Introduction to SAP HANA

SAP in SAP HANA stands for System Application Products in Data Processing and HANA stands for High-performance Analytic Appliance.
SAP HANA is a combination of data modeling, HANA database, data provisioning, and HANA administration in one single set. It is an in-memory data platform that is deployable as an on-premise tool or in the cloud. It is best befitted for developing as well as deploying real-time applications and performing real-time analytics.

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SAP HANA Tutorial – Learn SAP HANA from Experts

Here are the topics covered in this session:

Why Choose SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is an in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system which was developed and marketed by SAP SE. It is majorly used to store and retrieve data as requested by applications. It is claimed to be one of the fastest database servers across the globe. It has the ability to actually handle a massive amount of data and provide us the output in no time.
Why Choose SAP HANA
SAP HANA is an on-demand data processing software used for building new roads to various industry applications. As it is a fast and simple in-memory database, many industries are attracted to it. SAP HANA is always there when it comes to drawing the list of high paying jobs.
SAP HANA is a new and radical technology platform that is taking the corporate world by storm. Due to the highly transformational and innovative nature of the SAP company in general, and the HANA platform in particular, there are a huge number of job opportunities in this domain for people who are having the requisite skills in SAP HANA development and implementation. Along with the astronomical salaries, your job as an SAP HANA professional will also be full of excitement and growth, thanks to the vast array of technologies and business processes you will be working in.

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Scope of SAP HANA

SAP HANA is an assuring and popular technology all over the globe and has gained a lot of appreciation ever since its launch. SAP has been launching better versions every year resulting in enormous growth in terms of user base and market shares. And, it has been estimated that in the upcoming years, it will continue to grow even more in its field. Currently, a lot of Fortune 500 companies are using SAP for SAP HANA only. And, this actually means that jobs will increase rapidly in the coming years assuring SAP HANA professionals a bright future in this field.

SAP HANA Vs. Oracle In-memory

There is a lot of buzz about Oracle in the market these days. So, let’s look at the difference between SAP HANA and Oracle In-memory databases to get a clear view of both.

SAP HANAOracle In-memory
SAP HANA is an in-memory, relational database management system. It has a primary function to be a database server to store and retrieve data as requested by applications.Oracle in-memory database is used for optimizing analytics and mixed workload and delivering outstanding performance for transactions, while at the same time, supporting real-time analytics and business intelligence.
Shares 22 percent of the ERP Market ShareShares 15 percent of the ERP Market Share
Takes 17 months on an average to complete a projectTakes 18 months on an average to complete a project
More widely used as an ERP systemMore widely used as a database tool for product verification, CRM, and medical software applications
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Features of SAP HANA

Here in this SAP HANA tutorial, you will learn SAP HANA top features that make it so invaluable to enterprises who want to crunch data at lightning speeds and extract valuable business insights from it.

    • It has a high-performance engine where multiple jobs can be done in parallel.
    • Its user interface is powered by SAP Fiori which is extremely user-friendly.
    • In SAP, data management is optimal; you can even report from ERP databases.
    • It is extremely simple when it comes to the administration of the complete IT landscape.
    • It offers new features and capabilities regularly, thus making it highly innovative.

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Applications of SAP HANA

SAP HANA has some of the top Fortune 500 companies as its customers. Along with that, it also has a whole host of smaller companies that are completely relying on the SAP HANA edge to scale and grow their businesses.
Here, we list some of the top applications of SAP HANA, cutting across the industry sectors:

  • Processing high-volume analytical and transactional data to support business decisions
  • Simplifying application development to fast-track innovation and growth
  • Predicting opportunities by exploiting analytics in insight-driven applications
  • Managing data warehouses by streamlining operational and Big Data capabilities
  • Enriching business processes with intelligence derived from the Internet of Things

Recommended Audience

Anybody can benefit from this tutorial by learning SAP HANA and get a head start in this domain and make a career out of it. SAP Developers, Business Intelligence Consultants, Data Warehousing Professionals, Database Architects, Data Analytics Professionals, Project Managers, and students aspiring for a career in SAP HANA can enroll in this course.

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There are no prerequisites to learn SAP HANA through this tutorial. If you have a basic knowledge of database concepts or SQL, then it is beneficial.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to start a career in SAP HANA, what would the roadmap look like?

If you want to pursue a career in SAP HANA, you can focus on HANA modeling and SAP BW on HANA. Learning SAP HANA from Intellipaat through professional certification can also help you excel in your career. In addition, you need HANA development knowledge, HANA XS or ABAP skills, etc.

Why learn SAP HANA?

The market’s demand for HANA resources is far greater than the supply. As a result, SAP HANA consultants’ salaries are 15% to 40% higher than the average IT professional’s salary. SAP Hana Consultant’s average salary in the US is $138,450 per year, and in India it is INR 3,09,000 to 13,40,000.

Where can I learn SAP HANA?

In this SAP HANA tutorial, you will find out about the benefits of learning SAP HANA and its scope, functionality, usage, and comparison between SAP HANA and Oracle. Moreover, to get lucrative jobs, you can enroll in our SAP HANA certification training.

What is SAP HANA used for?

With SAP HANA, structured data from relational databases (SAP and non-SAP), applications and other systems can be quickly processed. The applications using HANA can access data instantly. Learning SAP HANA can help analyze use cases in real-time. You can monitor and optimize your telecommunications network, optimize supply chain and retail, detect fraud, generate reports, and more.

