How to create a Salesforce Developer login account?

In order to work on Salesforce, you need to create a Salesforce login account, where you can log in and work according to your requirements. There are many Salesforce login editions one can use. However, in this tutorial section, let’s create a Salesforce Developer login account.

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Salesforce Developer Account and Login

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Salesforce allows you to create a free Salesforce Developer login account to explore and experience its various features and apps. It gives a drag-and-drop technique to do so. Salesforce Developers can use this account to create new applications.

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Steps for creating a Salesforce Developer login account

  • You need to visit the Salesforce Developer website to create your Salesforce Developer account. Click on the Sign up option located at the top right corner

How to create a Salesforce Developer account

  • Once you click on the Sign up option, you will see the below screen having a simple form to fill in the details

Once you click on the Sign-up option, you will see the screen with a short form. As shown below


  • Fill in your details such as name, email, your job role, the company you’re working in, your country, postal code, and your username. The username you create should be in the form of [email protected]

  • Then hit Sign me up

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  • After signing up, you’ll get a verification email in your inbox from Salesforce. Verify your email ID and change your password. This is a mandatory step while creating a Salesforce Developer login account
  • Here is the home page of a Salesforce Developer account

Guidelines for Creating a Salesforce Developer Login Account

  • When creating a Salesforce Developer login account, permission needs to be set for both accounts and contacts.
  • When the record types are created by the admin, you need to decide on the record type you prefer.
  • In order to check if various business accounts are linked together, you need to fill the parent account field.
  • The parent node of a business account should be categorized as location, designation, service department, etc.
  • If the divisions are defined by the admin, then the default division will automatically get selected. Otherwise, a different division can be set manually.

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In this section of the Salesforce tutorial, you learned how to create a Salesforce Developer login account. Now, you can go ahead and create a Salesforce login and start exploring and creating new things according to your needs. In the next section, you will be learning about the Data Types, Field Types, and the Components of Salesforce.

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