What is Salesforce doing right that SAP is not?

salesforce doing right that sap is not
  • Updated on: 13th Sep, 17

Salesforce is one of the biggest technology companies today and it has the rare credit of having survived the dotcom bubble and yet today Salesforce is by far one of the top innovative companies that just does not rest on its past laurels. It is the most widely used Customer Relationship Management software tool and is being deployed by a maximum of the Fortune 500 companies to make sense of their customer mindset. Salesforce boasts of a worldwide market share in CRM of nearly 20% and yet is investing heavily in its future growth. So there must be something that Salesforce is doing that the competition just does not have an idea of.
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So we spoke to a bunch of Salesforce experts and professionals in order to understand the secret sauce behind the success of the world’s Number 1. CRM Company. Read on to find out what makes Salesforce tick.

Here are the excerpts of our interaction:

Hugh Crinon, Salesforce Developer at TNP Consultants, Netherlands thinks Salesforce is a complete cloud-based company that has cracked the code of innovation and has deciphered the Holy Grail of aggressive sales that the competition is just not able to comprehend. A case in point is the Salesforce Artificial Intelligence platform Einstein which according to Hugh Crinon is Salesforce’s way of sowing the seeds for future growth. Price is another major factor that is tilting the scales in Salesforce’s favour thanks to its aggressive pricing and hitherto unheard marketing strategy.

We spoke with Anil Jadhav, Salesforce Developer and Consultant at Capgemini. He says, “SAP CRM is mostly an on-premise application and you needed a software to run the CRM till recently but in the case of Salesforce it is a purely a Software as a Service play and hence this is its defining factor for success.”

Anil feels the early move to the cloud in the case of Salesforce has its own advantages and SAP’s late entry in the cloud space might be its Achilles’ heel. It gave Salesforce all these years to build its cloud arsenal and be the most formidable cloud CRM tool today. According to Jadav, the Salesforce interface is much more user-friendly and the configuration for various solutions along with the complete customization that it allows might be Salesforce’s greatest strength.

Suraj Rajouria, CEO VirtuoWhiz says, “Salesforce’s biggest competitive advantage is its out of the box features and templates so that businesses can configure this CRM tool in just a few clicks. Salesforce knows the true meaning of support and has extended it to its customers and developers consistently in a way that no company has ever done. Along with that Salesforce improves and updates its products three times a year which is the icing on the cake.”

Syed Safi Uddin Malik, Salesforce Administrator & Business Analyst at BiznusSoft adds, “Salesforce offers the best products and services in Customer Relationship Management that money can buy. Salesforce gives you the flexibility of managing your entire business anytime, anywhere and this is something that the competition is finding hard to replicate.”

The Verdict:

In a day and age when ‘Customer is the King’ rings truer than ever before there is no pristine manifestation of this timeless maxim than Salesforce. Salesforce is one of the few companies that is not in a hurry to grow profitable but would rather like to clock growth at a heightened rate making it the envy of the competitors like SAP and others. It is a complex interplay of many factors at Salesforce that has given it the mantle of the world’s favourite CRM. It could be tireless innovation, a never-say-die sales strategy, its inimitable user-friendliness, extremely good user interface among a myriad other things that have played their part in equal part taking Salesforce to the lofty heights that it is perched atop today. For a company like Salesforce this could just be the start of a whole new level of growth. Watch this space for more!

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