Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing
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What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional Marketing is an offline form of marketing in which platforms like print media, radio, television, hoardings, etc are used for advertising purposes. It works on the principle of reaching a large number of people. And Traditional Marketing intends to reach a large number of people to generate leads. 

It is a prominent marketing technique that existed till 1990. After the 1990s with the internet revolution, the significance of Traditional Marketing slowly diminished.

In the debated topic of Traditional Marketing vs Digital marketing, the strength of Traditional Marketing is that no consumer can ignore the advertisements in Traditional Marketing.

Types of Traditional Marketing

Type of Traditional Marketing
  • Broadcasting: Broadcasting is sending the same content to a large group of receivers simultaneously. Generally, used mediums are television and radio.
  • Telemarketing: Unsolicited phone calls to potential consumers are used to sell goods or services. It is also known as inside sales.
  • Print Media: Physical editions of books, periodicals, journals, magazines, and newsletters circulated as paper publications are generally known as print media.
  • Window displays and signs: The display of products at the entrance area of a retail store.
  • Outdoor Marketing: Any sort of advertisement that attracts the public’s attention when they are outside is classified as outdoor advertising. While billboards are the most common form of this type of advertising, there are other styles that come under it.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a blanket term for the complete marketing technique in which sellers reach their general customers through advertisements, web applications, emails, search engines, mobile applications, influencers, and other paid promotions in social media.

Digital Marketing is empowered by the internet and the smartphone revolution. The smart and right use of Digital Marketing techniques would help any enterprise to shoot the moon.

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The difference between Traditional Marketing and digital marketing is clear, so, let’s see the pros and cons of each type of marketing.

Pros and cons of Traditional Marketing:


  • Easy to capture the attention of customers
  • Exhibits stability and security of brand
  • Easy to target elderly customers
  • The quick impact can be created effortlessly
  • Its more like permanent marketing as a hard copy of the advertisement can be saved
  • More memorable than seeing something on the phone
  • Better reach  in the local market
  • Easy to target areas where there is less development and no internet connection
  • Advertisements can be directly registered in the minds of the customer as there is repeated broadcasting.
  • Possibility of Word of mouth Marketing 


  • It is highly expensive.
  • Difficult to understand the attitudes and preferences of the customer
  • One way communication
  • Time-consuming process
  • Very difficult to analyze and measure  the strategies and results
  • Only target local audience
  • Difficult to understand whether it has reached the right customer
  • Demographic restrictions

Pros and cons of Digital Marketing


  • A highly economic and efficient approach
  • Provide equal opportunity for all the businesses
  • The high return of investment
  • Better  lead generation and conversion
  • Easy to connect with the customer
  • Increased  brand awareness in the market
  • Digital Marketing campaign results can be measured and tracked
  • Better engagement of customers
  • Scope of Digital Marketing for personalization and easy to target customers
  • Connection with global market as well as global customers
  • Direct communication between the businesses and their audience
  • Can engage the customers using creative contents

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  • Sometimes advertisements and promotions are really annoying. This might provoke the customers to use ad blockers or premium services without pop-ups or banner ads
  • Since there are plenty of brands competing in the Digital Marketing arena, it’s difficult to register to the minds of the audience
  • This is not permanent and Digital Marketing strategies keep changing from time to time
  • Each type of Digital Marketing needs its own experts
  • It requires continuous evaluation to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the implemented strategies

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Let’s compare Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Let us take a gander at the comparative aspects of Traditional Marketing and digital marketing. Traditional Marketing is slightly shallow. It involves conventional methods like billboards, newspaper ads, broadcasting on radio, etc., whereas Digital Marketing offers two-way communication.

It fosters proper interaction wherein sellers take in feedback on a regular basis. Thus, Digital Marketing enhances credibility, brand loyalty, and customer satisfaction. 

