Management accounting in S/4 HANA Finance :

Management accounting has two different modules known as –

  • Controlling
  • Enterprise Controlling modules.

Management accounting and organizational structure
Financial Accounting majorly deals with G/L Account Master like Chart of Account, Company Code etc.. whereas the Management Accounting consists of Cost Elements under Controlling Area.

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Management accounting and organizational structure

Technical Changes with SAP Simple Finance

  • In ACDOCA table, actual data of COEP value type – 04 and 11 are stored
  • Required actual data for long running orders COSP_BAK, COSS_BAK is stored in the same table.
  • To reproduce old structures, the compatibility views V_<Tablename> is provided

  • You can still access the data in old tables with use of same previous command.
  • The value types other than ‘04′ and ‘11′ are still stored in COEP, COSP_BAK, COSS_BAK.


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