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Data Science Tutorial – Learn from experts

Introduction to data science

In this free Data Science tutorial you will have the introduction to Data Scientist roles and responsibilities, machine learning algorithms,data analysis, data manipulation, data frame, random forest, linear and logistic regression, decision trees, neural networks, Python language, Python libraries, data model, variable, set, and more.There are plenty of Data Science use cases and practical examples.Data science helps the user by providing an ability to analyze huge data sets and by doing necessary operations, data science will save precious time and makes some big profit out of it.


Data science is very much popular in today’s world scenario as there is a huge amount of data generated each day in different fields like mart, hospitals, colleges, etc.

Learn DataScience in 28 hrs from experts

Users need to perform some operations by analyzing the dataset and then find something useful from that data.

For example- Suppose there is a dataset of a mart, which contains data for 4 users.

Users Last visited Last bought products Average amount spent each time Number of times visited in last month Most bought products
Abhishek 13th Jan Milk, eggs, bread, juice 200 10 Eggs, juice
Aditya 20 Jan Cabbage, wheat, rice, soft drinks 500 5 Soft drinks, rice
Rahul 23rd Jan Rice, pulses, wheat, ice cream, snacks, eggs 1000 4 Eggs, wheat
Sneha 15th Jan Chocolates, Corn flakes, pen, tea bags 300 3 Chocolates, tea bags

From above data, mart will predict products needed for each user and it will also predict when this user will be going to visit their mart.

For Sneha, mart knows that she will visit the shop for minimum 3 times in a month.

So, next date will be in the last week of January and recommended product will be chocolates and tea bags. Along with that mart will suggest some products so that she will be spending amount approx 300.

Solution to the problem should be logically solved by using mathematical skills and specific tools like R studio.

Data Science Tutorial Video

Data science is a medium to analyze real-time data that enhance clarity and give the right solution to an enterprise.


This picture will tell the overview of data science course

Data Science Process

Step 1: Organize Data

It includes the physical storage and formatting of data and integrated finest practices in data management.

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Step2: Package Data
In this the prototypes are created, the visualization is built and also statistics is performed. It includes logically joining and manipulating the raw data into a new representation and package.

Step 3: Deliver Data

In this process data is delivered to those who need that data.


Data Science vs. Data Analysis

It’s very important to know that data science and Data analysis are little similar but, there so many differences between them. Let’s check out the differences

Data Science Data Analysis
Providing strategic actionable insights into the world Providing operational observations into issues
Mathematical, technical and strategic knowledge are mandatory Data analysis and visualization skills required
Deal with big data Not necessarily deal with big data

Become Data Science Certified in 28 hrs.


In brief, with the help of data science, we will be able to analyze datasets, understand it and by performing necessary operations, we will get the resultant which will be beneficial for users.

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  1. Rekha says:

    According to me Data Science is the practice of formulating hypothesis, Defining the data & Identifying the type of analysis, Am I right?

  2. Rajeev says:

    I want to learn data science ..Can you please tell me what is the prerequisites for learning Data Science?

  3. Rakesh says:

    I heard that in data science there is no codeing, is it true ? Because I am a non programming background.

  4. monika says:

    I want to learn about data science in simplest manner. Can you help me how should I go with it?

  5. Om says:

    In-depth, comprehensible and coherent! Each topic is explained in a straightforward manner through appropriate examples. Great Job!!!

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