DevOps strive to fasten the processing speed of operations as well as optimize the overall outcome. For this DevOps promote certain key practices –
DevOps Best Practices

  • Continuous integration – This primary practice emphasizes on merging the changes in software codes and storing it into the repository. This activity is followed by the execution of tests and automated builds. By doing this DevOps seeks to find the potential errors quickly and improve the software quality at the end.
  • Continuous delivery – DevOps stresses to build, test and release the software product automatically in lesser time. This requires the development and testing environments to be tightly integrated. With this practice the developers always have the code constructs at their disposal which is already tested.
  • Microservices – This is a software development practice where a big application is made up of small services dedicated to perform a single operation and connected through a light-weight HTTP API. These microservices can be developed in any programming language and can be deployed independently.
  • Infrastructure as Code – Here the infrastructure is maintained with the help of programming. If the infrastructure is built on the cloud, it can be accessed as the

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