S/4 HANA Finance Architecture

SAP Simple Finance Powered by SAP HANA helps to cut cost and time to manage finance and accounting processes. In the earlier version of SAP Finance Accounting tool, most of the components were separately managed due to various technical restrictions without the presence of HANA platform.

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Architecture of S/4 HANA Finance

There were lot of challenges before the introduction of SAP Simple Finance, they were:

  • Moving data to appropriate table for the purpose of reporting
  • Analyzing full data in BI with multiple BI extractors
  • Reconciliation needed for all components
  • Details stored in corresponding components for different levels

With the introduction of the new architecture of SAP Simple Finance the following features were introduced:

  • Multidimensional reporting on Universal journal without performing data replication to BI
  • Universal Journal as on-line item table with full detail for all the components.
  • Optimized structural capabilities of the financial solution- multiGAAP, additional currencies etc
  • Existing support for the ABAP programs or reports to prior tables with read access.

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The following replacement were done with compatibility views in the new architecture :

  • BSIS – Index for G/L account
  • BSAS – Index for G/L Accounts (Cleared Items)
  • BSID – Index for Customers
  • BSAD – Index for Customers (Cleared Items)
  • BSIK – Index for Vendors
  • BSAK – Index for Vendors (Cleared Items)

Aggregate Tables Removed −

  • GLT0 – General Ledger Totals
  • GLT3 – Summary Data Preparation for Consolidation
  • KNC1 – Customer Master (Transaction Figures)
  • LFC1 – Vendor Master (Transaction Figures)

Other Tables Removed −

  • COEP – Cost Line Items
  • ANEP – Fixed Assets: Line Items

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