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YouTube Tips: How to grow YouTube channel in 7 steps?

YouTube Tips: How to grow YouTube channel in 7 steps?
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A good YouTube channel can pave the way to a good digital marketing platform that you can use to market your product, brand, or service. We have numerous Youtube growth tips in a digital marketing course. There are billions of users on YouTube and opens up a market with a lot of potential if tapped into correctly. This Youtube Channel growth guide is put together to answer the question of how to grow a YouTube channel fast.

In this ‘How to grow YouTube channel’ blog, we will be discussing the following aspects:

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Let’s begin!

7 Steps to grow your Youtube Channel in 2024

1. Theme for the Youtube Channel

As with any content delivery technique, it is always vital to work on a theme using which you can cater to viewers and subscribers. When you look at the top YouTube channels, it is common that they have a theme that they stick to and deliver the best to their respective viewer base.

Consider Intellipaat’s YouTube channel, for example! We make sure to deliver the best content possible for all of the Information Technology-related concepts!

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With this particular theme, we have successfully garnered engagement from our viewers who love the content we put up, and at the same time, you can see this common theme helping the world out with the technologies of today clearly and concisely.

Not just the theme of IT, when you look at the top Youtube channels, you will see a variety of themes that provide solutions to problems, be it helping with cooking, driving a car, building a robot, or even watering your garden efficiently! YouTube is this one platform where you can do a lot and get a lot of value in return!

So, the most important thing when working on building a theme is to work with the keywords. There are many ways in which you can aim for your theme by using the right keywords to make sure that it reaches the right audience, and the following are some of the things you have to keep in mind:

  • Using the correct keywords will ensure that your YouTube channel will get views from the people who are searching for it on YouTube, as well as from other search engines too.
  • An inaccurate keyword will not add any value to the channel, and the video will be lost in the millions of videos that get uploaded on YouTube and will not reach the audience.
  • Using tools like the ‘Google Keyword Planner’ will help you with identifying the correct keywords without much effort.
  • Competitive research in the respective field that you are trying to cater to will add immense value in understanding what people are looking for and how best you can serve them.

2. Picking the Right Youtube Thumbnail

Never thought that a Youtube thumbnail can have a huge effect on your audience, did you? Let us tell you this, thumbnails you pick for your videos can straight up make or break your channel. Yes, it is that important!

Why do we say this? Think about it. There are terms such as ‘clickbait’ that you might have heard of. What this means is that you are showing something very attractive and catchy on the thumbnail of your Youtube video, but your actual video is something very different from the description of the video, be it the title or the thumbnail. This is not a good practice. You do not want to do this as a majority of viewers on YouTube do not like clickbait videos at all.

Instead, what you should be working on is providing a concise and catchy thumbnail through which you can attract viewers to your video, where you provide good content that is in line with the Youtube video thumbnail.

You can use the following as a foundation to create a good thumbnail for your content:

  • Make an aesthetically pleasing thumbnail that will attract the attention of your target audience
  • Create a thumbnail that best describes what the video is about
  • Keep the thumbnail catchy so that the viewers are excited to click on it

Besides thumbnails, which incite a lot of interest among viewers, one more tip for attracting them is asking a question in the title. Because, with millions of users using YouTube, if your video aligns well with their searches, they would most likely click on it and check it out.

Even though thumbnails are very important. Nonetheless, it is equally important that you work on content delivery, story-building, and producing good quality content.

3. Consistency Is Key

One thing that viewers on YouTube like for sure is a channel that provides good information and delivers it to them in a consistent manner. Time and again, it has been seen with multiple channels on YouTube that consistency plays an extremely important role in gaining interest and interaction from the viewers.

Not only this, but if you show good consistency in providing quality content promptly, then this will give your viewers a solid reason to subscribe to your channel and be a part of your brand.

Think about it. It would not make sense for viewers to subscribe to your channel if you are not going to put out more videos, right?

The trick to maintaining consistency while creating and running a YouTube channel successfully is to make sure that you plan ahead for the next couple of weeks and keep the content ready in the pipeline. This way, you will not have to keep your subscribers waiting for the content, and you can publish the videos directly from the pipeline you have created.

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YouTube Analytics: We can talk about this for hours, and we would’ve only scratched the surface. With YouTube, you have access to a lot of metrics that you can use to measure the performance of your YouTube channel and understand what needs to be worked on and more.

Following are some of these metrics that you can track actively:

  • Number of comments
  • Shared links
  • Increase/Decrease of Subscribers
  • Watch time on each video
  • Location of viewers
  • Your top-performing video subscriber count
  • Number of likes and dislikes

And more! Again, the power of YouTube Analytics can be used to not only track your consistency but also monitor viewer behavior, which you can use to develop the channel better.

