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YouTube SEO: Tips to Rank #1

YouTube SEO: Tips to Rank #1

Google and YouTube employ the same basics in their algorithms for ranking websites and videos. The emphasis is on giving the user the greatest possible experience, and YouTube video search results are now merged with Google search results to make it easier for users to search.

In this blog, we will be talking about various simple practices that can highly impact your YouTube SEO

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YouTube SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the ever-changing technique of designing web content to rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs). Because search is frequently the gatekeeper to your content, optimizing it for search is crucial for attracting traffic and growing audience.

Unlike Google, which ranks websites based on backlinks and other criteria, YouTube SEO entails optimizing your channel, playlists, metadata, descriptions, and videos. You can optimize your videos for search both within and outside of YouTube.

You may be familiar with the fundamentals of YouTube video SEO, such as putting keywords in titles, meta descriptions, and tags.

However, there is more one can do for YouTube SEO by making videos more accessible. Because search engine bots cannot view videos, they must rely on accompanying text data to correctly index them.

Harnessing the power of your video’s text in the form of transcripts, closed captions, and subtitles is an important component of a YouTube SEO strategy, as it may significantly improve user experience, engagement, watch time, viewership, and SEO.

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What is SEO in Youtube?

YouTube uses the same search algorithms as Google and aims to provide the finest search experience to users.

When a user types a search phrase into YouTube, the platform’s robots scour all channels and videos to provide the most relevant results to the user in order of relevancy.

And, to determine which results are ideal for each individual, the algorithm takes numerous aspects into account.

Similar to Google, user search and browsing history are important factors in designing the results page.

However, individuals who upload videos on YouTube should be aware that the algorithm includes channel interaction and optimization parameters to rank the results. For example, a video that correctly fills out the title, tags, and description fields tend to rank higher than one that does not.

A YouTube channel that receives a lot of comments and likes positions itself better than one that does not.

Why does this actually happen? Because the platform knows that these videos deliver a more valuable experience to the user.

That is also what Google’s algorithm understands. Because the search engine and YouTube are owned by the same corporation, the platforms are linked.

Whenever anyone searches on Google, the search engine also displays a carousel of video, both from YouTube and other platforms, that is more relevant to that search.

As a result, the SEO improvements you do for YouTube apply not only to the platform’s search but also to compete for that spot in Google search.

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SEO Tips for YouTube

YouTube SEO isn’t a very easy process. Even if you follow all of the criteria, the platform’s fairly complicated algorithm will determine which results display to the user.

It uses a variety of criteria, rules, and algorithms to establish the ranking, including characteristics unrelated to your actions, such as user navigation.

However, the more points you acquire with the YouTube search algorithm, the better your chances of reaching the top rankings.

So, let’s look at some YouTube strategies for optimizing your channel and videos in user search results.

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YouTube SEO Tips

Pick your keywords wisely

Before you can improve YouTube SEO, you must first choose the appropriate term or phrase for your video. Keywords frequently occur in video titles and metadata, when spoken in audio, and also in captions and transcripts.

You’ll need to conduct keyword research to figure out what phrases and keywords users use when searching. Using YouTube’s Search Suggest to pick a keyword for your video is a method you can use. Enter a relevant word or phrase in the search bar to see what YouTube suggests.

To test if you have a decent keyword, search it on YouTube and watch how many “About results” it creates. To stand out from the crowd, look for keyword variations having high search traffic but low competition.

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Use keywords in your video title

Finding out what your audience need is the first step. The most common search intents, as far as we know, are transactional, commercial, navigational, and informational. In order for your video to show up in search results, it will be crucial to match the content of your video according to the interests of your audience.

Second, make sure you understand WHY you want to create a YouTube video as well as who your target audience is.

For instance, if you want to draw attention to a product review, include it in the video’s title and description. Although it might seem like a simple step, many YouTube channels skip it, which causes their videos to rank poorly in Google and YouTube search results.

An example of how competitive the phrase “iPhone reviews” is provided below. When looking up information about a product, someone might search for this keyword.

These videos come from a variety of websites and blogs across the internet, in addition to YouTube.

Use keywords in your video title

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Include the keyword in your video file

Despite how straightforward it is, YouTube might take this into account when displaying your movie in search results as one of the ranking factors.

Your video has a far higher chance of ranking and receiving greater search volume if the goal keyword appears in the file name you are uploading.

The filename can be seen when you add a new video. Before uploading, make sure your file name has been updated because YouTube will check this to verify that the video is pertinent.

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Optimize your YouTube video description

You should have a well-written YouTube description, as it is one of the key factors that helps your video in ranking.

YouTube will review the video if you change or update any video element, including video descriptions, subtitles, closed captions, and video thumbnails.

According to YouTube, the main keywords of your video should be used in the primary sentences of your description, also the world limit is suggested to be under 200 words.

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Use video hashtags

Hashtags are used for finding relevant content across social media. They can be used in description of the video or even video names in order to make it easy for people to find your video.

Tags help to boost search by making relevant trends more visible

Use video hashtags

When you use a hashtag in the video description, it appears above the title in form of hyperlink.

Select a video category

YouTube provides advanced options, that can be used for filtering videos based on various categories.

Therefore, when you upload a video make sure to categorize it so that it can appear in the categories filter on YouTube.

YouTube offers a wide range of categories, so you should be able to choose one that suits your video.

