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Social Media Marketing Interview Questions

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Did You Know?

  • According to the analysis of 40 million posts, filters are utilized in around 18% of all photos.
  • Currently, the Clarendon filter has been used in approximately 25% of the cases, right behind Juno, which is applied in 8% of instances.
  • According to data gathered in 2017 by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 42% of surgeons stated that a significant number of their patients opt for surgery with the aim of enhancing their appearance on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and other similar channels.

Top Answers to Social Media Marketing Interview Questions


Another name for Social Media Marketing is Digital Marketing. Actually Social Media marketing Comes under the category of Digital marketing or we can say E-Marketing. SMM is mainly used to build or establish connections in the various social media applications.

Furthermore SMM is used to talk with your trustworthy customers and also try to make new connections with their application. SMM is also used to analyze the data so that you can identify and track the reliable customers that are actually beneficial for your respective organization.

It becomes simple to determine who is talking about your campaign and what they are saying. Which companies are so successfully leveraging the wants and requirements of their target market on social media?

We have categorized the Social Media Marketing interview questions and answers into these parts as mentioned below:

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Social Media Marketing Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

Now it’s time to get familiar with questions related to social media marketing which are asked frequently in various interviews:

1. What is SMM (Social Media Marketing)?

Social media marketing, also known as digital marketing and e-marketing, utilizes social media platforms where users may construct social networks and share information in order to build a company’s brand, increase sales, and improve website traffic. Social media marketing is what it is.

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2. Why is the social media sector so well-liked?

Whether or not you are aware of the social media industry and its significance, he needs to see that. Considering that you have selected this field, do you see why social media may be one of the most popular and widely utilized platforms?

Here, you’ll mention that because social media is booming and you prefer to overcome obstacles in life, you chose social media as a career choice rather than an uninteresting option.

3. What advantages social media can offer a company?

Social media benefits businesses by increasing public knowledge of them and their goods. Social media can be utilized to engage customers since it allows for direct customer-brand communication.

Even smaller businesses may afford organic social media updates because they are cost-free. Paid social media marketing is also typically less expensive than other forms of online advertising. Social media reaches all populations.

Additionally, it helps you reach influencers and increase your visibility, it boosts sales, it helps you promote your content, it helps you deal with negative comments about your brand, it gives you a way to learn more about the attitudes of your customers, and it aids in keeping an eye on your rivals.

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Social Media Intern Interview Questions

4. Describe a recent campaign you ran on social media.

Even though you are a professional with social media skills, the recruiter may ask you about your campaign even though you may have mentioned it in your CV. They’ll want to highlight your achievements.

Additionally, they’ll want to focus on your tale in your words. They want to know how you launched your campaign and caterpillar-tracked your success. They will judge your passion and excitement for business by listening to your narrative.

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5. How is LinkedIn useful in terms of marketing?

One of the best social media sites for promoting oneself or a business is LinkedIn. The company account must first be search engine optimized.

Growing the number of followers on a company page is facilitated by consistently offering informative content. Rich content has previously demonstrated to be quite effective and will help to increase engagement.

By occasionally supporting your work, which the website needs, regular walks will be made available. By employing LinkedIn analytics, we can periodically assess your performance and modify your strategy. LinkedIn is the most popular platform for content delivery, with 94% of B2B marketers using it.

6. What are Twitter's best practices?

The following are some recommendations for Twitter best practices.

Avoid making your tweets so long that people won’t even bother to read them. Tweets are expected to be direct and impactful.

  • Avoid overusing hashtags. Observe a maximum of 2.
  • Discover the types of tweets that are effective with the aid of analytics, and then tweak your approach.
  • Using Twitter’s advanced search, you may better organize your marketing efforts.

Social Media Executive Interview Questions

7. What are some blog techniques that can boost website traffic?

Following is a list of some of the most popular and often used techniques that will help increase website traffic:

  • Promote your content on a variety of popular websites, such as Facebook.com, Pinterest.com, etc.
  • You can share your blog post’s image and title on Instagram. Even posting images to popular networks like Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr is possible.
  • Share a quick content presentation on websites that resemble slide-sharing services and provide a direct link to the information.
  • You’ll pin the article if you use a pretty title or picture.
  • You might also upload a quick video with your content on social media platforms.

