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R Programming

R Programming Tutorial

R Programming tutorial covers Introduction to R, Installation for Windows and Linux or UNIX, Basic Syntax of R, Data Types and Variables, Operators, Decision Making and Loops, Functions, Strings, Vectors, Lists, Matrices, Arrays, Factors, Data Frames, Packages.

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Why data scientist are increasingly using R Programming? Find out below :

R Programming benefits Description
Availability It is an open source and free software
OS support Supports Windows, LINUX, and Mac
R Programming extensions Able to perform a wide variety of functions such as data manipulation, statistical modeling and graphics.
Database support Certain add-on packages connect R with databases like RODBC, ROracle, etc.

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Known as one of the most widely accepted programming language for statistical analysis and software environment, R programming has following unique features:

  • Able to connect to relational databases like MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, etc.
  • Functions and codes are stored in a package inside a library
  • Data can be reshaped to match the required format.

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