7 examples of Digital Marketing
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The following examples will be covered in this blog:

Let’s take a look at some digital marketing strategy examples.


SEO: It’s a collection of techniques and Digital Marketing strategies to increase your visibility to online users.  SEO focuses on improving the technical aspects as well as the quality of the content. Technical aspects include site code, page loading speed, and mobile responsiveness. SEO also emphasizes incorporating the right keyword in your content. This will increase the traffic to your site. The Process is not as simple as it seems.

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The SEO process of any company can be summarised into 5 steps. R.O.C.K.E.T 

Research: A complete research on the company, the website, the competitors, and the industry has to be done at this step.

Optimization: This is the stage of making changes in the website from fixing the bugs and solving other website technical issues to helping it reach the number one position in the search engines.

Content: Creative and quality content that engages and influences your customers can generate leads. Such content is created at this step.

Keywords: This is the backbone of the SEO process. Proper industry-based research on keywords and proper implementation of various strategies can bring in traffic. 

Earn Support: Always connect social media accounts with your website and gain popularity. It will add to a higher position in search engines.

Testing: Secure the best possible results with continuous testing of the website.

It is better to rely on SEO experts to plan, execute and implement SEO strategies. 

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It is a technique in which a commercial is published on a search engine and the advertiser pays the publisher or the search engine, only when it is clicked.

The amount that has to be paid to the search engine  = Number of clicks * Bid value. Let’s see an example strategy.

Let’s say we have company A and company B. Company A bids for 10₹ and company B bids for  20₹. so the advertisements are both published based on Ad rank. Imagine the advertisement A got 50 clicks and B got  10 clicks, now company A has to pay the search engine  50*10 ie 500₹ and company B has to pay 20*10 i.e. 200 ₹. So the objective here is to reduce the bid value and increase the clicks.  The Ad rank is calculated by the following equation.

Equation for calculating ad rank

But how does google reduce thousands of brands into very few? The answer is Ad rank. Ad rank is calculated using the above equation. Quality score is Google’s way of rating the user experience given by advertisements and landing pages.

The better your rank is, the better will be the position of your commercial. This technique will quickly generate leads and revenue for the business. PPC also ensures the presence of your website in the search results.

The significance of PPC becomes relevant because it displays advertisements at the top and viewers see it first. People generally retain the first price of information, that is PPC will retain your brand name in peoples’ memory

Example of PPC ad in Google

These top brands have worked very well with their PPC to ensure their presence in the search engine results pages for the given keyword.

Example of PPC ad in google

You can also see that clicking these advertisements will direct the user to their pages, which will further complement the intention of the searcher successfully creating a potential customer out of a visitor. Do you wonder how much the salary of people working in PPC analysis is? Then explore more about the salaries of PPC analysts here!

Social Media Marketing 

More than half of the world’s population today uses social media. So it is a great platform to communicate to more than half of the population in the globe. Never underestimate the power of social media in lead generation and increasing traffic. Public profiles can be created on social media like Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook. Paid commercials  can effectively target more customers.

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Example of social media marketing
Example of social media marketing

When was the last time you came across a sponsored advertisement on social media? The above examples seem familiar?  Being able to reach the emotional side of your target audience is the greatest strength of social media.

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Website is the leading light of any business. So it is very important to have a user-friendly interface for the business to be successful. The website should be captivating and easy on the eye.

Even though we say don’t judge a book by its cover, most of the customers will judge and have the first impression by a peek on the website. So it is important to have a tempting and attractive website that convinces any visitor to buy the product.

Example of website

Everyone prefers easy-to-use informative and attractive websites like given above which adds to the aesthetic pleasure of the viewer. These types of websites can create an impact instantly on anyone. Neatly organized pieces of information in a catchy website can win hearts quickly. 

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Content Marketing 

Content is the doorway to the heart of your customer. Keeping the leads busy on the website with quality content will always get you a higher rank. Quality content conveys information about the product in the most engaging way and lets the visitor step up to the next phase of conversion. Brainstorming can always help.

Thoughtful content can be in ebooks, videos, audio or podcast blogs, images or pics, or even social media posts. The uniqueness and the creativity in your content decide the popularity of the brand. User-generated content is always the best for creating brand loyalty.

A famous Digital Marketing strategy example of content marketing done right is share a coke campaign, where adding the names of people on the bottle of coke drove them crazy.

Content Marketing Strategy example

They added names that are the most used personal aspect of any individual. Here what they marketed was not coke but the element of personalization. It was a wonderful psychological tactic that promoted the product coke and it simultaneously added to the happiness of the customer. 

Use this step-by-step guide to develop a Content Marketing Strategy to connect with potential customers.

E-Mail Marketing 

Email marketing seems silly at first because people think it’s mostly ignored but statistics say a different story.

66% of the consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing message.  Women click 10 %  more often than men on emails. For every 1$ spent on email marketing there is an average return on investment of 44$. So it’s always worthwhile to have a calculated budget for emails.

Emails are important to stay in the minds of your customers and is the professional route to them. So if you don’t have time for emails, at least have them automated which will save your time and reach customers. Emails are also a great way to offer a personalized experience to your customers. Companies that top the email marketing game always offer discounts through mails. Bright colored short and simple emails with precise information is always appealing

Have a look at how to create successful email marketing strategies?

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Influencer Marketing 

The influencer marketing industry is approximately worth $13.8 billion in 2021 and it has now overtaken print advertising. Now we know why it is the best Digital Marketing campaign example.  Paid promotions with influencers or public figures always have a greater impact than any paid advertisement. Here we are getting direct access to the person’s fan base. Today if someone doesn’t know about any product they directly turn to people they admire in life. So this type of marketing is really valuable as it creates authentic content. 

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The analysis of these Digital Marketing examples shows the inevitability of these techniques in any business. The techniques and examples given here are not everything you can do with Digital Marketing. These are just a few Digital Marketing examples.

There is another side of Digital Marketing yet to be conquered.  Just like any other technology, Digital Marketing is evolving and growing rapidly. So ignoring Digital Marketing, which blows the whistle on immense possibilities, would be getting ready to lose in this competitive marketing game.

Still,  have questions about Digital Marketing that clog your mind? Discuss it with our expert Digital Marketing community!

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