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In this SAP HANA tutorial you will learn SAP HANA from the very basics to understand this transformational platform. SAP HANA is a powerful in-memory database platform that can be deployed either on the premise or in the cloud. It is very well suited for real-time analytics and for the development and deployment of these real-time applications. One of the major differences between SAP HANA database and other databases is that the HANA database is fundamentally different since it is a columnar database.
As part of this SAP HANA tutorial you will learn the basics of SAP HANA, what is SAP HANA modeling, how to prepare reports in SAP HANA and a lot of other aspects of SAP HANA as well.

Recommended Audience

Anybody can benefit from this SAP HANA tutorial to learn SAP HANA and get a head start in the domain of SAP HANA and make a career in it. SAP Developers, Business Intelligence consultants, data warehousing professionals, database architects, Data analytics professionals, Project Managers.

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There are no prerequisites to learn SAP HANA from this SAP HANA tutorial. If you have a basic knowledge of the database concepts or SQL then it is beneficial.

What is SAP HANA?

Here in this table we first compare SAP HANA with a traditional database:

Criteria SAP HANA Traditional Database
Computing architecture In-memory computing which is very fast Slow computing as is data stored in disk
Type of database Columnar store assisting high-speed parallel queries Row type storage which is much slower for querying
Massive parallel processing Possible Not possible
Sophisticated calculation in real-time Analytics in real-time on top of the database itself Not possible

SAP HANA is a transformational database and analytics tool that can help any organization to work with huge amounts of data and extract valuable insights out of it at lightning speeds. SAP HANA is an in-memory, column-oriented database. Along with that it is also capable of performing advanced analytics and also has ETL capabilities. Thus the SAP HANA tool can be seen as a combination of the HANA database, data modeling, data provisioning and HANA administration in one suite. The term HANA comes from High-Performance Analytic Appliance.

Why is SAP HANA so widely used?

SAP HANA is being extensively used by organizations in order to make sense of their data. There are several reasons for this, some of which we have listed as below:

  • HANA offers a complete suite of database and analytical solutions
  • It is extremely fast due to in-memory computing and columnar store features
  • It can run both OLAP and OLTP queries very efficiently
  • It can handle unrestricted query complexity and unrestricted data volume & variety
  • It uses the most recent data for analysis thus offering real-time answers
  • It does not need to pre-process the data thus saving cost of data preparation.

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Features of SAP HANA

Here in this SAP HANA tutorial you will learn SAP HANA top features that makes it so invaluable to enterprises who want to crunch data at lightning speeds and extract valuable business insights from it.

  • It has a high-performance engine where multiple jobs can be done in parallel
  • Its user interface is powered by SAP Fiori which is extremely user friendly
  • The data management is optimal; you can even report from the ERP databases
  • Extremely simple when it comes to administration of complete IT landscape
  • It allows you to join analytical & transactional capabilities to a single source of truth
  • It offers new features and capabilities regularly thus making it highly innovative.

Applications of SAP HANA

SAP HANA has some of the top Fortune 500 companies as its customers. Along with that it also has a whole host of smaller companies that are completely relying on the SAP HANA edge to scale and grow their businesses. Here we list some of the top applications of SAP HANA cutting across the industry sectors:

  • Processing high volume analytical & transactional data to support business decisions
  • Simplifying application development to fast-track innovation and growth
  • Predict opportunities by exploiting analytics in insight-driven applications
  • Manage data warehouse by streamlining operational and big data capabilities
  • Enriching business processes with intelligence derived from Internet of Things.
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Why should you learn SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is a new and radical technology platform that is taking the corporate world by storm. Due to the highly transformational and innovative nature of the SAP company in general and HANA platform in particular, there are a huge number of job opportunities in this domain for people who are having the requisite skills in SAP HANA development and implementation. Along with the astronomical salaries, your job as a SAP HANA professional will also be full of excitement and growth thanks to the vast array of technologies and business processes you will be working in.

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  1. Chanchal says:

    Very explanatory and informative for beginners in HANA, thank you very much.

  2. Ishika says:

    I must say this tutorial was very nice and all topic were well defined with example.

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