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How to Invoke a Workflow?

What is a Workflow? As we already saw, a workflow is a set of individual processes executed in UiPath for automating the activities. Why do we need Workflow? When we are developing a large process, it is difficult to follow and test the process from top to bottom.

So it is recommended to split into small processes, test them and invoke each process in the Main workflow. We can pass arguments from one workflow to another. You can simply add UiPath.Core.Activities.InvokeWorkflowFile or click add an InvokeWorkFlow activity in the first workflow.

Workflow & Citrix manipulation

We can pass three different parameter types as an argument –

  • IN – Arguments passed in, not returned.
  • OUT – NULL value, is not of significant importance
  • IN/OUT – This indicates meaningful values on input & output values

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Data manipulation:

Data of different sorts can be put in variables, and there are a few variables composes you can work within UiPath Studio. They can be of 3 types:

  • Scalar – Characters, Booleans or Numbers
  • Collections – Arrays, Lists, Strings – are a gathering of characters, and Dictionaries, which are utilized while separating information from Orchestrator queues.
  • Tables – are two-dimensional structures that hold information separated by rows & columns.

UiPath Studio additionally includes a one-of-a-kind sort of factor, the GenericValue variable, which is intended to make using the fundamental activities simple. This variable type can interact with essential kinds of data, including content, numbers and date/times.

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Citrix Automation:

The tools and methods used in Citrix are for virtual machines, therefore UiPath cannot interpret it directly. We need to teach the robot to form filling, screen scraping, etc.

A virtual machine is a kind of emulation of the computer system. The Citrix recording wizard is an important tool used in automation. We can perform the same mouse clicks, keyboard shortcuts, screen scraping, insert data, retrieve data, etc.. on the virtual environment like how we performed on desktop and web recording.

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PDF Automation:

We need to ensure the PDF activities pack is present in the UiPath studio. Read PDF Text activity is used to extract the text from PDF on the selected region. For images, we can use Read PDF with OCR.

Its output is a string only. We can also use regular screen scraping too for this purpose. Using Anchor base activity we can extract fluctuating values from several pdf files.

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