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Social Media Content Strategy: 7 Steps

Social Media Content Strategy: 7 Steps

Social Media Marketing is a type of Digital Marketing and one of the most used Digital Marketing skills. It is used for a variety of purposes, be it entertainment, shopping, training, etc. There are many platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that have been proven as great tools for launching a brand or a product. All these platforms have been a major part of digital marketing course to learn social media branding techniques.

In this blog, we will be discussing the following aspects of a social media marketing strategy template:

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Let’s begin to understand how creating a Content Marketing strategy for social media plan will be beneficial to the brand!

To go about building and establishing your brand, and then showcasing it to the world, you will need to have a structured content marketing strategy in terms of how you should create social media content.

There is no ‘one’ way that can be considered right and the others as wrong as the usage of this particular social media strategy will vary greatly, depending on the nature of the business. But, that being said, the goal will most likely be the same. It is used to drive some sort of marketing that helps with customer outreach immensely.

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To create a social media content plan, you must always begin with understanding the target audience you are trying to reach and setting goals that you want to achieve. These two important steps will make sure that you get the most out of the content strategy or the campaign. Google Analytics can be helpful in analyzing your results.

At this stage, you should have this question – how to plan content for social media? Read on.

How to create a Social Media Content Strategy in 7 steps?

There are many approaches one can take when working on creating a social media content strategy template, and the most recommended way is to go step-by-step to build the content marketing strategy and analyze it in real-time to see what works and what doesn’t.

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1. Setting Campaign Goals

The first step involved in creating a social media content strategy is to put together an actionable plan that takes you from where you are to where you want to be in terms of new customer acquisition, product marketing, and brand outreach.

Content Marketing goals can differ a lot for individual brands as the targeted customer base is usually different from each other and the niche is usually different for each.

However, the overall picture should indicate the same goal. It is to make sure that you get more social media community engagement and drive a lot of organic traffic to your website.

One thing that adds value to the social media campaign is to set goals that can complement each other and help you get ahead of the competition quickly.

At the end of it, you have to keep the content marketing goals structured and simple and make sure to use ways to track them actively.

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2. Community Engagement and Target Audience

The first thing you must consider doing after setting the social media campaign goal is to understand how you can make sure that your brand, product, or service reaches out to the right people i.e. target audience for your social media.

But then, when you think about it, social media gets billions of active users, so how can you find out the correct target audience for your product and content marketing strategy?

One thing that serves as the backbone of creating a good social media strategy is research. You have to put in some time and effort to understand the market and identify who your target audience is going to be. Not only this, but you must engage with this audience later to understand what they expect from your business venture as well.

There can be many things that can help you get a better picture of your target audience, for example:

  • Demographic location
  • Industry
  • Customer interests
  • Current trends
  • Customer age

Of course, there are many other points that add a lot of value as well, but these are at the top of the list as they are very important to assess when looking for the target audience of your social media marketing.

Location plays the biggest part here if you are a local business looking to expand your reach in your neighborhood, city, or state. If you are a car wash brand or in a dentistry business, it would not make much sense to reach out to people who are thousands of kilometers away from you, right? You can do well if your reach is really good with the nearby locality.

On the other hand, if you are a product manufacturer or a service provider who aims to cater to a wide audience across the globe, then you will have to think about other Digital Marketing strategies that help you get there.

When you think about social media platforms, each of them can add value to your content marketing strategy in its unique way. For example:

  • Twitter is amazing in creating a trend for your brand or business and creating quick awareness among people.
  • Pinterest has a very nice user base, and it aims to showcase products that millions of people show interest in and buy.
  • Instagram follows the influencer marketing methodology, thereby, helping your brand reach out to people rapidly and in a very catchy way.
  • LinkedIn, on the other hand, can be used to formally launch your brand and garner the attention of its formal user base, which is very different from that you see on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Facebook and YouTube have proven to add immense value to your business, alongside providing a good amount of analytics to track campaigns actively too.

See how social media post types affect business analytics in the following section:

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3. Business Analytics

The most important thing about a good social media content plan template is to make sure that you have metrics through which you can understand and track the campaigns and KPIs in a way that will help you drive further sales and outreach as well.

There are many metrics that are considered very important in the world of social media marketing, some of them are as follows:

Sentiment analysis

This is used to understand how customers react to your brand, product, or any offering in general. On platforms such as Facebook, they can ‘like’ what you have shared or even ‘dislike’ it by using a variety of emotions, leaving comments, and more. This can be used to understand what the people want and compare it to see what you’re providing.

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Organic outreach

This segment of the content marketing strategy talks about how important it is to understand the likes and comments you receive on social media without putting advertisements or paying for any sort of marketing. Hence, the name organic. This traffic on your social media can be redirected to your website if the post is attractive and if viewers like it.

Customer engagement

Another important metric that denotes the total number of people who have interacted with the content that you put out is customer engagement. Here, you can showcase, communicate, and ask your audience about your brand or product and even use this feedback to develop the brand/product for the better.

