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Why go for SEO tools?

There are numerous data being generated every minute around us. So, how do we get ahead of the competition and uplift our content to the top of SERP? Let us understand the reasons for using an SEO tool.


Digs into Competitor’s Strategy

Who doesn’t want to get a peek at what their competitor is up to? Tools such as Raven Tools and SEMrush will help us do just that. They give an idea about the performance of our content across platforms, traffic into our websites and blogs, and ranking in SERPs. It can also look into the next layer, that is, the backlinking of profiles. This allows us to trace back to the websites the backlinks are coming from, anchor texts, website authorities, and much more. This method of SEO saves us from wasting our time searching the Internet for industry domains.

Efficient over Manual SEO Auditing

SEO audits are rich in knowledge on website issues, but generating them manually will take a lot of time and effort. Utilizing these tools for the same can cut down the expense and deliver even better results compared to manual ones.

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Generates Keywords Suitable for Content Marketing

Keywords form a major factor in deciding the ranking of the content we have posted. The best way to filter in keywords is to understand the intent behind the searched items. This could be done with the help of tools that generate different keywords based on the type of content, the easiest way being competitor analysis.


Measures Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The traffic to our content is one of the prominent ways of measuring the efficiency of our SEO efforts. Other major factors include domain authority, keyword ranking, shares, sales, clicks, social media comments, etc. All these can be monitored using an efficient SEO tool.


Data Visualization Through SEO Tools

Whether we are good at numbers or not, these tools help us translate the number language to an easy-to-understand form by putting it in visually appealing graphical reports.


Offers Services for Our Clients

These tools help us articulate the revenue and growth prospects of our clients as well. This makes our clients more than happy to stick to our services, in turn improving our Return on Investment (ROI).

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Top SEO Tools List

We have discussed enough reasons why we should be using these tools. Now, we have some handpicked tools that are best suited for our nature of work. Let us dive right in and learn about the various types of SEO tools that are used by most organizations today. Let’s also see how performant they are in the field.


Google Analytics

This is one of the handiest Google SEO tools used by digital marketers today. Google Analytics is free and provides many other nifty tools such as Keyword Planner, PageSpeed Insights, and Sheets. With the help of this, marketers can modify their strategies to what fits their needs the most.


Answer the Public

This is another most used SEO tool used by marketers. Here, as soon as we input the keyword, it generates all variations of it that are searched as queries by users while browsing. This provides helpful insights for creating targeted content that addresses the needs of the current and potential customers of our website. Better the satisfaction customers get from our content, more are they shared.



This is among the free SEO tools that allows us to access domain authority scores, which form an important aspect of ranking high in SERPs. MozBar lets us access content from any page we wish, such as titles, links, markups, etc. MozBar works mostly with Chrome and is actually the go-to SEO tool if we need a detailed SEO analysis.



This is the one of the best SEO tools out there that ranks any keyword searched on the web. Other than their rankings, we get the trend over the years on traffic flow and URLs they are driven to. The tool can reveal the high-ranking keywords that keep our competitors’ positions on the top.



This free SEO tool is amazing for finding interesting keyword suggestions, which can be used well for content marketing and capturing new audiences. It provides valuable insights into the keywords gathered and shares the context for the same.



This website analyzer readily generates an SEO score for our web content. The availability of a ‘Marketing Checklist’ provides an idea on what areas to redirect our focus to improve our website’s viewership. Another feature called the ‘social shareability’ pane provides the count of the number of likes, shares, backlinks, and comments across various social media platforms. The tool’s mobile-friendly version makes it suitable for any on-the-go use. Woorank is among the most popular website SEO tools available.


Mobile-friendly Test

Google puts enough emphasis on the mobile-friendliness of our websites and hence has come up with this mobile-friendliness testing tool. This is the best SEO tool online that helps us check if a certain web page is aptly optimized for its mobile version.



As the name suggests, this SEO tool kit gives keyword suggestions for any keyword we input. This doesn’t mean that it gives each and every keyword variant. Rather, it filters out the irrelevant ones as per our interests.



This tool lets us check if we have accomplished the sole purpose of using an SEO monitoring tool. That is, CanIRank tells us whether or not our content will be ranked on the first page of Google Search results.


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Summing it up

Even though SEO is not a new technological introduction any more in the industry, it has many tools that get updated every now and then in this vastly expanding world of data. So, get over and choose the tool that best fits the requirements.

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