8. Why not use some marketing techniques to increase lead generation?

Your recruiters could be interested in learning how you modify your practices to generate more leads. You need to understand the cost of social media marketing efforts in quantitative terms in order to respond to this.

You must pay attention to social media advertisements that will boost the recruiter’s business. It is obvious that social media has a huge diversity of leads for return on investment.

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9. How do you measure the success of social media?

First way:

Success on social media relies on the campaign’s objectives.

The quantity of online leads, purchases, content downloads, webinar registrations, and ebook downloads the campaign received are all indicators of conversion.

How many people like, share, and comment on your posts will determine how much interaction you receive.

Second way:

  • The metrics listed below can be monitored to determine the campaign’s success.
  • Follower expansion
  • Comments and likes on the posts
  • Track References
  • The scope of your posts
  • Replies to the posts’ comments

10. When should you avoid using social media?

One of the most typical inquiries concerning social media marketing is this one. There aren’t many negative comments made just to get attention.

When responding to negative comments, one should be considerate, avoid starting online arguments, and simply answer as a business that cares about its customers.

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11. How does social media aid SEO?

Search engines index social media content which is done by SEO. To research products and companies, people utilize social media platforms like search engines. Having a significant social media presence is essential for increasing brand awareness.

Your website and blog’s visibility and social media traffic will increase if you make them shareable on social media.

Furthermore, more traffic and links will surely draw search engines’ attention in a beneficial way.

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12. Why is YouTube crucial for marketing?

YouTube, which is actually the second most popular search engine, is king of the jungle as daily video consumption rises. It receives more than 3 billion video views each day. If you need video promotion, one of the finest places to look is YouTube.If your video gains a lot of popularity, YouTube may choose to showcase it, which will increase its viewership.

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13. How can Instagram be used for social media promotion?

Instagram can be used for social media promotion by

  • Using product teasers to entice customers to buy.
  • To reach a more specific audience, use sponsored advertisements.
  • Locating and making contact with influencers.
  • Developing a recognizable brand on Instagram.
  • Analyzing competitors to determine their advantages and disadvantages

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Social Media Analyst Interview Questions

14. What are some general pointers for succeeding on social media?

General pointers for succeeding on social media include:

  • Discover the ideal platforms for your industry and company.
  • Find influencers to work with on cross-platform marketing campaigns.
  • By frequently and strategically releasing high-quality content, you may increase your audience.
  • Get your audience involved. Connect with them to better comprehend.
  • Set objectives at the planning stage, monitor progress throughout time, and make adjustments as necessary.

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15. Tell the reason why Google Plus failed?

Because Google lacked a clear plan when it created Google +, it was shut down last year and failed to gain traction.They started because they were scared of the already-established and rapidly-growing Facebook. Google Plus, however, wasn’t intuitive and user-friendly like Facebook.

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Google Plus’s circles were not as obvious as Facebook’s groups. Many users found its symmetric sharing scheme to be complex and opaque. Google Plus’s growth was further halted when people began using smartphones to access the internet since, unlike Facebook and Twitter, it wasn’t really mobile-friendly.

16. How can Facebook's organic reach be increased?

You need to share material that is specifically created to attract shares and attention if you want to increase your Facebook organic reach. Spend some time and energy interacting with your audience.

Using bought promotion, extend your organic reach. Become a community center on Facebook to connect with many people. Work together with Facebook influencers to get your brand in front of their audience. To raise your EdgeRank on Facebook, choose the ideal moment to post.

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17. Is B2C or B2B marketing on social media more effective?

Social networking is essential for all kinds of businesses. But the final goal and strategy must be different. B2B businesses need to project professionalism and share informative material. B2C companies can engage with their target audience on social media by posting lighter or amusing material.