As a fresher, can I get a job in SAP HANA?

Yes, you can get a job by learning SAP HANA, however, top MNCs favor certified candidates or professionals with some practical experience. This SAP HANA tutorial will give you an in-depth insight on how learning SAP HANA can help you get a lucrative job.

If I don't have a technical background, can I start my career after learning SAP HANA?

Yes. Since SAP is a widely used software, learning SAP HANA can help you start a new career line. In this SAP HANA tutorial, you will learn SAP HANA from basics, which will give you enough knowledge to pursue a full-fledged certification course.

What is the difference between SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA?

HANA is an in-memory database solution developed by SAP. It is designed to work entirely in memory, reducing the time it takes to access data. It is also a column-oriented database with some advantages in compression and database design.

S/4 HANA is the next-generation business suite developed by SAP to effectively replace ERP and BI. It narrows the boundaries between the application and database layers because it only works on HANA.

Who uses SAP HANA?

SAP has around 3,50,000 customers and each has multiple SAP landscape.  Out of these, around 10,000 uses HANA and many are migrating to it. Top companies that use SAP HANA include Huawei, PayPal, CISCO, TCL, Infosys, McLaren, Nissan, Nestle, Dell, Unilever, and more.

Which language does SAP HANA use?

SAP HANA was developed in C++. However, if you are a HANA developer, you don’t have to learn the C++ language. Also, HANA data modeling is mainly done through a graphical interface. SAP HANA offers the possibility to create back-end services through HANA XS.

Table of Content

SAP HANA Architecture

SAP HANA Database: In order to understand the SAP HANA architecture, it is required to understand the traditional database which was followed until the SAP HANA database came into the picture. Before looking at that, let’s first have a look at the topics which we’ll be covering in this session: SAP HANA Vs. Traditional Database Architecture Traditional Database Architecture SAP Read More


What is SAP HANA Studio?: SAP HANA Studio is a tool based on Eclipse. It is considered as the main administration tool and the central development environment for the HANA system. Following are the major topics of this tutorial session: Perspectives in SAP HANA Studio SAP HANA Studio Administration Perspective SAP HANA Studio Database Development Perspective SAP HANA Studio Application Read More

SAP HANA Installation

SAP HANA Environment Setup: SAP HANA Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used to develop SAP HANA databases. It allows administrators to handle user authorizations and existing models of data and manages the SAP HANA database. Intellipaat brings SAP HANA tutorial to guide you through downloading and installing SAP HANA Studio in one shot. Prerequisites for installing SAP HANA Studio: Read More

SAP HANA Application

Steps to develop an application in SAP HANA Studio: In this chapter, we will learn how to develop an application in SAP HANA Studio that displays Hello World. Follow the given procedure : Step 1: Open SAP HANA Studio and select the 'SAP HANA Development' option. Step 2: Go to the 'Repositories' tab, right-click on it and select 'Create Repository Workspace'. Read More

SAP HANA Modeling

What Is SAP HANA Modeling?: Modeling is confining of data in database tables by creating views to simulate a business scenario whether it is an entity such as customer, product, etc. Views can be used in creating meaningful reports and also in decision-making. These views are called information views in SAP HANA. An information view contains different combinations of content Read More

SAP HANA Reporting

What Is SAP HANA Reporting?: Drivers like JDBC, ODBO, and ODBC in the reporting tool are part of SAP HANA Client. When we install SAP HANA Client software which is a .exe file, it will make all drivers open on the PC for connecting and reporting tools to SAP HANA. We will be using SAP BI, SAP BO, SAP Lumira, Read More

SAP HANA Integration With Microsoft Excel

How to integrate Hana Database with Excel: Microsoft Excel can be integrated with SAP HANA using MDX language with the help of pivot tables. SAP HANA client software is needed to make MDX connections which should be configured in the client system. Once this client software is downloaded and installed, you can go ahead with the following procedure: Step 1: Read More

SAP HANA Security

What Is SAP HANA Security?: SAP HANA Security is needed to protect valuable data from illegal access and is required to ensure that standards and compliance meet as the safety standard adopted by any company. SAP HANA uses a Multitenant database wherein multiple databases are created on a single SAP HANA system known as the multitenant database container. So all Read More

SAP HANA Data Replication

What Is SAP HANA Data Replication?: SAP HANA data replication enables the migration of data from source systems to the SAP HANA database. An easier way to move data from an existing SAP system to HANA is by using various data replication techniques. They are: Using an ETL Tool, SAP BusinessObjects Data Services (BODS) SAP LT Replication Method SAP HANA Read More

SAP HANA Monitoring

What Is SAP HANA Monitoring?: SAP HANA monitoring is practiced to monitor the status of system resources and services that are running in the HANA system. It is generally used to handle critical alerts like CPU usage, disk full status, FS reaching the threshold, etc. Monitoring System Availability Error Situations SAP Start Service Unreachable Monitoring Alerts The monitoring component of Read More

SAP HANA Cheat Sheet

SAP HANA User Handbook: While working with SAP HANA, there is a lot that you need to remember, various operations, functions, commands, and their syntax and whatnot. Wouldn’t you agree that it would be better if you could find all of that in one place that you can refer to anytime? We, at Intellipaat, understand that our learners may need Read More

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