How to create Custom Fields?

To create custom fields, you have to create custom objects first. Now, you are going to build custom fields in Student objects.

  • Father’s name
  • DOB
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Fee paid

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Steps to create Custom Fields

Step 1: To create a field in a custom object, go to the Setup menu
Step 2: Go to: Build > Create > Objects

custom 2

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Step 3: Now, select the object in which you want to create custom fields

custom 3
Step 4: After that, go to the Custom Fields & Relationships section and select New

custom 4

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Step 5: Now, you need to create the Father’s Name field. To create this field, first, you have to select the data type and then click on the Next

custom 5
Step 6: Now, fill in all the details in the open tab and again click on Next

custom 6
Step 7: After that, in the Filed-Level Security for Profile field, select Visibly

custom 7
Step 8: Then, you have to click on Save & New if you want to create all the remaining custom fields
custom 8

Step 9: Once you create all the custom fields, it will appear like below:

custom 9

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