Business-to-consumer companies prioritize publicity, traffic, and revenue while B2B brands prioritize lead generation.

18. Why don't we hold a free drawing for a prize on our Facebook page for people who share and like our posts?

Facebook doesn’t push users to like and share content in order to enter contests or win prizes. Because doing so essentially amounts to manipulating Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm to boost rankings. Thus, we shouldn’t hold a free competition on our Facebook page where participants must like and share posts in order to win.

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19. How should LinkedIn be utilized to promote businesses?

Through LinkedIn, businesses can benefit from social media by:

  • Participating with relevant groups.
  • forming a group and fostering it.
  • sharing essential business and industry news.
  • Sharing concepts, advice, and techniques with niche audiences encourages them to follow your page and engage frequently.
  • Check out showcase pages.

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20. How does the use of social media fit into customer service?

Most people use social media to stay in touch with their friends and family. to interact with new folks you find. As a result, even when businesses use social media, their main goal is to provide customer care because the platform is primarily about people rather than brands.

Customer service may not have been a priority when businesses first launched their social media accounts.

74% of individuals now contact brands via social media when they have questions, grievances, or anything else. When it comes to providing customer support on social media, companies with quicker and more efficient responses are at an advantage.

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Social Media Manager Interview Questions and Answers

21. What components make up a viral video?

When creating a viral video, a lot of factors need to be taken into account:

  • The video’s target audience must be identified by the strategist. The likelihood of the video going viral is higher if it appeals to a wide audience rather than a specific demographic or niche.
  • The creator must capture the audience’s attention in the first 30 seconds so that they will choose to watch the complete video.
  • User clickthrough rates are influenced by titles that attract their attention. The topmost layer of attraction is this. The CTR rate will be high if the title is intriguing enough.
  • The method of promotion for the video is crucial. Sending them to journalists, bloggers, vloggers, influencers, social media platforms, etc. is one way we push things online.

22. What are all the skills required to become a social media manager?

The following abilities are necessary for social media managers:

  • The capacity to develop a company strategy.
  • Excellent communication and persuasion skills.
  • Excellent authoring and vocal communication abilities.
  • creativity to create cutting-edge advertisements and content
  • The capacity to address problems and provide customer service
  • The capacity to plan and schedule campaigns and postings

23. What tasks does a social media manager perform?

The duties of a social media manager include the following:

  • Recognizing the objective of the company.
  • Recognizing the products, market, rivals, and company model.
  • Goal-setting, strategy, and planning.
  • Reputation management online.
  • Engage internal stakeholders.
  • Creating a variety of social media methods.
  • Assemble, direct, and manage a social media marketing team.

24. Mention a few common errors brands make in social media marketing.

Among the most frequent errors brands make in social media marketing are:

  • Lacking a social media plan to begin with
  • Failing to comprehend what their user wants
  • Disregarding criticism
  • Instead of publishing information that presents a faceless corporate face
  • With the use of social media, there is no customer service.
  • Posting only unrelated content

25. What distinguishes the social customer service environment from the social marketing environment?

In a social customer service setting, it’s important to be able to resolve problems, have empathy, and have a lot of patience. As everything posted on social media is a response to the entire following community, the executive must be able to identify circumstances when he needs to speak with and consult with management.

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In a social marketing setting, an executive is required who comprehends the customer journey, can identify where a particular consumer is in the cycle, and can guide them appropriately to benefit the company.

Social Media Strategist Interview Questions

26. How can you use social media to increase leads?

The interviewer is interested in learning about your capacity to boost the company’s lead generation. Every organization would ultimately seek to enhance sales or leads with each marketing effort. You must demonstrate how significantly social media may increase their lead quality for the money they are spending on it.

The response ought to be tailored to their industry. For certain types of businesses, some techniques wouldn’t be effective. Some businesses may benefit from contests while others may not.

Today, many businesses employ social media advertising as a common tactic to enhance their lead generation. You can describe how LinkedIn lead generation forms, Facebook lead advertisements, and Instagram lead ads can benefit their company.

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27. How significant is social media online reputation management?

