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What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is known as a document database. Each database in the main database contains collections which in turn contains documents. Each document fetched may be different with varying number of fields. The size and content of each document can vary from each other.

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The document structure is based on how developers construct their classes and objects with respect to their programming languages. Developers often have issues that their classes are not in proper rows and columns but have a clear structure with key-value pairs.

introduction to mongodb

Development of MongoDB began in the year 2007 by 10gen. The first public release of MongoDB was in the year February 2009. The data model which is available within MongoDB allows you to represent the hierarchical relationships, to store arrays, and other more complex structures more easily. The MongoDB environments are known for its efficient scalability. Companies across the world have defined clusters with some of them running hundred and above nodes with around millions of documents within the database available.

Key Features

  • Easy to programme – Since MongoDB offers a Document oriented storage, which makes it very simple and easily programmable.
  • Scalability – Setting a mirror across local and wide area networks which lead to scalability easily.
  • Sharding – If the load increases (more storage space, more processing power), can be distributed to other nodes across computer networks. This is known as sharding.
  • Wide set of queries – MongoDB supports rich set of query to fetch data from the database.
  • Allows replacement – MongoDB allows replacing a complete document (database) or some set of specific fields with its update () command.
  • Supports MapReduce – MongoDB supports Map/Reduce framework for the batch processing of data and aggregation operation.
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