Traditional Marketing, which poses the limitation of demographic targeting, has the greatest advantage as well as disadvantages. The presentation plays a significant role, if you present it well, you win and if your presentation is poor or average, you lose. But Digital Marketing doesn’t allow that. Only trustworthy content with good features can succeed in winning the hearts of the people worldwide

A closer observation of digital and Traditional Marketing shows that Traditional Marketing is a static system whereas Digital Marketing is a dynamic system that opens the possibilities of pull Digital Marketing as well as push Digital Marketing. In Pull, Digital Marketing consumers seek the content whereas in push Digital Marketing the content is pushed to the customer without them looking out for the information.

Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing differ a lot in various aspects of targeting, ROI, measuring the impacts of marketing, and much more. So, why don’t we summarise them into a table?

Traditional MarketingDigital Marketing
DefinitionConventional methods of approaching customers using print marketing, outdoor marketing, broadcasting, referral marketing, one to one marketing, etcConnecting with  customers through electronic media and social media platforms
CommunicationOne wayTwo-way communication feeding relationships and credibility
Value of trendThe trend has to be rememberedThe trend can be easily identified by the customer
TargetingDemographicBased on the attitude of customers
Targeting difficultyDifficult to targetEasy to target
Seller buyer InteractionVery less or NilHigh
Being viralDepends on effective presentationBased on trustful content and features
Content-typeCreated by experts, limitedMixed content ( audio, video, blogs, posts)
Opinion LeadershipExperts have the major sayUsers and customers’ opinions are given importance
ROICannot be measured easilyEasily tracked
TweakingImpossible once the ad is publishedPossible any time
ResultsDelayed resultsQuick results and impacts
InterruptionsCannot be ignoredAd blockers and premium services might prevent from reaching customers
CostExpensiveComparatively cheap and affordable

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Advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing has always been an intriguing topic so let’s see how  Digital Marketing is different from Traditional Marketing and why Digital Marketing is better in the future.

Affordability: Compared to Traditional Marketing techniques, Digital Marketing is cheap and affordable. This provides an equal opportunity for small businesses to flourish. The price of entering the market now becomes a proper internet connection.

Quick accessibility: Easy accessibility of worldwide customers gives Digital Marketing a slight upper hand. Approximately there are about 5 million active internet users so any business can approach these audiences irrespective of their dominance in the market. But in a Traditional Marketing setup, it’s almost impossible to reach such a huge audience at a time.

Use of multimedia: Another exclusive feature of Digital Marketing is the flexibility and opportunity to reach our customers through various types of content. This freedom of expression is not possible in the Traditional Marketing approach. For example, If it’s a billboard, then only certain types of pictures can only be presented. But Digital Marketing has no such restrictions and always cater the creativity

Interaction: Since Digital Marketing paves the way for two-way communication, it always has room for improvement. Communication is the strongest key for building brand loyalty and unfortunately, the level of communication is very less in Traditional Marketing setup when compared to Digital Marketing.

Analysis: How much a particular advertisement has reached a customer cannot be tracked or analyzed through Traditional Marketing set up of newspapers or billboards or hoardings. But in Digital Marketing how many views and how many clicks a certain advertisement received can be easily tracked. Thus Digital Marketing has a slight superiority over Traditional Marketing in analysis aspects.

This is also the reason why Digital Marketing has been the favorite of small and medium enterprises

Which type of marketing is best for you?

Having learned all the pros and cons of Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing, now it’s time to decide which is the best marketing strategy for your business. One thing to remember is that both types of marketing have their own ups and downs. 

Traditional Marketing is yesterday and Digital Marketing is today and tomorrow of marketing. But the targeting audience decides the type of marketing. Baby boomers still prefer Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing is inevitable for the Gen Z population,.

So ultimately your target audience, your marketing goals, and needs along with your budget have the major say in deciding the type of marketing.

It is always better to use the right blend of Traditional and Digital Marketing because both have different purposes and different audiences.


Digital Marketing is the future and we can’t completely ignore Traditional Marketing as it has its audiences and significance. But the growth of Digital Marketing technology and the Internet revolution promises a digital tomorrow and the upcoming digital generation has digital issues and needs digital solutions for it. It’s always better to keep in mind one’s business and audience and make the best use of all the existing technology for a better tomorrow.

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