How to create reports in Salesforce?

It is very simple and quick to create reports in Salesforce. Let’s see how.

  • First, log in to your Salesforce association group and then click on Reports. You would be navigated to the below screen.
  • The Dashboard folder is used to navigate to the list of the dashboard screen.
  • Use the Create a new report folder to create a new report folder
  • Use the Create a new dashboard folder to create a new dashboard folder
  • The left-side box shows the list of presented report/dashboard folders in your organization. By default, Salesforce gives a number of standard folders
  • The New report button is used to create a new report and the New dashboard button is used to create a new dashboard

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Steps to Create New Salesforce Reports

  • Click on the Reports tab and then click on the New report button


  • Select the report type and click on Create


  • Click on Save when your report is created with your preferred report customization.

Note: Remember to fill in the compulsory fields before saving the report. The compulsory fields are the report name and the report folder.

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