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History of Digital Marketing and its evolution

Continue reading this article since it will help you gain a thorough understanding of the history of Digital Marketing and will provide complete information about its features, benefits, and drawbacks. A digital marketing certification course makes it easier to understand digital marketing trends, history, and evolution.

The process of marketing goods and services by making use of digital technology, especially the Internet but also including mobile devices, display advertising, and other digital media, is called “Digital Marketing.”

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What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing refers to all advertising activities that use technology or the internet in some form.

Businesses utilize digital platforms, such as search engines, social media, email, and their websites, to communicate with their current and future customers.

Marketing has always sought to connect with your audience at the right moment and place.

You must reach out to members of your target market online, where they are already spending time, in addition to employing conventional marketing techniques.

Let’s discuss Digital Marketing, which includes all forms of online advertising. Digital Marketing engages with clients who spend the bulk of their time online by utilizing a range of digital methods and channels.

Digital advertising, email marketing, online brochures, and other tactics are all included under the umbrella phrase “Digital Marketing,” which also applies to your website and other online branding materials for your business.

Digital Marketing can be useful for any type of organization. Whatever goods or services your company provides, Digital Marketing involves creating buyer personas to comprehend the needs of your audience and providing educational online material.

Not all businesses should utilize Digital Marketing in the same way, but all companies should take advantage of it when it is available.

History of Digital Marketing

History of Digital Marketing

Nowadays, Digital Marketing is getting more and more common. But Marconi’s development of radio marked the beginning of evolution.

Some claim that the introduction of email marked the beginning of it. Because the first search engine Archie was created in 1990, the phrase “Digital Marketing” was also developed at that time.

The first clickable advertisement appeared in 1993. Google then made its debut, followed by Yahoo. The development of cookie technology, a code that stored user data in client browsers, was crucial to the development of Digital Marketing.

In terms of Digital Marketing, the year 2000 was significant. DotCom’s introduction caused a number of internet firms to fold. Google launched AdWords, a tool that allows advertisers to promote their goods.

Social media was developed. Later, Facebook and Google were also made available to the general public. When YouTube was introduced, marketers could now promote their brands.

When mobile technology took off, WhatsApp was introduced. The launch of Google+ in 2011 helped to advance Digital Marketing. No one has looked back since that time until now.

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Evolution of Digital Marketing

  • 1990: The term ” Digital Marketing” was first used. In that particular year, ‘Archie” first search engine was launched.
  • 1993:  In this year first clickable web-ad banner was introduced.
  • 1994: There was the launch of Yahoo and the first e-commerce transaction, over Net Market.
  • 1996: In this year small search engines were introduced i.e. Hotbot, Looksmart, and Alexa.
  • 1997: There was the launch of the first social media site which is SixDegree.com.
  • 1998: This year was the changing year where there was the birth of Google, Microsoft launched MSN, and Yahoo! Introduced Yahoo! Web search.
  • 2000: During this year Internet bubble burst, SixDegree.com shut down, and also smaller search engines were wiped out.
  • 2001: This year’s first mobile marketing campaign was introduced i.e. Universal Music.
  • 2002: This year is the birth year of LinkedIn.
  • 2003: In this year WordPress was introduced and launched myspace
  • 2004: This year was changing year when Gmail was launched, Google goes public and Facebook goes live.
  • 2005: Youtube was introduced in this particular year.
  • 2006: Microsft launches MS Live Search, In this year Twitter was launched, moreover Amazon’s e-commerce sales crossed $10 billion.
  • 2007: Tumblr, Web streaming service: Hulu, and iPhone were launched.
  • 2008: This year China take over America in terms of the number of users and even Spotify was introduced to listen to online songs
  • 2009: Google launches Instant for real-time search engine results.
  • 2010: In this year Whatsapp was introduced to make communication easier.
  • 2011: In this year Google Buzz shut down and also web overtake the TV viewership among the youth generation.
  • 2012: There was a progressive increment in Social Media Budget that is up to 64%.
  • 2013: Yahoo acquired Tumblr in this particular year.
  • 2014: In this year so many things happened like Mobile exceeds PC internet usage.
  • 2015: In this era, Snapchat was launched and also there was the rise of predictive analytics.

