Wish to clear the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam but not sure where to begin? This is the right place. A career in the cloud is one of the most sought-after paths today. This blog will help you to prepare for the same.

This blog discusses the following topics:

To get an overview of the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, let us first begin by understanding what AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is?

What is AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner?

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course provides individuals with an overall understanding of the AWS cloud platform. It is the foundational level of AWS certification. Many individuals continue on to a specific certification after completing the Cloud Practitioner course. The certification offers an overview of core services offered by AWS, security, network, cloud pricing, and available support services.

It is a foundational level of certification. Many individuals give other high-level exams to master AWS cloud after this AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam

The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is the most basic certification exam conducted by AWS. This certification exam is to test the skills and knowledge of those who can demonstrate all functions in the AWS cloud, irrespective of the specific technical roles. Moreover, this Amazon Cloud Practitioner certification is a requirement for Big Data and Advanced Networking certification examinations.

Check out this AWS Course video to learn more about AWS.

About the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam

Mentioned below are a few more details about the CLF-C01 exam:

  • It costs about US$100.
  • Its duration is 90 minutes.
  • It includes multiple-choice and multiple-response questions.
  • The passing score is 65 percent.
  • The certification can be renewed every two years.

Before we get into the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner study guide, let us understand what are the requirements to take and clear this certification exam.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

This AWS certification exam validates the following abilities:

  • The AWS cloud and its infrastructure
  • Basic architectural principles of the AWS cloud
  • Significant AWS services and their use cases in analytics and computing
  • Compliance and security of AWS
  • The management of the accounts, billing, and pricing models
  • The operations and deployment of the AWS cloud

These are some of the must-have skills to apply for and clear the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam.

Eligibility Criteria for the Certification Exam

To take the this certification exam, you must qualify the following criteria:

  • A minimum of six months of industry experience in working in any job role that requires skills in the AWS cloud
  • Experience in implementing various IT services in the AWS cloud

Certification in Cloud & Devops

Syllabus of the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

The following topics have to be given importance while preparing for the certification exam:

  • Technology
  • Cloud
  • Security
  • Billing and pricing


Covering about 36 percent of the exam content, technology is one of the most crucial topics for the Amazon Cloud Practitioner certification exam. To become an expert in this section, you must have in-depth knowledge of the core services of AWS. Some of the concepts that you need to become an expert on include S3, EC2, AWS Lambda, ELB, SNS, Route 53, RDS, etc.


Basic knowledge of Cloud Computing concepts is a must if you wish to clear the certification exam. From this subfield, questions are asked in a broad range, which requires you to have a higher-level understanding of the cloud concepts such as scalability, elasticity, fault tolerance, and high availability. Cloud covers approximately 28 percent of the exam content.

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Security is another significant topic that you need to prepare well before attempting the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam, irrespective of your work profile. The exam comprises several questions on compliance, culpable management, and security. Some of the topics covered in the exam from this section include cloud logs, protection of DDoS, shared security model, MFA, password policies, IAM-managing users, and more. 24 percent of the exam consists of questions related to compliance and security.

Billing and Pricing

12 percent of the exam comprises questions on billing and pricing. The exam focuses on AWS business applications, which is why it is extremely important for you to be familiar with this module. To clear this certification exam, you must have an understanding of the AWS support, general account, calculation of service costs, building particular services, and more.

Cloud Practitioner Certification Syllabus

Now, you will gain an insight into how you can prepare for the AWS certification exam.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Preparation

Do you think it is easy to prepare for and clear this certification? No. It is definitely not easy to clear this certification exam. You need to put extra time and effort to pass it with decent marks. Here are a few AWS Cloud Practitioner exam tips that you can follow:

1. Enroll in a good AWS Training Program

Intellipaat offers one of the best AWS training programs, which will help you to acquire the necessary skills that are required to clear this exam on the very first attempt. In this training program, you will also gain efficiency in resolving various IT problems.

Our AWS Technical Essentials Training will make you proficient in AWS products and services.

2. Acquaint Yourself with Exam Guides

While preparing yourself for the certification exam, you must use and refer to AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner guides that are made available online and offline by AWS. They offer detailed knowledge of the significant modules that you need to learn.

Career Transition

3. Master the Syllabus

The syllabus that is mentioned above, along with the weightage of each area, plays a significant role in this certification exam. You must prepare the entire syllabus before sitting for the exam to get a good score.

4. Refer to AWS Whitepapers

AWS Whitepapers educate candidates about certain issues and how to use particular methods to solve them. Whitepapers act as a great source of knowledge and information and cover modules such as economics, architecture, and security.

Whitepapers will help you prepare the following topics for the exam:

  • AWS
  • Pricing in AWS
  • Using AWS to maximize value
  • AWS security
  • AWS Cloud Adoption Framework

5. Take a Practice Test

Taking practice tests before appearing for the actual certification exam is one of the best ways to test your skills and abilities and evaluating if you are ready for the exam. Before taking the official certification exam, you must attempt an AWS Cloud Practitioner practice exam with a format that resembles the actual examination’s structure.

Once you complete all these steps, you can schedule your exam and become a certified Amazon Cloud Practitioner.

Now, you will read about some of the job opportunities available for these professionals.

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AWS Cloud Practitioner Jobs

In the United States, there are over 400 job postings for AWS certified cloud professionals, reports Indeed.

Some of the job roles are listed below:

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner
  • Cloud and Systems Engineer
  • AWS Cloud Engineering Manager
  • Global Account Manager
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Security Architect
  • Cloud Optimization Consultant

These professionals are in demand by top MNCs in the world such as Deloitte, Accenture, Amazon Web Services, etc.

Now, you might be interested to know the salary figures that professionals can earn in this domain, so let us check that out next.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary

As per Glassdoor, the average range of salaries drawn by AWS Cloud Practitioners is about US$73,997–US$125,304 per year.

To learn more about the salaries earned by professionals in this field, read our blog on AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Salary.

Become a Certified AWS Cloud Practitioner

With the help of this blog, you must have understood the steps that you need to follow to prepare for the exam and clear it. Acquire the necessary skills by enrolling in our training program and moving toward becoming an AWS professional.

To ask any doubts regarding this field, reach out to us at our AWS Community!

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