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RPA Cheat Sheet

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This part of the RPA tutorial includes the RPA cheat sheet. Here you will learn various aspects of Robotic Process Automation that are possibly asked in the interviews, understanding the most important Robotic Process Automation terminologies, Tools and more.


If you are a Software Developer and wants to automate the business process, then RPA is of consideration. This cheat sheet will be a handy reference for you which covers all the basic concepts you need to know to start working on it

You can also download the printable PDF of this RPA cheat sheet

RPA Cheat Sheet

Further, if you want to learn MSBI in-depth, you can refer to the tutorial blog of RPA

RPA Cheat Sheet

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA):

RPA is one of the trending technologies and many IT developers have started to work on it. RPA is a Robotic Process Automation which is used for automating the current workflows with the help of robots to reduce human intervention at every point. It provides automation for time consuming and repetitive manual activities and helps in offering high degree of accuracy and predictability
Robotic: Machines that mimics the human activities and actions are called as robots
Process: Sequence of steps which is used to perform a particular task
Automation: Any process which is done by robot without any human intervention and provides high degree of accuracy

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Types of RPA tools:

VENDOR Free Version Pricing Usability Global Coverage
Another Monday —- —- —- Europe
AntWorks —- —- —- —-
Arago —- —- —- —-
Automation Anywhere —- Per Process Drag & Drop, Macro Recording Global
BluePrism —- Per bot Drag & Drop —-
Contextor —- —- —- EMEA & North America
Jidoka —- —- —- —-
Kofax —- —- —- Global
Kryon Systems —- —- —- —-
Nice systems —- —- —- Global
Pega —- —- —- Global
Redwood software —- —- —- —-
UiPath UiPath Community Edition Per bot Drag & Drop, Macro Recording Global
Visual Cron 45 day free trial Per server Drag & Drop —-
WorkFusion WorkFusion RPA  Express Per process Drag & Drop, Macro Recording Global

Automation Anywhere, BluePrism and UiPath are the 3 main RPA tools used widely.

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Blue Prism:

It is built with a simple concept by replicating user activity. This technology is stable, secure, resilient and flexible and is provided as a packed software. It consists of an object studio and the process studio where you can develop scripts for business process automation and test the objects. Control room is used which monitors the run and manage process. SQL Server is the tool where data is stored
Blue Prism

BluePrism Architecture

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Automation Anywhere:

The architecture consists of client, bots and control room. Automation Anywhere is a software designed to virtually automate any computer process.

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SQL express is a tool where data is stored.
Automation Anywhere

Automation Anytime Architecture


It is a simple software automation and application integration expert. UiPath consists of three parts

  • UiPath studio: It is a visual processing modeling tool that helps in designing the process to automate.
  • UiPath robots: It consists of front office and back office bots that is used to execute the process defined by you.
  • UiPath orchestrator: It is used to deploy, start, stop and schedule the process using a console and track the activities of robots. The tool used to store data is SQL server/Oracle

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Factors based on which RPA tools must be selected:

  • Technology: Many organizations perform the tasks outside the local system using Virtual Machines or Citrix. Hence, the tool must be platform independent and support any type of application
  • Scalability: How quickly and easily the tool responds to the business requirements
  • Security: Implementations of security controls must be measured
  • Total Cost: The initial set-up cost, vendor license fee, maintenance cost must be taken into consideration while selecting the tool
  • Ease of use and control: The tool must be user friendly to increase the efficiency and employee satisfaction
  • Vendor Experience: It improves the speed of implementation by reducing the work required to implement RPA software
  • Maintenance and support: To make sure that the required service level agreements are met
  • Quick Deployment: The tool must be able to work as a real end-user by interacting with applications.

Factors based on which RPA tools must be selected

RPA and its functions

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Benefits of using RPA:

  • Reduces burden on IT: It does not disturb underlying legacy systems
  • Reliability: As the bots can work 24*7 effectively
  • Cost cutting technology: It reduces the costs by reducing the size of manual workforce
  • No coding required: To use RPA tools, a person need not have the programming skills
  • Accuracy: It functions with accuracy and is less prone to errors
  • Productivity rate: Execution time is much faster than the manual process approach
  • Compliance: It follows the rules to provide audit free trail
  • Consistency: Repetitive tasks are performed in the same way
  • Increase employee engagement: It lets the employee to focus on value-added activities


Application of RPA:

  • It is used in customer service, to automate service order management and quality reporting
  • Travel and logistics: for ticket booking, passenger details and accounting
  • Human Resource: New employees joining formalities, payroll process and hiring shortlisted candidates
  • Health care: In patient registrations and billing
  • Banking and Financial services: It can be used for card activation and fraud claims and discovery
  • Government: Change of address and license renewal

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