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Key Features of Digital Marketing

Now it’s time to discuss the various features that Digital Marketing offers which are as follows:

Key Features of Digital Marketing

Increased recognition

Participating in a digital network will, definitely benefit, by definition, boost exposure to a large audience of potential clients.

A company develops awareness and a commensurate reputation as workers, vendors, business partners, and customers interact with its material.

More inbound traffic

The company is exposed to more new networks of potential customers as its visibility rises.

These new contacts have the opportunity to relate to your content and develop an emotional connection with your company before the sales process even begins.

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Higher levels of customer satisfaction

Every online conversation offers the chance to hear the customer’s needs and cater to them. You respond to questions and grievances in a timely manner.

Customers will be happier with a business if they directly contact them, which will improve the likelihood that they will do business with them again.


The most economical element of a marketing plan may be Digital Marketing. While the planning and production of important content take time, the actual distribution of the material can be done on a budget.

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Advantages of Digital Marketing

Now, we will see the advantages of Digital Marketing by keeping the social factor in mind.

  • Gives rise to the possibility of interactive consumer communication.
  • Conquering restrictions and geographical constraints in marketing activity.
  • Enhancing marketing efforts’ efficiency and improving the targeting of advertising messages.
  • Personalized advertising messages to a high degree.
  • Creates conditions that are necessary and beneficial for the effective development of virtual businesses.

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

Now, we would like to see the cons of Digital Marketing that impact badly on society.

  • It is possible to copy internet marketing campaigns.
  • Digital Marketing might get overburdened by too many online advertisements.
  • Too much competition in Digital Marketing.
  • Negative reviews have the potential to harm an internet marketing reputation.
  • Internet marketing depends heavily on technology, which can make mistakes.

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Case Study of Digital Marketing and Digital marketing examples

It’s time to see the various Digital Marketing case studies that can be helpful to know how its application can be used in practical life by various organizations.

Digital Marketing Strategy of Amazon

Amazon has benefited from the usage of Digital Marketing to expand its brand and draw in new clients. Word-of-mouth advertising has accounted for the majority of Amazon’s marketing efforts.

For them, consumer satisfaction has proven to be the most successful marketing tactic. Amazon’s marketing strategies include Google Adwords and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the best possible internet exposure.

Digital Marketing Strategy of Transportation Network Company

Transportation network company which is located in Qatar offers various cars and limos based on the situation and need.

This can be done by taking help from Digital Marketing. As this company provided giving your brand the most exposure possible while refreshing your social media presence. Providing reliable, thoroughly weighed, exclusive content to the customers.

This company got results by implementing a move to employ a straightforward strategy to define their brand utilizing Facebook as a medium.

Its reach was significantly increased by its social networking presence and ability to keep visitors interested.

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Digital Marketing Strategy of Coke

Coca-Cola is a firm that is expanding internationally and has a solid reputation in every country. As a result, they have a large number of customers who satisfy a variety of needs.

Coca-Cola has demonstrated that its goods can satisfy all age groups, regardless of how much of it they are consuming.

Due to the enormous volume of potential in this age bracket, the targeting to concentrate on this group of people is 18 to 34 years old.

Due to the age groupings that have up to three residents. The second group of age-targeted consumers is those between the ages of 18 and 24. Coca-Cola does not target this age range because the market is not large enough and the brand’s reputation is already well-established.

Therefore, choosing and combining the top two customer age ranking groups is the optimal course of action.


We’ve outlined some of the most well-liked and effective Digital Marketing strategies in this article. Any company or organization can scale up and modify this action if it wants to have a profitable and thriving web presence. We’ve talked about several strategies for luring customers and the right audiences, for producing interesting and captivating content to keep readers interested in companies and their offerings.

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