Select a video category

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Customize your thumbnail image

Thumbnail is the first impression of your video on people, therefore it becomes very important to optimize them for better reach.

An appealing thumbnail can greatly impact your overall video ranking and as a result high watch time. You have to make thumbnails that catch the attention of more and more people.

A custom thumbnail is one of the ways of improving results, showing people what is your video about and how it will benefit them is an important part of thumbnail designing.

Below is an example of a customized thumbnail:

Customize your thumbnail image

Add subtitles and closed captions

Video subtitles are designed for people who can’t understand the language of video and for people who can not hear, closed captions are meant for them.

Closed captions or subtitle files are like video transcript that includes everything that is narrated in the video. This file should also contain timing codes describing when the specific text will be displayed in the video.

The other benefit of having a transcript for your video is that it can be picked up by broad search engines.

You can choose your file and video language on the video upload screen:

Add subtitles and closed captions

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YouTube SEO Tools

YouTube SEO Tools

Let’s talk about some interesting YouTube SEO tools that you will need to create awesome videos, find the right keywords and hashtags, and also track the performance of your channel.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube’s analytics is one of the best tools for determining whether your channel is performing or failing. You can use it to learn more about your audience and the content that gets the most audience, and you can work accordingly, which will result in more audience engagement on your channel and also increase overall views. You’ll also be able to see how your video’s view time and following are growing.


VidIQ is a browser extension that provides you with all the statistics you need to monitor your YouTube performance. You may also add other channels to compare them to your own and set up email notifications to find popular topics. There’s even a Facebook Synchronization option that enables you to instantly share your video across social media sites.

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TubeBuddy is a browser add-on that provides numerous options for effectively managing your YouTube channel. It contains tools for productivity, video SEO, data and research, promotion, and bulk processing. TubeBuddy allows you to create and schedule YouTube videos, use saved answers for simple content moderation, and create end-screen templates, among other things.

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Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer offers one of the largest YouTube keyword databases. You can search for your phrase and get local and worldwide search volume, click percentage and click stream data to see how many people search for a particular term on YouTube each month. There are also keyword ideas reports that might provide you with some amazing keyword or topic ideas.


If you’re looking for a large-scale SEO solution that can assist you with a variety of tasks, including your YouTube SEO strategy, you should give Cyfe a shot.

It’s a complete software suite that allows you to monitor the performance of any site where you publish content, including YouTube.Cyfe allows you to quickly discover which keywords you’re doing well for and identify additional keywords to explore. It can also be used to evaluate your traffic and determine where it is coming from.

Apply Cyfe to your YouTube results first, and then to other elements of your video production routine for even better overall outcomes.

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YTRank is a free application that allows you to track YouTube rankings for a specific keyword. Simply select the desired location, provide your YouTube video URL, and enter your keywords.


RapidTags is a free program that quickly generates tags for use on YouTube. For different locations, you can use a language filter. Simply type your goal keyword into the search box to get a list of tags to use on your YouTube videos.

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Importance of YouTube SEO

Importance of Youtube SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, has now become one of the most important tools for individuals who work primarily in the commercial world. It is not an exaggeration to claim that without SEO, you are almost nothing.

Let’s discuss a few reasons why SEO is important for YouTube:

Requires Less Money and Efforts:

SEO is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to grow your YouTube channel. While most marketing tactics and technologies are expensive and time-consuming, SEO does not!

Rank Among The Best:

SEO greatly assists in refining your channel so that it is capable of competing with the top creators. YouTube is a massive platform, and there’s a good probability that the topic on which you made a video has previously been used by thousands of other artists. In these situations, SEO can be beneficial. When your videos are well optimized, they will appear in the top suggestion list.

And when your videos appear in the suggestion list, you know you’re among the best creators!

Attract more Traffic:

YouTube SEO will assist you in reaching a large number of people. As previously stated, SEO will maintain you among the top-ranked channels. When you apply the SEO tool, Google will analyze your channel and optimize it to be better. In fact, because YouTube contains around one-seventh of the world’s population, growing up will be a difficult effort. So SEO comes in handy here. SEO will filter your channel and prepare it so that more and more people visit it.

Grow Quickly:

YouTube SEO can be considered as one of the best methods to consider when it comes to growing your channel. SEO is responsible for attracting traffic to your channel, hence giving you a good start. According to YouTube SEO, the channels that have good content and also are well SEO optimized will have more chances of getting displayed in top search results. So when your video reaches more people’s recommendations, the chances of them visiting your channel increase resulting in good growth of your channel.  

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Helps in Marketing:

Social media is currently one of the most effective marketing platforms, especially when it is a large platform like YouTube. YouTube is used by several creators as a marketing platform.

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Nowadays, whenever individuals consider purchasing something, they go to YouTube to watch reviews. This is all marketing. SEO will be useful in these situations. Optimizing your videos will allow them to be listed among the top suggestions, and as more people visit, the product’s marketing will get stronger. As a result, we can safely say that YouTube SEO is one of the most effective marketing approaches.


YouTube SEO is a method of optimizing your channel by including elements such as playlists, metadata, keyword-filled descriptions, and platform-specific videos. With YouTube SEO, you can optimize your videos for success both on and off YouTube, such as through Google search. That is how you may rank higher and take the top place, boosting your video views and subscribers.

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