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Overview of Robotic Process Automation

In this RPA tutorial or RPA full form Robotic Process Automation, you will be able to get a clear idea about RPA automation, different tools in RPA, lifecycle of RPA, how to deploy UiPath tool, Components of UiPath, UI Automation, working on UiPath Studio, UiPath coding & debugging, Screen Scraping and Citrix Automation.

Watch this video on Robotic Process Automation before going further on this RPA tutorial.

Only in the early 2000’s the term “Robotic Process Automation” became popular emergent, it had three predecessors to it. Three key predecessors of RPA includes –

  • Screen scraping software
  • Workflow automation and management tools
  • Artificial intelligence

Here we have the list of topics if you want to jump right into a specific one:

What is RPA?

RPA Automation is a business process automation technology based on combination of its predecessors. It is highly dependent on screen scraping and workflow automation and it is built on Artificial intelligence.  RPA full form – Robotic process automation (RPA Automation) is a type of software that is used to do automation of fundamental tasks in software applications like how a human performs it. The software robot can be educated a workflow/process with different steps & applications, for example, taking received forms, sending a receipt message, checking the forms for completeness, documenting the form in a folder and updating a spreadsheet with the form name, the date recorded, etc. RPA programming is intended to diminish the weight of monotonous, straightforward tasks/work on workers.

RPA in Enterprises

McKinsey & Company uses RPA and suggests that up to 45% of activities can be automated using RPA. It uses RPA to automate tasks such as data migration, copy-paste tasks and order processing etc.. RPA is expected to be equivalent to the output of between 110 million- 140 million workers. According to Institute for Robotic Process Automation, a RPA software robot costs about one third price of an full time employee, it can be cost effective for the companies that can manage all the their activities. Deloitte also uses RPA software bot and it is capable of performing a list of more than 600 actions in a given sequence. The Research by Transparency Market Research says that RPA is expected a compounded annual growth rate of 60.5%  worldwide through 2020.

This Robotic Process Automation tutorial is designed with a similar perspective facilitating a large number of business groups and IT organizations to create gen-next digital applications and perform real-time automations and benefit using UiPath to gain efficient business results.

Intellipaat’s Robotic process automation tutorial is a complete learning package that lists its top features and help you know better about RPA and its tools processes and performance. The best of all- each and every topic is comprehensively illustrated using real-world and day-to-day business operation examples. You can even take quick and appropriate business decisions by implementing the automation techniques of RPA using UiPath, which can ensure reduced cost and overall growth of your organization.

Watch this RPA Tutorial video

In this RPA Tutorial for beginners, we will be learning various aspects of RPA process, architecture of RPA, various tools used in RPA, significance of UiPath tool, workflow and Citrix automation, screen scraping, UiPath coding and debugging

Recommended Audience 

  • Software engineers
  • Software testing
  • IT professionals


There are no prerequisites for taking this training course. If you have a basic understanding of software coding and programming logic then it is beneficial. 

Table of Content

Robotic Process Automation Introduction

Robotic Process Automation

Imagine doing repetitive and mundane tasks in your desktop every day like copy-pasting from several sources to an Excel sheet to make some data analysis or emailing a bunch of contacts at regular intervals. It will be pretty exhausting and boring to do such tasks on a monthly or yearly basis, right? What if I say that Read More

RPA Architecture

RPA Architecture

The architecture of robotic process automation is a combination of several tools, platforms and various infrastructure elements to form a complete RPA tool. There are several blocks available in the RPA solution: Applications under robotic process execution - This is well suited for enterprises applications like ERP, SAP or any other record processing application. These applications are Read More

RPA Life Cycle

Life Cycle of RPA

The life cycle of RPA doesn’t have a defined structure but, in general, there are four stages in RPA. They are: Analysis: Identification of the business process for RPA development Development: Fulfillment of requirements Testing phase: Performance of quality checks Deployment and maintenance: Deployment and maintenance of bots Let’s understand all stages individually. Analysis: Analysis is Read More

RPA Tools – Robotic Process Automation Tools Tutorial

RPA Tools

As RPA is slowly becoming a new dominant technology in the industry, more and more companies are getting inclined toward inculcating RPA in their back-office tasks. This has led to an exponential growth in the demand for RPA tools as well. There are various tools available in the market to implement RPA. These tools are used by organizations Read More

RPA UiPath – What is Uipath Tutorial

What is Uipath?

In this tutorial we are majorly concentrating on RPA UiPath, it is an leading RPA platform that helps the organization to effectively automate business processes. RPA UiPath is an open platform which is easy to learn and collaborate. It is also extensible, features hundreds of built-in, customizable and deep integrations with ERP, BPM and AI technologies. It Read More

UiPath Studio

Uipath Studio - User Interface

The user interface of UiPath Studio has multiple panels for an easier access to specific functionalities. It can be docked, function as floating windows, or the Auto-hide option can be enabled. The Ribbon - The ribbon is simple window and can be minimized or expanded by clicking the Minimize / Expand It consists of the Read More

Recording & Screen Scraping with UiPath

Recording with UiPath:

UiPath’s recorder enables users to record UI mouse movements, keyboard activities to generate automation scripts. The activities are recorded and generated as a sequence. You can find the record option on the Design tab. There are two types of recording known as - automatic and manual recorder. The capability of each recorder is listed below in this Read More

Workflow & Citrix manipulation

How to Invoke a Workflow?

What is a Workflow? As we already saw, a workflow is a set of individual process executed in UiPath for automating the activities. Why we need Workflows? When we are developing a large process, it is difficult to follow and test the process from top to bottom. So it is recommended to split into small Read More

UiPath coding & debugging

UiPath Coding:

An activity in UiPath is like a set of blocks in UiPath automation process. UiPath comes with various built-in Core activities. There is an option to create certain custom activities to automate processes for ease of use. There are two important steps to create a custom activity. They are: Writing custom activity code Adding external assembly (.dll) in Read More

RPA Cheat Sheet


If you are a Software Developer and wants to automate the business process, then RPA is of consideration. This cheat sheet will be a handy reference for you which covers all the basic concepts you need to know to start working on it Further, if you want to learn MSBI in-depth, you can refer to the tutorial blog of Read More


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