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What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is everywhere around us, say voice recognition software in your mobile phone or navigations in car. Even Google uses Artificial Intelligence for its search engine. Netflix, amazon prime movie suggestions are based on Artificial Intelligence. Interacting with Siri, Alexa, Google assistant is also a form of Artificial Intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence is a broad area of Computer Science, it makes machines seem like they have human Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is not just about Programming a computer to obey rules to drive a car. But an Artificial Intelligence should function in a much effective manner and independent like a human to a certain extent to make decision.
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There are multiple terms for Artificial Intelligence and it is popular ever since its introduction in 1940 – 1950’s. Put in simple terms Artificial Intelligence can be defined as a branch of computer science concerned with the study and creation of computer systems that can exhibit or replicate human intelligence.

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Artificial Intelligence has followed a classic boom and burst cycle in the timeline. There are two types of Artificial Intelligence –

  • Weak AI
  • Strong AI
Weak AI Strong AI
Narrow application, scope is very limited Widely applied, scope is vast
Good at specific tasks Incredible human- level intelligence
Uses supervised and unsupervised learning. Uses clustering and association to process data.
Eg. Siri, Alexa Ex. Robotics, Automation.

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Reasons why AI became Important?

The major reasons why AI became important are the data generation in enormous amount everyday, improvements in processing speed and interpretation speed of computer systems.

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Growth of AI :

Ever wondered how AI is so popular and the growth is exponentially increasing. The major reason for these include-

  • Decreasing cost of computational powers
  • Availability of Data
  • Better Algorithms

Artificial neural network is an attempt to model the network of cells of human brain on a computer. It is like an interconnected web artificial neurons. If you have any query related to Artificial neural network, kindly refer our AI and Deep Learning Community.

History of AI?

In 1950 Alan Turing wrote a paper titled “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” that coined the question of “Can machines think?”. But only in 1956, John McCarthy coined the phrase “Artificial Intelligence”. Using trial and error method, reasoning was developed as an ability for machines. Then came into picture “The Imitation Game”.
There a three participants in the game. Jack is made to engage with a man named Joey and a machine Elsa in natural language conversation. The test is to empirically determine whether the machine Elsa has achieved intelligence. Jack has to determine which respondent is machine and which is human. The truing test is passed by Elsa if Jack is not able to find the machine or differentiate between a human and machine. The AI is been evolving until now. The recent evolution in 2016 was Alpha Go, where a human champion in Go was defeated by a robot.
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What AI requires :

AI requires an understanding of related terms such as intelligence, knowledge, reasoning, thoughts, learning and a number of computer related terms. Data is the important aspect of AI.

Goals of AI :

  • To create machines which can do better performance than the previous version.
  • To add new features which human possess.

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Application Areas of AI:

Following are the applications of AI used in various field

  • Banking to organize operations, invest in stocks, and manage properties.
  • Augmented reality, Robotics
  • Image, Speech recognition
  • Fraud detection
  • Emotional recognition
  • Security/Authentication

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