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What is Digital Marketing?

Before getting into the importance of Digital Marketing, it’s necessary to understand what Digital Marketing is.  Digital Marketing is a method to reach out, influence, and understand the choices and mindset of potential customers through any digital medium like social media, web applications, email, search engines, mobile applications, etc. In simple words, it is every brand or service that we see as an ad while scrolling through our social media or google, it is the emails that you receive about various products. Yes, an influencer promoting a product or small business to their followers through social media is also an example of Digital Marketing.

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Importance of Digital Marketing for the success of a business?

Here are a few reasons why you should not ignore the importance of Digital Marketing for business.

1. Your customers are online

-Bill gates said “if your business is not on the internet your business will be out of business”

All the statistics predict the increased number of internet users in the future. so this is the opportunity to reach a lot of customers. People nowadays prefer to know more about the product before buying anything, so if your information is not available to your customer, you will probably lose them as your customers.

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2. Your competitors are online

In any business, it is essential to understand the competition, the competitors in the market, and hence the importance of Digital Marketing. Only then proper planning or strategy of Digital Marketing can be built, and win in the economy. 

So understanding our competitor’s strategies can also help us learn what is effective as well as what is not effective. How our competitor is conveying their ideas, what kind of media are they using how well is their reach to the customers,  everything can be learned by analyzing the Digital Marketing strategies they use, which will enable us to tackle situations easily.

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3. Customers can reach out to you anytime.

So when the pandemic has disrupted the economy and when everything was shut down, Digital Marketing is the only way for your customers to connect with you.

 Thus your business is open for your customers even when it is closed because customer experience is most important for the success of Digital Marketing.  This shows how Digital Marketing is empowering a business even when transportation is disabled.

4. Connect with your customer

Rather than selling the product, it is important to build a connection with your customer. interacting with people digitally can help understand the needs of the customer and let them know the solutions that you have for their particular needs.

And constant interaction can build trust in customers so that the probability of them reaching out to you the next time is very high. And thereby we can satisfy the needs of your customers.

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What makes Digital Marketing inevitable for businesses?

Digital Marketing is the most powerful way of marketing in this highly competitive economy. It has opened horizons of possibilities in business and has improved marketing strategies over time. The following benefits add to the importance of Digital Marketing, which cannot be disregarded.

Affordability: Compared to traditional marketing techniques, Digital Marketing is cheap and affordable. This caters to small businesses and provides an equal opportunity for them to flourish. Anybody with a proper internet connection can now afford the price of entering the market.

Quick accessibility:  It is very easy to access the customers at a global level by using Digital Marketing. It is predicted that there will be  973.89 million smartphone users in India by 2025. And this raises the potential of Digital Marketing. Hence any enterprise whether small or medium or large can reach its audience while they are busy using different apps for various purposes. Why Digital Marketing is important for small businesses is due to this exemplary feature.

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Use of multimedia: Digital Marketing empowers us to reach our customers through various types of content like photos,  videos, audio,  blogs, etc. So here, Digital Marketing is not restricting the creativity to engage our customers.

Interaction: Digital Marketing also promotes proper communication between the customer and seller. The seller can always take feedback through the reviews, comments, or messages at any time, thereby we can build a customer network community. This always creates brand loyalty.

Analysis: Digital Marketing paves way for quick market analysis and also helps the seller to analyze and track the choices of customers using different analytics tools like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics & Mixpanel. It enables us to use effective marketing methods required for a particular target customer. This aids our performance as well as our competitor’s performance. That is why Digital Marketing is important for small business

Influencers: Digital Marketing allows us to collaborate with influencers through various media where when an influencer promotes a particular service or a product, it reaches their huge fan base and followers.

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How is it better than traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing vs Digital marketing

The rising importance of Digital Marketing for small businesses as well as large businesses is intriguing so it’s necessary to understand the difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

ComponentTraditional MarketingDigital Marketing
Understanding of marketOne way communicationFeeding relations and dialogs, build trust and credibility
Value of trendThe trend has to be rememberedValue of trend can be identified by customers
ClassificationMainly demographic classificationCustomer group according to relevance and attitude,customers choice is given importance
TargetingOnly demographic targeting is possibleTargeting based on the attitude of customer
CommunicationA message that created and transmittedhardly for assimilation of customers inradio, television channelsPromotes interactive communication via customercomments and search and feedbacks
Being ViralContent is guided via effective presentationBased on trustful content or the features
ContentPotential content created and controlledby expertsMixed content including audio-video, images andwritten content
Opinion leadershipCreated by marketing expertUsers opinion is given priority

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How does Digital Marketing serve a customer?

The importance of Digital Marketing is something that every customer has to be aware of.  

  • It keeps you updated about the latest products and trends
  • It gives you a wide variety of options
  • Comparison of various aspects of products is really easy 
  • Convenient and quick, especially when it is difficult to shop and saves a lot of time
  • Access to global as well as local market 
  • The incorporation of artificial intelligence can help search engines to suggest and predict similar products that you are interested in.
  • You can better understand the seller from reviews of their other customers.
  • 24 x 7 access of products, which gives freedom of time for the customers
  • Personalization and no compulsion to buy any product

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The importance of and future scopes of Digital Marketing can’t be simply ignored because of its psychological impacts on your customer. Compared to any other marketing, this technique allows you to have an advantage over your competitors.  

This promotes the interaction of sellers and buyers for a better understanding of products as well as the choices of customers. This builds a strong rapport within the seller-buyer community. 

Various budding technologies like AI can be incorporated into Digital Marketing which further emancipates this marketing branch of business. 

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