One thing that is concrete with YouTube is that the more you engage with your audience, the faster you will gain traction, and this leads to a structured monetary pipeline or a marketing platform for a product or a service as well.

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4. Working with Collaborators

YouTube is a medium that caters to billions of viewers across the globe. When it comes to growing your YouTube channel in a structured and rapid manner, you need to look forward to collaborations with other YouTube channels as well.

This can be done by reaching out to people who do similar things as you, or your brand, and by cross-promoting each other. This way, both of your channels can get more views and engagements, which is a win-win for both parties involved.

5. YouTube Channel Promotion

It should come as no surprise to you that YouTube is an amazing platform for marketing your product, service, or your brand. Using this, you can drive a lot of business and monetary benefits if that is the ultimate goal of your channel. You have to understand how to promote YouTube channels effectively as well.

An important thing that will help a YouTube channel immensely is promoting it across other media platforms as well. Be it Instagram, Facebook, or even email lists, if your viewers know that you’ve published a video, they would definitely be interested in checking them out.

Not only this. You can also tease your viewers with the upcoming content to keep them on their toes and excited about the release. This has been used a lot by many leading channels and has benefited them immensely.

However, you do have to remember one important thing: No amount of marketing can help if the Content Marketing strategy along with the content is not good. Working on creating amazing content and then marketing it will add value to help you grow your channel. As you can tell, these go hand in hand when the development of the channel is concerned.

A key part of YouTube growth, as we just mentioned, is to promote your videos on other platforms. With this, what happens is that the videos you promote can get a large number of views in the first few days of publishing, but later, they might not get a lot of views. This happens because of many reasons, and the most important among them is that your video might not be much engaging.

Next up on, how to promote a YouTube channel as effectively as you can, let us see the usage of a very popular Digital Marketing concept.

Learn more about SEO tools that can help you to grow your Youtube Channel!

6. Making Use of YouTube SEO

How to promote YouTube videos, you ask? YouTube SEO can be one answer to that. When you hear about SEO, I am quite sure that you are wondering about getting your website, or even a blog, to rank. Well, let me tell you that SEO plays a vital role in the growth of your YouTube channel as well.

Sometimes, it is very easy to forget to work on the SEO aspect of things when working on YouTube. This creates a problem wherein, even if you create the most amazing content out there, your video might not rank high enough and reach people.

Because, when you think about it, people search for videos, and they might check out the first 10 videos, but not more than that. If your video is not ranking here, then it is as good as them not seeing it at all.

When talking about the SEO methods that will help you build and market your YouTube channel, you can use the following points as a guideline, to begin with:

  • Use a title that is of the correct length. A long title might not attract viewers
  • Keep the title very catchy and focus it on the keyword at hand
  • Include a good description that best describes the content of the video
  • Use internal-external links that can add more value to the content

How to promote your YouTube channel with the help of your viewers directly, you ask? Read on.

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7. Engagement with Viewers

The most important thing that you have to think about is that YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms of the day. The ‘social’ aspect of it plays a key role: YouTube is not just a give-and-take platform where you can cater to viewers as a whole, but it is social media, which calls for a good amount of social interaction too.

With a good YouTube channel, it should come as no surprise that you will be getting a lot of comments and subscribers. Interacting with them, replying to their queries, or just thanking them for watching your content can go a long way in helping your YouTube channel grow fast.

Since this is a two-way interaction between viewers and the YouTube channels, it will always benefit immensely if you, as a channel provider, can ask your audience about what they want to see in the upcoming videos. This way, your audience can feel that you are catering to them completely and that you keep their opinion in high regard.

Take in suggestions; provide content for the same, and use the feedback you get from the viewers to work on the upcoming content. This, even though it sounds very simple, is one of the things that can add a LOT of value to the channel and its growth.

How to make your YouTube channel popular? Well with the above insights I am sure you have a better picture of it now.

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In this decade, it is crucial that you understand how to grow your YouTube channel effectively. You can note down and use many tips for your YouTube channel from this guide and launch your campaign effectively.

YouTube is a very powerful platform that can launch your brand, product, or service and drive you a lot of business in no time if you do it right. With this post we hope you got clear answers to the following questions and more:

  • How to promote YouTube videos?
  • How to make a YouTube channel popular?
  • How to grow a YouTube channel fast?

Think about the other big social media marketing platforms out there, be it Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. There is immense potential to use and gain even higher benefits. Did you know that YouTube gets around 40 million active users every day? Now, think about the impact you can have on this audience across the globe.

At the end of it, if you have put in a considerable amount of effort in growing your YouTube channel and have not been sure about the growth, we would suggest you look into professional certification programs that can help you upskill on a variety of skills, and further, by leveraging this, you will be able to run a successful YouTube campaign and more.

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