Road Map to SAP Logistics

The SAP road map in logistics throws light on various innovations and new technologies that are being introduced on a yearly basis. The road map also highlights various services that are introduced in different deployment options of SAP. It represents planned innovations with a year scale.

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SAP Logistics in Detail

In the following representation, different SAP deployment editions are mentioned with various processes and services enabled in them. Tracking of these innovations is carried out in a yearly manner.
Road Map to SAP Logistics

Deployment Options in SAP Logistics

The below image shows the three deployment options provided by SAP S/4HANA, namely, on-premise, cloud, and hybrid deployment solutions. Users will have an open chance to choose their own deployment options based on their business needs, budget, and resources. If they want to control their business, they can move to the on-premise deployment option. Whereas, in cloud and hybrid options, a third-party vendor will have access to their business.
On-premise Solution
In this case, a customer will have to purchase software and hardware, and the same will be managed by the customer itself. All maintenance, implementation, and deployment tasks will be managed by the customer.
Cloud Solution
In this case, hardware and software will be provided by cloud providers which will be rented by the customer. Cloud service providers will be responsible for all maintenance, updation, and implementation tasks.
Hybrid Solution
In the hybrid option, only a part of the software is handled by the client and other additional solutions will be provided by the service provider. The client has to perform an integration between on-premise and cloud environments for an improved service.
On-premise Solution

Key Innovations of SAP S/4HANA

There are various innovations that occurred in many industries and enterprises upon the introduction of the latest SAP S/4HANA 1809 Logistics. Some of those industries are listed below:
Key Innovations of SAP S4 HANA

Embedded Transportation

  • Load optimization and mixed pallet building
  • SAP Logistics Business Network offering carrier invoicing

Supply Chain

  • AATP (Advanced Available-to-Promise): alternative-based confirmations
  • Calculating non-reserving availability by product allocation

Industry to Core: Utilities

  • Billing and invoicing include exception resolution
  • Meter reading analysis
  • Few other analytical insights

Industry to Core: Retail and Fashion

  • Empties in warehouse management integration in Merchandise Management
  • Deployment of enhanced season management

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Customer Management

  • Embedded Service Management (Service Core)
  • Middleware is eliminated
  • Data models are harmonized

Digital Manufacturing

  • Demand-driven visibility and interactive planning
  • Adjustment for MRP controllers and capacity evaluation


  • Provision of a finance data hub for real-time consolidation by Central Finance
  • Provision of inter-company reconciliation report

Sourcing and Procurement

  • Purchase requisitions are centralized through the central contract management hub
  • Integration of SAP Ariba with SAP S/4HANA

Asset Management

  • Provides an Overview Page for Planner
  • Analysis of Technical Object Damage
  • Operations and the task list

Sales and Distribution

  • Creation of Simplified Sales Order
  • Performs split analyses in Sales billing and invoicing
  • Approval of the workflow for credit memo requests

Inventory Management

  • For decision support, makes use of Predictive Analytics/Machine Learning
  • Production order is enabled by posting goods receipt

Quality Management

  • Recording the results for Quality inspection
  • Complaint management by recording/monitoring
  • Quality management of data by analyzing KPIs

Extended Warehouse Management

  • Unique identification for items
  • Classification of products based on warehouse tasks history by making use of new reports (ABC calculation)


  • Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) and multi-level classification offered by Variant Configuration
  • Chemical compliance and product marketability

Migration Cockpit

  • Transferring of data with the help of staging tables
  • Ability to adjust migration objects used with Object Modeler

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