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PPC (Pay-per-click) Analyst Salary - Fresher and Experienced

PPC (Pay-per-click) Analyst Salary - Fresher and Experienced

PPC marketing is one such popular mode of Digital Marketing wherein advertisers pay the publisher each time their ads are clicked on. It is a kind of buying visits to the site rather than earning them organically. Because of so much importance, Professionals prefer an online digital marketing course that has PPC as a major module. As every business needs a person who can place bids on search engines and social media, PPC Analyst has become an evolving career option for enthusiasts.

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In this blog, let us discuss some key points:

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What exactly is Pay-per-click Advertising?

Every business possesses two ways to attract the audience to its website, either through organic search or through a paid one. More than 75 percent of firms agree with the fact that the majority of the audience who come to their websites through paid advertisements are more likely to make a purchase than those from the organic ones. Hence, businesses, whether small or big, are more inclined toward spending their major portion of the budget on PPC ads as they believe that the practice is surely going to yield them a good conversion rate, eventually the expected returns on investment (ROI).

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What are the qualifications that an employer looks for in a PPC Analyst?

It is easier to find a PPC Analyst who can run ads, but it is difficult to find one who is capable of generating ROI for the budget spent on the ads. Hence, companies are on the lookout for someone proficient in running successful ad campaigns.

To get noticed by employers, a wise PPC Analyst must be able to make smart data-driven decisions; he/she should be reliable and can generate conversions, eventually satisfactory ROI. Additionally, a PPC Analyst must:

  • Exhibit data and analytical proficiency
  • Have expertise in varied Digital Marketing platforms, current trends, and techniques
  • Ensure notable PPC performance on Google, Bing Ads, Yahoo, etc.
  • Be proficient in the management of campaigns on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Quora, etc.

Great PPC Analysts are good at designing a marketing strategy for both pre and post-ad clicks. They must also be able to:

  • Analyze the factors that affect the PPC ad performance
  • Run and optimize PPC campaigns
  • Create and implement strategies, reporting, and analyses
  • Run and monitor the best quality PPC activities
  • Build and implement an effective advertisement strategy
  • Shun unnecessary spending on unrelated clicks
  • Manage bids, thereby enhancing the amount of traffic to the ads
  • Be Up-to-date on current trends and developments

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PPC Analyst Salary Based on Region

As it is an in-demand profession, PPC Analysts’ salary varies according to their skill set, experience, and job location. In this section, let us have a general look at the average salaries of PPC Analysts across different regions of the world.

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PPC Analyst Salary in India

The PPC Analyst’s average salary in India differs according to experience and job responsibilities. Below are a few of the PPC Analyst roles and their average salary

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According to PayScale, as a fresher, A PPC Analyst can take home as much as ₹175,000 per annum. With 4 years of relevant experience and more, companies are willing to pay anywhere between ₹600,000 and ₹800,000 per annum. Let us have a look at some of the mean salaries.

  • Junior PPC Analyst Salary: ₹250,000 per annum
  • Senior PPC Engineer Salary: ₹450,000 per annum
  • Senior PPC Analyst Salary: ₹1,000,000 per annum

Additionally, wages may also vary according to the region. For example, Ahmedabad foresees a 25 percent rise in the Digital Marketing salary as compared to the national average. Whereas, for Pune, it is 15 percent high.

PPC Analyst Salary in India

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PPC Analyst Salary in the United States

In addition to the figures in India, let us also have a look at the PPC Analyst average salary in other global markets.

The United States inhabits the widest business market in the world. Almost every firm in the country has an online presence. So, it is most likely in need of Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, pay-per-click advertising, etc. To cope with this demand, a PPC Analyst must possess additional skills such as search engine marketing, planning a good Content Marketing strategy, automation, etc.

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Let us see what the average salaries look like based on experience.

As per Indeed, the Junior PPC Analyst’s salary ranges from US$45,000 to US$54,000 for personnel with 1 to 4 years of experience, whereas a Senior PPC Analyst’s Salary comes up to US$80,000 per annum.

PPC Analyst Salary in the United States

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PPC Analyst Salary in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, London has the majority of opportunities and also pays a handsome amount for PPC Analysts. To succeed in the country in the long run, a PPC Specialist must mold oneself according to the client’s requirements as businesses don’t want to risk their thousands of dollars on ads by hiring someone inefficient.

Here are the mean salaries of PPC Analysts in London:

According to Glassdoor, the Junior PPC Analyst’s salary is about £21,500, whereas the Senior PPC Analyst’s salary is around £32,000 per annum.

PPC Analyst Salary in the United Kingdom

PPC Analyst Salary Based on Expertise

The field of PPC has become competitive as more and more Digital Marketing professionals are showing interest in the area. Constant advancements and competition are also bringing up new things to learn each day. Some of the skills that add up to the credibility of a PPC Analyst are as follows:

  • Google Analytics
  • Automation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • AdWords
  • Bing Ads
  • Web Design and Development
  • Facebook Ads
Skills of a PPC Analyst

All the above Digital Marketing skills are correlated to PPC and are much more likely to pay you more than the average if you acquire any of them.

The PPC Specialist salary in India is based on skills:

The PPC Specialist salary in the United States according to expertise:

  • Search Engine Optimization: US$53,000 per annum
  • Search Engine Marketing: US$60,000 per annum
  • Social Media Specialist: US$47,000 per annum

The PPC Executive salary in the United Kingdom depends on skills:

  • Google AdWords: £23,000 per annum
  • PPC Account Manager: £32,500 per annum
  • PPC Planner: £26,000 per annum

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The above facts are enough to assert the growing demand for both PPC advertising and PPC Analysts in today’s ever-growing business world.

Every firm is considerate about its spending on marketing. Hence, companies of the day urge expert PPC Specialists. If you are one who wants to explore your career in this field, you have to practice pay-per-click campaigns regularly, take up a PPC course, and explore the right career opportunities, and you are good to make a mark as a successful PPC Analyst!

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