What is Hyperledger Composer?

Hyperledger Composer is a broad, open advancement toolset and structure to make blockchain applications easy. Hyperledger Composer is an arrangement of instruments for developing blockchain business organizes that makes it basic and quick for entrepreneurs and designers to make smart contracts and blockchain applications to solve organizational problems. Hyperledger Composer permits you us demonstrate our business organize and incorporate existing frameworks and information with your blockchain applications.
Components and Structure of Hyperledger Composer :
The Business Network is categorized by Models, Script Files, ACLs and Metadata and packaged in a Business Network Archive.
Model – A domain specific language that defines Assets, Participants and Transactions. It matches how we talk about business networks in the real world.
Script file – Provide transaction implementation logic. Specified in Javascript. Designed for any reasonable Javascript developer to pick up easily.
ACL –  Separates out access control from business rationale making it less difficult. Can incorporate access control with the business rationale if necessary. ACL engine evaluates rules for all access to assets. Top down checking. If no rule then denies access
Metadata – Name & version of the business network. Markdown documentation for the solution. Works with tools like Github to turn into a HTML page. Easily read in raw .md or HTML format
Business Network Archive – The Business Network Archive packages up the project to for deployment to a runtime. Can be deployed using CLI tools. Can be packed/unpacked by a developer to see its contents, check it, work on it or send it. At deployment the archive is executed within a chaincode container
Benefits :

  • Expands understanding : Bridges just from business ideas to blockchain.
  • Spares time : Develop blockchain applications all the more rapidly and economically
  • Decreases risk : Well tried, effective plan complies with best practice
  • Expands adaptability : Higher level reflection makes it less demanding to repeat

Hyperledger Composer Working Steps :
Step 1: Open the Hyperledger Composer Playground
Step 2: Creating a new business network
Step 3: Connecting to the business network
Step 4: Adding a model file
Step 5: Adding a transaction processor script file
Step 6: Adding an access control file
Step 7: Deploying the updated business network
Step 8: Testing the business network definition
Step 9: Creating participants
Step 10: Creating an asset
Step 11: Transferring the commodity

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