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Just as organic outreach brings a good amount of new customers to your system, another way to do the same is to use paid advertising on popular social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, to showcase ads through which you can buy the attention of your prospects.

Social Media content planning is the number one important thing that will drive your Digital Marketing campaign to success.

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4. Competitive Analytics

In this world of stiff competition, online or offline, it becomes important that you understand what your competitors are doing. If they are doing anything right, you can implement a similar thing for your brand as well, and if you notice things that they are doing go wrong, you can use that as a marker not to make similar mistakes.

Competitive analysis has proven to be extremely important in the creation of a good social media content plan as it not only allows you to understand what your competitors are doing but also helps you derive insights into it and better your brand and campaign rapidly.

The most important thing about competitive analytics is that it gives you key information regarding current trends, customer behavior, etc., and allows for an in-depth understanding of how your competitors work.

To easily perform competitive analysis, there are many tools that you can use, which will help you know your competitor without much effort.

A manual effort might also add a lot of value: You can check out a variety of social media posts from your competition, take a look at what their customers have to say about these posts, and leverage their methods to build a better product or provide a better service that can help you get ahead of the competition.

Thus, as you can see in many different ways, competitive analysis proves to be a vital tactic in helping a brand grow on social media.

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5. Create Quality Content

With all of the above mentioned steps, we are quite sure that you now have an idea about how to go about building a good strategy for social media.

Now, it is time to go ahead with the important steps that involve your understanding of how to create good content to add value and drive these campaigns to success.

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Customer-driven Content

It always adds value when you repost the content that your customers post about your brand or products. This way, they feel like their opinion is valued a lot, and this helps you get the trust of other customers as well. Be it pictures, stories, or good comments about your product, it always adds up if you hold their opinions high and showcase to the world that you listen to and love your customers!

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Product Design Insights

It is always good to talk to your customers about how your brand came into existence and to show them the behind-the-scenes of what goes on in building your brand, product, or service to cater to your customers to the best of your abilities. This not only adds more marketing to your product but also instills a sense of trust in your viewer base, thereby, making them want to pick products from your brand.

Social Media content planning can only be effective if you have good visual content, right? Read on.

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Creative Video Content

It should come as no surprise that creating good videos about your product or brand can help capture the attention of people on social media. We are sure that you have seen a nice video about a brand, liked what you saw, and wanted to check it out. This effect is very common among people browsing on social media these days. Hence, it impacts immensely to create short, aesthetically pleasing videos about your brand or product and to put them on social media like Instagram and Facebook.

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Sticking to Themes

There are a plethora of things you can do on social media. Nonetheless, one metric that has been proven to work well among users is consistency. Sticking to a theme, showing your audience that you are putting in much time and effort to work on your theme, and maintaining consistency will always attract visitors to your brand and what you have to offer, eventually driving more business.

Social Media content planning also involves thinking and planning about timely content delivery alongside creation as it is equally important.

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6. Content Delivery

As important as it is to create good content, the timely delivery of it plays a vital role as well. You need to understand the optimal time in which your audience becomes active on social media platforms and then cater to them according to those timings.

If you are posting content at a time when your customer base is inactive, then it would not add value to your campaigns, no matter how good your content is, as your customers may not see it. Moreover, there is a good chance that you may not even receive any engagements on that post at all.

Instead of benefiting your brand, your content having posted at the wrong time without any engagement can hurt your brand as it showcases that people are not willing to engage with you. Therefore, it becomes important that you cater to these target audiences at the time that you know works best for them. This can be found out by tracking local time zones, monitoring customer behavior, and even by understanding the metrics on when you receive views and comments the most.

With this knowledge, it becomes vital to dig deeper into the details and look at the small things that can have a huge impact on how your brand spreads across social media and also how people perceive it.

Social Media content planning performance can be measured with the help of analytics. Evaluating a campaign is very important and we are sure you have realized that by now.

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7. Campaign Evaluation

A good part of a social media content marketing strategy is that you have the ability to constantly track and understand how your campaign is progressing. This evaluation aspect of it can add a lot of value for the further betterment of the brand and also for helping future campaigns.

One more thing to consider here is experimentation. At the starting stages of a product launch or a new service provision, you can always experiment with a variety of content to see what works and what does not. This way, you can have a clear understanding of which post and campaign work better than the other and what doesn’t work as expected.

The key aspect of campaign evaluation in a good social media content plan template is to understand that you can track metrics in real-time and make changes to them there itself to make sure that you are one step ahead in providing better content on social media.

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In the world of social media that sees the likes of millions of people across the globe today, it becomes vital that you put in a good amount of time and attention to understand how you can approach this huge user base and make the best of it.

Of course, at the start of any social media marketing campaign, a lot of experimentation takes place as discussed in the above section. In effect, this gives way to concise methodologies and techniques that you know would work for sure.

Using all of the above-mentioned steps, you can be on your way to creating an attractive content marketing campaign for your product, service, or brand, and you will see it make an impression in the world of social media.

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