5 Offbeat Coding Languages

Coding Languages are mere tools that define the instructions you want your computer to follow. Just like any other language, Coding languages also have there own grammar. Check these:
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F# is perceived by many programmers as having the same level of simplicity as Python and providing a more fluid user experience than C# and Java.
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As a general-purpose language with concurrency in mind, Clojure supports several computations running concurrently. However, Clojure has little syntax because it is also a Lisp language.
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A small segment of the Ruby community went down the Erlang rabbit hole and emerged with Elixir. However, thanks to its use of functional programming ideas, Elixir is simpler to write than Erlang.
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Apple created Swift, a general-purpose compiled programming language that enables programmers to create applications for phones, servers, desktops, and virtually anything else that runs code.
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Engineering managers at Google developed the C-inspired language known as Go. Go has advantages and disadvantages. It is more typesafe than Ruby or Python and is leaner than C++ or Java.