After successfully being implemented on-premise, now DevOps is being called as the key to speed-up the cloud platforms. Its all-rounder performance has attracted aspirants to build a career in this domain and hence having sound knowledge is imperative for them.
DevOps Benefits
DevOps is a contemporary approach that lets companies to realize numerous benefits by its deployment.  Some of the major DevOps benefits are as follows :

  • Breaking the Silos – DevOps has broken down the conventional style of departmentation where each task was designated to certain team and in effect data used to be siloed. This in turn reduce the flexibility and responsiveness. Going beyond the lines of organizational hierarchy, DevOps promoted mutual cooperation and communication.
  • Continuous improvement – DevOps stresses on continuous improvement by aligning the business with IT. It strives to reduce feedback cycle and delivery loops which in turn increases customer satisfaction.
  • Minimized failures – When an organization integrates DevOps with fault detection techniques, it leads to minimize the failures significantly. Since DevOps is usually implemented on top of agile programming, it promotes collaboration, modular programming, etc., making the fault detection an easy task.
  • Creativity and Innovation – The team members build a culture of trust and cooperation which encourages them to improve the organizational products and services by continuously researching about creativity and innovation. These attempts allows the organization to better understand and address the customer needs.
  • Performance-oriented culture – The organization becomes more of a performance-based firm from power-based. This makes the workforce more creative and productive reducing turnover and improving retention.

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