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Zookeeper and Hue



It permits distributed processes to organize with each other through a shared hierarchical name space of data registers.

  • Zookeeper Service is replicated over a set of machines.
  • All machines saves a copy of the data in memory
  • A leader is chosen on service startup
  • Clients only connect to a single Zookeeper server and keep a TCP connection
  • Client can read from any Zookeeper server then writes go through the leader and wants majority consensus.

architecture of zookeeper



It is an open source Web interface for analyzing data with Hadoop and Spark. It is a series of apps for executing queries, copying files, building workflows.

Features of Hue

It has following features –

  • Spark Notebooks
  • Wizards to import data into Hadoop
  • Dynamic search dashboards for Solr
  • Browsers for YARN, HDFS, Hive table Metastore, HBase, ZooKeeper
  • SQL Editors for Impala, Hive, MySql, Sqlite, PostGres, Sqlite and Oracle
  • Pig Editor, Sqoop2, Oozie workflows Editors and Dashboards


architecture of hue

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