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HDFS Operations


Starting HDFS

 Format the configured HDFS file system, open namenode (HDFS server) and execute the following command.

 $ hadoop namenode -format

Start the distributed file system. Following command will start the namenode as well as the data nodes in cluster.

 $ start-dfs.sh


Listing Files in HDFS

One can find the list of files in a directory, status of a file using ‘ls’. Syntax of ls can be passed to a directory or a filename as an argument like as follows:

$ $HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop fs -ls <args>


Inserting Data into HDFS

Steps mentioned below, should be followed to insert the required file in the Hadoop file system.

Step 1 : Create an input directory

$ $HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop fs -mkdir /user/input

Step 2 : Use put command transfer and store the data file from the local systems to the HDFS

$ $HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop fs -put /home/intellipaat.txt /user/input

Step 3 : Verify the file using ls command.

$ $HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop fs -ls /user/input


Retrieving Data from HDFS

For instance: if we have a file in HDFS called intellipaat. We may retrieve the required file from the Hadoop file system by carrying out:

Step 1 : View the data from HDFS using cat command.

$ $HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop fs -cat /user/output/intellipaat

Step 2 : Gets the file from HDFS to the local file system using get command

$ $HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop fs -get /user/output/ /home/hadoop_tp/


Shutting Down the HDFS

Shut down the HDFS by using the following command

$ stop-dfs.sh

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