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Data Science Tutorial

Data Science Tutorial

“Don’t look for unicorns, build a Data Science team.” This is what most well-established organizations and evolving startups are focusing. The tern ‘Data Science’ has gained recognition only recently  to define a profession that makes sense to the huge of amounts of data generated every day in every organization, whether IT, Medical, Telecommunication, E-commerce and others.

Similar to ‘Science’ in real sense giving meaning and logic to everything happening around and then creating awareness among masses, data science is the logical application of data to generate meaningful information. It is an exploratory real-time data analysis using specific and related technology and skills to enhance clarity and give the right direction to your enterprise data. Indeed an important subject in present time when we have massive amounts of structured and unstructured data to deal on a regular basis.

Following key points will help you understand the concept of Data Science in a better way:

  • Development of data product through generating, testing and deploying algorithms in production system
  • Starts with data exploration and ends with outcome obtained through quantitative techniques
  • Machine learning as an important concept in the data science toolbox.

Data Science vs. Data Analysis

People often get confused and use these two terms interchangeably. But there is a huge difference between these two terms and it is utmost important to know the concept before opting the course. Find out the difference and ensure your decision-making easier.

Data Science Data Analysis
Providing strategic actionable insights into the world Providing operational observations into issues
Mathematical, technical and strategic knowledge are mandatory Data analysis and visualization skills required
Deal with big data Not necessarily deal with big data

Data Scientist is the hottest and most trending job in today’s market. As stated above, the reasons are evident. For businesses, it is incredibly significant to involve such professionals who can make the best use of their data and produce cost-effective yet prolific results. Honestly, Data scientist is not a single profession; rather it is a combination of various academic roles individuals execute- a statistician, a mathematician, a computer scientist and  an IT expert together fulfill the demand.

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Adding to the complexity, the subjects covered in this technology are divided into various specialist areas that professionals need to master. To become a Data Scientist, you are required to dive deep into the data, analyze, understand it and perform reliable and sensible operation and then present it in a simpler and comprehensive manner to a large audience including consumers, clients and co-business groups.

You must have the ability to imagine innovatively and apply novel contexts from different fields using different techniques to answer a data question. This is what we aim to impart the learners through our Data Science tutorial- giving you a sense to interpret , understand, evaluate and present your data in the most meaningful form.

Using various real-time illustrations, each topic in this tutorial is step-by-step explained for a straightforward yet in-depth learning.  The major topics include

  • Data science Installation
  • Command-line tools
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Data Acquisition and solutions to the problems you face during data acquisition
  • Cleaning errors, inconsistencies and missing values from the data
  • Exploring data using various Visualization techniques- Inspecting data and its properties, Deriving statistics and Creating Visualizations like maps and graphs

A walk through this tutelage will help you make important data decisions and apply appropriate and meaningful statistics on your organizational data. If you like this learning, you can further browse through our standalone Data science and combo training courses with Python, Hadoop, R programming, Statistics & probability.

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Recommended Audience

The tutorial is designed to learn and implement machine learning techniques. It is recommended for:

  • Individuals looking for job positions as ‘Data Scientist’ & Machine Learning Expert
  • R / Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and Big Data Specialists and Business Analysts
  • Statisticians aiming to implement their statistics skill set on Big Data
  • Developers desiring to understand Machine Learning (ML) Techniques
  • Information Architects  to gain expertise in Predictive Analytics field

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  • A mind bend towards any programming language or Mathematics

Data Science Tutorial Video

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  1. Rajeev says:

    I want to learn data science ..Can you please tell me what is the prerequisites for learning Data Science?

  2. Rakesh says:

    I heard that in data science there is no codeing, is it true ? Because I am a non programming background.

  3. monika says:

    I want to learn about data science in simplest manner. Can you help me how should I go with it?

  4. Om says:

    In-depth, comprehensible and coherent! Each topic is explained in a straightforward manner through appropriate examples. Great Job!!!

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