How to integrate Hana Database with Excel

Microsoft Excel can be integrated with SAP HANA using MDX language with the help of pivot tables. SAP HANA client software is needed to make MDX connections which should be configured in the client system. Once this client software is downloaded and installed, you can go ahead with the following procedure:
Step 1: Launch MS Excel and go to the Data menu.
Step 2: Select ‘From Data Connection Wizard’ option
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Step 3: Go to the ‘Other/Advanced’ option and select ‘SAP HANA MDX Provider’.
Step 4: Now, the SAP HANA Login window will appear where you will provide the credentials, i.e., Host, Login, Instance, etc., and click on the ‘Test Connection’ button.
Sap Hana Excel
Step 5: After successful completion of the test click ‘OK’ to enter into a new window asking to choose modeling views. Select the package.
Step 6: Click on the name of the analytic view or calculation and hit the ‘Finish’ button.

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Step 7: A dialog box will appear informing you about saving the password in the Excel file which will save you from entering a password over and over again. Click on the ‘Finish’ button and your connection with the SAP HANA database is made.
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In the next session of this tutorial on SAP HANA, we’ll look at how SAP HANA Security works.

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