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Go through this blog from the perspective of a seller.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the process of using electronic media and the internet to reach out to customers. Today,  It’s an affordable technology to promote your business and engage your customers through social media, web applications, email, search engines, and mobile applications. A better understanding of Digital Marketing is a boon for any business today.

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Learn about different Digital Marketing techniques.

There are different types of Digital Marketing. Having a good grasp of these techniques will surely help you have an edge over your competitors and help you develop your Digital Marketing Skills if you are a seller. It will also give you an insight into how Digital Marketing works. 

Let’s take a quick look at a few of the techniques that teach you how to do Digital Marketing.

Types of digital marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): It is a process to rank your website higher in a search engine so that more people visit your website as it appears first in the search engine, popularising your website. Blogs, websites, infographics, can be used for the same.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): In this method, advertisements appear on the result pages of the search engine i.e. on search engine results pages (SERP). A small margin is to be paid for this. This is a paid promotion, where our product is marketed to the right customers who enquire about similar products,  using their keywords in the search engine! 

Content marketing: It is the channel through which we release our products through blogs, ebooks, infographics, etc. The objective of content marketing is to increase customers through lead generation by creating awareness of our product and by increasing traffic growth. It’s important to have a proper content marketing strategy in 2021 to have that upper hand in the market.

Social media marketing (SMM): Using social media platforms to promote our brand. Influences with a lot of followers can also use this social media platform to have paid collaboration to promote particular products and services.

Pay per click advertising (PPC): In this method, a paid advertisement is displayed on the search engine results, and the publisher is paid whenever the user clicks on their advertisement.

Affiliate marketing: This is advertising someone else’s product or services in your channel or website for a margin.

Email marketing: Different types of emails are sent to the target customer. It can be emailed to welcome different customers or can be informative emails that have the details of discounts and promotions or subscription use letters for blocks.

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Apply what you learned. Let’s do Digital Marketing!

After learning it’s time to apply your knowledge to your business and get started. Let’s begin step by step and answer the question of how to start Digital Marketing.

Keep reading if you are a seller or imagine yourself in the shoes of an entrepreneur to have a better understanding of the following steps in Digital Marketing.

  1. Define your goal.

It is very important to define the goal that you wish to achieve through the Digital Marketing campaign. Whether you want more followers, likes, or responses to emails or to be number one on Google searches, or is it simply brand awareness or lead generation.

Give high priority to brand awareness. Your brand awareness strategy can be considered a win when people replace the generic term with your brand name.

One of the greatest examples of this is what Google has achieved. People don’t say “search it” anymore, it’s “Google it”. But it takes a long time to reach this level of awareness but it is achievable.

The process of coaxing happens through advertisements. And one important step in the conversion process is lead generation. It increases brand awareness, instills knowledge about your product to people, and finally convinces them to purchase your product.

So it is very necessary to have a clear goal before going to further steps of Digital Marketing.

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  1. Outline your target audience.

Who are your target customers has to be kept in mind. It is very important to analyze the customers. This can be done by studying your competitor’s target audience and by analyzing your website traffic with the help of various tools like Google Analytics, Semrush, etc.

Finally, you have to decide whether you are targeting the other businesses or the audiences at this step of your Digital Marketing campaign. Make sure to define a precise and distinct audience for your business.

It is also very important to develop a buyer character from the study of the target audience and define their age, demographics, occupation likes and dislikes, job and income status, goals, digital behavior, etc. This is a lengthy step that requires patience and practice to give perfect results.

Become a Digital Marketing Expert
  1. Decide your budget 

A proper budget has to be set for Digital Marketing campaigns. Possible expenditure will be the one if you are planning to hire a Digital Marketing company. Another one will cost you for running the Fb or Google advertisements.

So it is important to set a realistic amount for Digital Marketing campaigns. Also, consider factors like trends and previous data and statistics before allocating money for your Digital Marketing strategy.

  1. Specify your channel of marketing

Which particular channel that you want to use, for your Digital Marketing campaign, has to be decided properly by keeping your target audience in mind. It is better to use as many channels as possible. 

It is very important to differentiate the channels that you use for business-to-business dealings and business-to-consumer dealings. The right strategy for choosing the most appropriate channel for your business would be a blend of all the available channels, with a slight emphasis on the most used media by your target customers. 

A strong strategy,  which gives you more ROI can be built by combining all the channels appropriately.

  1. Work on keyword research SEO and PPC

This becomes significant for running Google advertisements or any other search engine commercials. Search Engine Optimization also gets better when you do some research on the keywords that your customer is searching for.

There are websites like, answer the public, which can give you an insight into what most frequently asked questions about a particular topic.

A proper understanding of the customers’ goals and the particular keywords that the customers are using to search it in the search engines can help you reach that number one position in the search engine.

The monthly search volume and keyword difficulty of the keywords has to be compared after keywords are compiled.  Any keyword that has a high monthly search with low competition can give a better position.  

But in the case of pay per click, the objective is to reduce the cost per click and to reach the maximum number of people. 

After that, your website has to be optimized and issues like page loading speed, mobile usability, and other issues of the site have to be resolved. Various software tools can be used. This gives our product additional brand value support of google free of cost. 

Relying on search engine optimization experts would give you the required results.

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  1. Create content or advertisements for social media

Now it’s time to create commercials that can engage and influence your audience through your Digital Marketing campaign. It’s important to choose lookalike customers and to start from small numbers and then slowly scale up. 

Here you can also rely on influencers, but proper research about the influencer has to be made before approaching paid promotions. One of the greatest mistakes which you should avoid is the sacrifice of the quality of the content. Quality is the simplicity and understandability of language or means of communication  

Creating advertisements and promotions for the sake of increasing the number of commercials is a strict no-no. Images, infographics, videos, or blogs can be advertisements. Make sure to spice it up with little creativity, fun, and good-quality content.

  1. Manage and monitor your social media account 

It’s important to keep up the reputation of your brand.  consistency of your social media posts and interactions can help build it. It’s important to acknowledge the good as well as bad reviews. 

As Bill gates said “Your most  unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning “

So it’s important to build a rapport, take feedback constantly from existing customers, and simultaneously attract other new potential customers. Consistency of posts and advertisements are other factors that have to be kept in mind. Continuous updates of the latest trends and products always gain new customers.

  1. Don’t ignore email marketing 

In Email Marketing Strategy, It’s significant to keep track of emails. For example, if a person visits your website for a particular product, further info regarding price drops or offers can be communicated to him through emails.

Further, if a customer adds your product to the cart and if he/she doesn’t buy it, you can coax them through Email. Automated emails can also save time and add to the purpose. Email marketing is important to stay in the minds of your customers.

  1. Remarketing

It’s a tactic to follow up with any customer who has interacted with our website through advertisements and emails. It can also be useful in the case of abandoned products in carts. Companies like Amazon have special branches and specialists for remarketing. See below how remarketing of google works. 

Google remarketing
  1. Develop a blogging strategy

We might feel that blogs are unimportant, but blogs can be a game-changer. Whenever a user reads your blogs it helps in SEO. If a reader spends some time reading a blog on our site then it tricks google to believe that the reader is looking for some of our products and in turn, increases the probability of our advertisements in their feed. This will gain a higher rank in the search results. So dedicating a little time to blogs is never a waste of time

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A little understanding of the above techniques can open the wings of marketing for your business.  Little a few statistics to add here, according to Statista, there are currently  15 million mobile phone users in the world. 

So spending a little effort on Digital Marketing is giving you access to the global market of 15 million customers. So never underestimate the dominance of Digital Marketing in the field of marketing and business.

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