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SAP HANA Tutorial

This free introduction to SAP HANA development and administration tutorial will provide you with the necessary experience in SAP HANA basics, architecture, HANA Studio, providing you a good learning path. You have good use cases and pratical applications of SAP HANA. In the present time, SAP HANA can be used widely in multiple use cases database management and solutions including big data processing and implementing business warehousing processes. It has received an excellent rating from analysts for its in-memory computing engine (IMCE) on huge volumes of data and deploy real-world projects. It offers an advanced relational database product with high-performance analytic system, HANA.

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Replacing the responsibility of data  maintenance on the traditional systems, it simplifies administrators’ tasks in the digital platforms. The in-memory data support in SAP HANA supports smoother processing of data transactions with fault-tolerance analysis. With SAP HANA, you can perform simple data operations on a unified cloud platform.

Special features of SAP HANA

SAP HANA is the next generation in-memory integrated platform for data analytics and business intelligence. Though many of the business intelligence tools are striving to mark their presence, what makes SAP HANA so special among these? Read below to find out:

Special features Description
Speed Data are stored in RAM, hence processes faster
Cost-efficiency Reduces the total IT cost
Multiple sourcing Able to access multiple sources of various types
Support Supported by various hardware and software vendors

Apart from the aforementioned unique features following qualities have made this technology climbing the success ladder:

  • Memory pool created for managing and tracking consumption of memory
  • Runs on top of SUSE Linux server that reserves memory for all processes

Data from SAP ERP is accessed and replicated using real-time replication services

Since this BI framework uses advanced tools for in-depth analysis of present, past and future data, it is prominent among modern-day business executives to predict future analytics and let them take improved decisions for better performance. One of the most important features of SAP HANA is its in-memory data storage as well as integration, which allows trouble-free access to large datasets.

SAP HANA Tutorial Video

This tutorial is designed with a similar perspective facilitating a large number of business groups and IT organizations to create gen-next digital applications and perform real-time analytics in the cloud for gaining efficient business results. It is divided into five important sections: SAP HANA Application, SAP HANA Architecture, SAP HANA Installation, Top Features and SAP HANA Integration with MS Excel.

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The tutorial provides a detailed step-by-step explanation for installing SAP HANA on your desktop or laptop. Each window action is distinctively explained with a prior description of what all you require before installing it on your system. Further, the core architecture of SAP HANA is described with all its important stages explained insightfully.

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Intellipaat’s SAP HANA tutorial is a complete learning package that lists its top features and help you know better about SAP HANA processes and performance. The best of all- each and every topic is comprehensively illustrated using real-world and day-to-day business operation examples.

Exceeding your learning expectations, the tutorial also explicates SAP HANA’s integration with MS Excel including how you can connect HANA with Excel, with each window and dialog box explained perfectly.

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After finishing this tutorial, you will be able to install the software and run various operations in real-time. You will be able to provide instant answers to SAP HANA queries and also step in the next level in your career. Besides, you can even take quick and appropriate business decisions by implementing the techniques of SAP HANA in your database and business warehousing projects, ensuring overall growth of your organization.

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Recommended Audience

  • SAP Technical Consultants and SAP ABAP Consultants
  • ETL Developers and Business Intelligence Professionals
  • SQL Developers, Database Architects and Mainframe Professionals
  • Project Managers and Business Object Professionals
  • Entry-level and advanced programmers aspiring to boost their careers in various business analytic departments of IT industry

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  • Conceptual knowledge of SQL and databases will be beneficial in learning this tutorial
  • Basics on C++ will also help you in understanding the defined topics.

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    I must say this tutorial was very nice and all topic were well defined with example.

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