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SAP Simple Logistics for Beginners

In today’s world, consumer centricity has become the top priority for almost all companies in the Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG). Growing agility and price competitiveness has led to increased stock units and shorter product lifecycle. This has become a challenge for CPG companies to become more responsive to volatile market situations.

Learn SAP S4 HANA Logistics in 20 hrs from experts

SAP’s S/4 HANA Simple Logistics is a new solution to deliver and handle these situations more quickly. SAP simple logistics is also known as SAP S/4 HANA Enterprise Management. It consists of all the key modules under SAP Enterprise Business Suite.

SAP S/4 HANA simple Logistics includes:

SAP HANA simple Logistics includes

Some of the key features of SAP Business Suite are:

  • Fiori user experience is used to design SAP S/4 HANA to provide a role-based integrated user experience
  • It can be connected to different applications in real time to provide real-time data processing
  • This can be deployed on-premise, cloud and hybrid platforms
  • This runs on in-memory HANA database
  • Users can use the applications even after the migration of the system

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Here we have the list of topics if you want to jump right into a specific one:

  • Overview of SAP Simple Logistics
    1. ERP Model Vs S/4 HANA Data Model
    2. Benefits of using SAP simple logistics
    3. Deployment Options
  • SAP Simple Logistics Components
    1. Inventory Management
    2. Material Requirement Planning
    3. Material Valuation
    4. Order Management & Billing
    5. Procurement
  • Changes in SAP simple Logistics
    1. Configurations related to Procurement
    2. Configurations related to Manufacturing
    3. Configurations related to Sales
  • Introduction to SAP FIORI
    1. SAP Fiori Design Principles
    2. SAP Fiori Apps
  • Migration to SAP HANA
    1. New installation
    2. System conversion
    3. Landscape Transformation
  • Material Management-Inventory management
  • Case Study
  • Conclusion
Become S4 HANA Logistics Tutorial Certified in 20 hrs.

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