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Overview of R programming

This is a free R Programming tutorial that covers Introduction to R, Installation for Windows and Linux or UNIX, Basic Syntax of R language, RStudio,  Data Types and Variables, Graphics, Operators, Decision Making and Loops, Functions, Strings, Vectors, Lists, Matrices, Arrays, Factors, Data Frames, Packages, use cases of R, practical knowledge and more.

Become R Programming Certified in 16 hrs.
Known as one of the most widely accepted programming language for statistical analysis and software environment, R programming has following unique features:

  • Able to connect to relational databases like MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, etc.
  • Functions and codes are stored in a package inside a library
  • Data can be reshaped to match the required format.

R vs. Python

Python is one of the trending high-level general-purpose programming language. Though it is still in its nascent stage, but has gained immense popularity among the programmers. However there are certain situations when R outperforms Python. Read below to know more:

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R Python
Preferred by statisticians and mathematicians Favored by computer scientists and engineers
Operates on filtered and specific datasets Operates on jumbled and raw datasets
Specific for data science General-purpose programming language


R Programming Tutorial Video


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