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Let’s take a look at the topics we’ll be discussing in this Salesforce Application tutorial:

Check out this youtube tutorial on How to create an application in Salesforce prepared by Intellipaat:

Salesforce Application

  • It is a collection of tabs that work together as a single unit to give functionality.
  • Salesforce gives standard apps such as Sales Cloud, Call Center, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Community.
  • In Salesforce, you can customize an existing app to match the method to construct novel apps by assembling standard and custom tabs.
  • Salesforce applications are of two types; one is the custom app and the other is the Service Cloud Console.

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Apps in Salesforce

Apps in Salesforce are a group of tabs that help the application function by working together as a unit. It has a name, a logo, and a particular set of tabs. The simplest app usually has just two tabs.

There are two types of Salesforce Applications:

  • Standard Apps
  • Custom Apps

Standard Apps:

Standard apps come with every occurrence of Salesforce as default. Community, Call Center, Content, Sales, Marketing, Salesforce Chatter,, and App Launcher are included in these apps. The description, logo, and label of a standard app cannot be altered.

Custom Apps:

Custom apps are created according to the needs of a company. They can be made by putting custom and standard tabs together. Logos for custom apps can be changed.

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Steps to Create a Salesforce Application

  • To create an application in Salesforce, go to:

create an application in Salesforce

  • If you like to append this Salesforce application to any other profile or append other tabs to this app, you can follow the below steps:

Salesforce application

  • If you would like to change the image for the app, click on Insert an Image and upload from Documents, and if you like to append several tabs to your app, you can select the tabs from Available Tabs and click on Add; the selected tabs will be moved to the Selected Tabs section.

change the image

  • If you want to append your novel application to any profile, you can tick the checkboxes as shown in the below image:

append your novel application

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Salesforce Tabs

Tabs are used to give quick information to the users. Tabs display user data and other content in the app.

Salesforce Tabs Function
Standard Object Tabs These display standard object-related data
Custom Object Tabs These display custom object-related data. They look the same as standard object tabs
Web Tabs These display external web pages or any other web data
Visualforce Tabs These display Visualforce page data

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Types of Tab Visibility

Type of Tab Visibility Action
Default On If Default On is selected, the particular tab is displayed on the bar at the top, where other tabs are.
Default Off If Default Off is selected, the user will have to click the ‘+’ icon on the bar at the top, next to all the other tabs that are visible.
Tab Hidden If Tab Hidden is selected, then the tab will be hidden from the bar at the top and the user won’t be able to access it even with the ‘+’ icon.


In this tutorial section, you have successfully created a Salesforce application. You’ve also learned about the different types of Salesforce Apps and Tabs. In the next section of the Salesforce Tutorial, you will be learning how to install AppExchange applications.

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