Uipath Studio – User Interface

The user interface of UiPath Studio has multiple panels for easier access to specific functionalities. It can be docked, function as floating windows, or the Auto-hide option can be enabled.

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  • The Ribbon – The ribbon is a simple window and can be minimized or expanded by clicking the Minimize / Expand It consists of the following four tabs:
    • Start – to create new or open existing projects.
    • Design – to create or launch sequences, flowcharts or state machine diagrams, access wizards, manage variables, and inspect user interface elements from third-party apps.
    • Execute – Used to run or stop projects, for starting a debug process and open logs.
    • Setup – To publish projects or create shortcuts. Scheduling tasks and installing extensions.

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  • The Quick Access Toolbar – Provides shortcuts for commands.
  • The Universal Search Bar – To find activities, libraries, projects, etc..
  • The Designer Panel in UiPath – It is the main dialog box shows the current project
  • The Context menu in UiPath – Enables to perform operations in a sequence or flowchart. There are some fields like open, view, collapse, cut, copy, paste and so on.
  • The Activities Panel in UiPath – Shows all the activities that can be used in the current project
  • The Library Panel in UiPath – Enables to easily reuse automation.
  • The Project Panel in UiPath – Used to view the contents of the current panel
  • The Properties Panel in UiPath – To view and change the properties of any activity
  • The Outline Panel in UiPath – Displays project hierarchy, all variables, and nodes
  • The Output Panel in UiPath – Displays the output of Log message
  • The Locals Panel in UiPath – Displays all variables which are locally in the current scope.

Automation activity package

Automation in UiPath is done in three different recording types. They are –
Automation activity package

  • Basic Automation – generally for activity, not container. Suitable for a single activity.
  • Desktop Automation – used in native internal applications such as Word, Excel, notepad
  • Web Automation – used in web browsers, for web scraping, etc.
  • Citrix Automation – used to automate in a virtual environment.

The UI Automation has so many packages such as Click, double click, hover, activate, highlight, get OCR, load image and so on.

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Automation life cycle’s process

Automation life cycle’s process includes –
automation life cycle

  • Documenting the process
  • Development and code review
  • Test
  • Release
  • Monitoring

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