A smart social media manager is aware of how consumers see their company and views maintaining a positive online reputation as one of the most important tasks. Nothing about this duty should be taken lightly as it is essential to increase client loyalty. You have a responsibility as a social media manager to identify issues early and resolve them amicably.

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28. What benefits do social media marketing strategies have over conventional ones?

One of the social media marketing interview questions asks you to describe the benefits of social media, and the interviewer expects you to do so. Several advantages of social media marketing include the following:

Cost: When compared to traditional or even search advertising, social media costs are significantly lower.

Feedback: Utilizing social media, you may gather feedback from your target demographic and use it to inform the design of your future campaigns.

Targeted Zone: It is more focused because it is one of the Inbound Marketing strategies.

Results right away: A product can become well-known in a single day.

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29. Why did you decide to work in social media?

One of the most frequent inquiries about social media is this. Every interviewer wants to hear why you choose this particular field. Do you work only to make money or do you have a true passion for what you do?

Explain why you enjoy social media, what led you to select it, and how your talents can help you become a better social media manager if you are passionate about it.

Direct your response in a way that demonstrates how you can be a good fit for both the position you’re looking for and social media. Make a list of all the aspects of social media you truly enjoy, such as how unexpected it is in a good way so you will be open to constant change and challenges.

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30. Tell us about your least effective social media effort.

One of the hardest social media marketing interview questions you can encounter is this one. But when giving your response, you must be sincere. Tell them about your least effective social media campaign and the reasons it failed.

A broken link or a tracking code that was misplaced can be the error. How you respond to failure and what you take out from it are what matter. So, describe what went wrong and why.

And, most crucially, explain what you learned from your error and how it made it possible for you to avoid repeating it in the future.

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Certification in Digital Marketing - SPJIMR

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Salary Trends


Job Role  Average Salary in India Average Salary in the USA
Social Media Manager

(0-9 years of experience)

Minimum – ₹5,52,000 /yr Minimum – $65,075 /yr
Average – ₹6,59,760 /yr  Average – $83,257 /yr
Highest – ₹11L /yr Highest – $79,026 /yr

Social Media Marketing Job Trends

Global Demand: The job outlook for advertising, promotions, and marketing managers looks promising, as there is projected growth of 6% from 2022 to 2032, which is faster than average, across all occupations.

Projected Growth: Media marketing is projected to keep growing as it adapts to evolving trends. The increasing popularity of influencer marketing, the integration of AI, the prominence of video content, the utilization of reality, and the emphasis on personalized experiences all contribute to its potential expansion. Expect improvements in customer support sign-ons and enhanced metrics that will boost user engagement.

Social Media Marketing Roles and Responsibilities

Job Role Description
SEO Specialist Define and implement keyword strategies, update headlines and images, and improve search engine ranking.
Content Writer/Creator Generating new, creative content ideas to market company products and services. Creating high-quality content.
Social Media Manager Responding to comments and determining posting frequency on social media. Collaborating with other marketing team members.
PPC Specialist Segmenting the target audience and creating paid advertising copy. Analyzing and optimizing active paid campaigns.
Digital Marketing Strategist Executing digital marketing tasks and analyzing marketing campaign performances. Engaging with the online audience. 

As per the job posted on Naukri.com by Vidyashilp Academy

Role: Digital Marketing Executive


  1. Plan and monitor the ongoing company presence on social media.
  2. Launch optimized online ads through Google AdWords and Facebook to increase company and brand awareness.
  3. Actively involved in the SEO process.
  4. Create newsletters and promotional emails. Arrange their distribution across different platforms.
  5. Provide creative ideas for content marketing and update the websites.

Skills Required:

  1. Good understanding of digital marketing concepts.
  2. Experience in B2C social media, Google Adwords, email campaigns, and SEO/SEM.
  3. Knowledge of web analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics and NetInsight).
  4. Experience in creative writing.
  5. Analytical mindset and critical thinking.


I hope this set of Digital Marketing Interview Questions will help you prepare for your interviews. Best of luck!

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