S4 Logistics Certification 1809: Advancements in Enterprise Management

Knowledge of SAP Enterprise Management can be obtained by undertaking SAP HANA S/4 Logistics Certification. This blog shall guide you on what SAP S/4 Logistics is, its key modules, new innovations upon its introduction, its scope in the market, the benefits, and the target audience.

S4 Logistics Certification 1809: Advancements in Enterprise Management
 22nd May, 2019

Focusing on the consumers becomes the top-notch priority of any production company. By the increase in cost and consumer population, there is massive setback faced by most production companies. There had to be a solution to deal with such volatile market situations, and this paved way to SAP S4 Logistics.

SAP S4 Logistics became a solution or a method that many industries and companies could employ to handle market volatile situations in a short period of time. SAP simple logistics can also be termed as SAP S4 HANA Enterprise Management.

What Exactly Is SAP S4 HANA?

SAP S4 HANA is basically a business suite that is built upon SAP owned database system and SAP HANA, which is an inline computing platform. There are two versions of SAP S4HANA, they are SAP S4 HANA On-premise and SAP S4 HANA Cloud.





Most business management processes can be managed by SAP S4 Logistics, which ensures an organized and simple solution to meet the demand in limited time.

Here’s a video from Intellipaat on SAP Hana:

Few Key Modules of SAP S4 Logistics

Enterprises work in a systematic manner, and there shall be various phases that control the working of the enterprise. Similarly, SAP S4 Logistics have its own key modules that are listed below for its effective functioning during deployment in industries.

  1. Supply chain
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Contract management
  4. Sourcing and acquisition
  5. Demand planning
  6. Material management


What Are the Popular Innovations of SAP S4 Logistics 1809?

Development and innovation in technology is erratic. With every brand-new idea or solution, there shall always be more room for progressive innovation. Similarly, the introduction of SAP S4 Logistics has led to innovations in numerous industries, few of which are mention below in the image:

These industries experienced maximum growth and profit upon the introduction of SAP S4 HANA Logistics 1809. The efforts of finding an eligible logistic solution was made easily possible for the industries.

What Is the Scope and Career Opportunities for an SAP S4 Certified Professional?

Upon gaining the SAP S4 HANA certification, one shall be qualified enough for a wide range of job opportunities. Few of these career opportunities or designations that are looking for candidates who are specialized with a certified S4 HANA certification are mentioned below:

  • Business Analyst SAP Logistics
  • Logistics Specialist
  • Senior Logistics Officer
  • Logistics Analyst
  • SAP Logistics Coordinator
  • SAP Logistics Consultant
  • Logistics Associate

Benefits of SAP S4 HANA 1809

Every SAP model shall have its own range of benefits and importance. When it comes to SAP S4 HANA 1809, the following are the list of benefits that it offers and can be accessed by those who gain the certification in it:

  • Reduced Cost
  • Faster Announcing
  • Reduced Aggregates
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Easy Access
  • Maximum Customization
  • Supports Multiple Devices

Target Audience

The S4 Logistics certification is mostly suitable for Business Analytics Professionals, SAP Solution Architects, Application Consultants, SAP Technical Consultants, and Project Managers.

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What Does Intellipaat offer in SAP S4 HANA Simple Logistics Training and Certification?

Learning any new course and mastering in it is not an easy task. But, for those who are keen and willing to pursue SAP S4 HANA Logistics training can enroll themselves for the SAP S4 Logistics course offered by Intellipaat. The following is a list of essential topics covered in the SAP S4 Logistics course:

  • Introduction to SAP S4 HANA Logistics
  • In-depth architecture of SAP S4 HANA Logistics
  • Row store vs. column store in SAP
  • Business benefits of SAP S4 HANA Logistics
  • SAP Fiori apps for user experience
  • SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud
  • Integrating S4 HANA with Design Studio
  • Crystal reports integration with S4 HANA

These concepts have been explained in an elaborated manner, along with understandable diagrams and data models. One who is willing to provide a strategic solution to meet the rising demand of customers for the production industries can take up this course and gain proficient knowledge in SAP S/4HANA Logistics.

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Intellipaat offers Certification after the successful completion of the course. This certification is recognized by the top MNCs in the IT world.


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