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Digital Marketing Job Description

Digital Marketing Job Description

An ideal digital marketing job description should specify the nature of a digital marketing job, the skills it requires, and the pay it offers. There are different fields in digital marketing like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Paid Marketing, and many more. You can go for any one of them depending on the job role and responsibilities they include.

Let’s take a look at the various job roles, responsibilities, and pay packages offered by the various fields of digital marketing.

But before that let’s look at the topics we’ll discuss in the blog.

Let’s begin with the article that will guide you through your journey to become a Digital Marketer through a digital marketing job description.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Talking about Digital Marketing, it is the promotion of products and services by the means of digital technology, social networking sites, and the internet. It involves any type of promotion or branding that is done online. There are multiple examples of digital branding. For instance, makeup artists nowadays use Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites to promote their makeup work and attract customers.

Who is a Digital Marketer and what does he do?

A digital marketer is a specialist who is in charge of advertising goods, services, or brands using digital platforms including the web, social media, and mobile devices. To connect and interact with target audiences, they employ a range of digital marketing methods and tactics, such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising,  email marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing.

Developing and carrying out a digital marketing strategy, tracking campaign efficacy via data analysis, and budget management may all fall under the purview of digital marketers, who frequently work for businesses, agencies, or as independent contractors.

In India, digital marketing managers are in high demand. Anyone who thrives on the internet is best suited for the job. However, here are just a few of the many responsibilities of the job:

  • Managing digital marketing campaigns across multiple platforms.
  • Planning and implementing digital marketing strategies, as well as tracking lead generation and other performance metrics.
  • Increasing a brand’s social media presence.
  • Identifying trends and aggregating them on the brand’s social media page to increase traffic.
  • Creating and maintaining a web presence for clients, as well as optimizing landing pages and Google ads.
  • Collaboration with internal and external agencies for resources such as design, content, and others.

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How to become a Digital Marketer?

Various ways can help you become a digital marketer. Here are a few tips that will help you in the same.

  • Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing.
  • Find how to use essential digital marketing tools.
  • Create a digital marketing project portfolio.
  • Create a resume for your digital marketing career.
  • Make marketing connections by networking.

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Common elements of Digital Marketing Job Description

The following duties are often part of a digital marketing position:

  1. Creating and putting into practice digital marketing tactics to raise brand recognition and improve website traffic.
  2. Keeping track of social media accounts and producing interesting materials on different platforms.
  3. Managing and monitoring digital marketing campaigns on websites like Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.
  4. Improving search engine results through website design and customer experience optimization.
  5. Monitoring and evaluating campaign performance and website analytics to create data-driven decisions.
  6. Collaborating with other departments to achieve a unified digital marketing approach, such as merchandise development and marketing.
  7. Keeping abreast of the most recent developments in digital marketing technology and trends.

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Top skills required to become a Digital Marketing Manager

Here are some essential skills that one should work on to become a successful Digital Marketer:

Producing Content

The process of creating and disseminating worthwhile material, including as text, photographs, videos, and audio, with the goal of informing, educating, or entertaining a particular audience is known as content production. Digital marketing is an essential component of content production that serves a multitude of purposes.

Digital marketers must continually create fresh and interesting content to maintain audiences’ attention and draw in new customers. Content development is an ongoing activity. The audience will interact with content that is pertinent, educational, and helpful to them, thus the quality of the information is also crucial.

Customer Relationship Management

Monitoring customer experience enables businesses to better understand the changing needs of their target audience. Digital marketers must learn Customer Relationship Management skills, which include strategies for monitoring and optimizing the customer experience. Connecting with your customers on a more emotional and personal level is always advantageous for the brand because it increases the likelihood of customer loyalty. Compassion and communication skills should be instilled in marketers to improve Customer Service Management.

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Social Networking

Social networking refers to the use of world wide web technology to link individuals for the exchange of knowledge, concepts, private communications, and other types of content. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are a few well-known examples of social networking sites.

Social networking may become more integrated with other technologies in the future, such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Virtual reality might be utilized to create realistic social experiences, while AI could be used to tailor content and provide suggestions to users.

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The technique of improving a website’s visibility and position on search engine results pages (SERPs) for particular keywords or phrases is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is often accomplished by both off-page optimization, such as creating backlinks to the website, and on-page optimization, such as improving title tags and meta descriptions.

Digital marketing techniques such as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are used to promote websites by making them more visible on search engine results pages. Paid search advertising, like those from Google AdWords, that show up at the top or bottom of search engine results pages are often used to accomplish this. SEM also makes use of display and video adverts, as well as another kind of paid search advertising.

Data Evaluation

Data analytics is the use of functional procedures and modern software to collect and process a wide range of information from your target market’s various online interactions. These online interactions could include content consumed, online transactions, search queries, and other relevant footprints to your business. With a plethora of online tools now available to measure data across various platforms, marketers can more easily analyze and make relevant marketing decisions. Data cleaning is the act of deleting false, redundant, or missing data from the database. Marketers need to be aware of this subject. It is advised that the database be regularly updated and that unnecessary material is deleted in order to make efficient judgments.

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Pay Package of a Digital Marketer

The popularity of digitization has increased significantly in recent years. From e-payment to companies concentrating more on digital media and social platforms, businesses have moved their attention to digital media to generate revenue and sales.

Because the bulk of the audience is now online, digital advertising has shown to be more practical and efficient than conventional advertising.

Pay Package of a Digital Marketer

Digital marketing has risen in popularity and demand as a consequence, and because of their important role in producing income and company as well as their intense focus on outcomes, their wages are high.

However, the initial payment for a digital marketer is cheap, and it increases as you advance in experience and expertise.

The average salary for a Digital Marketer is 4 LPA, but it can range up to 12 LPA.

However, there are numerous factors that influence a digital marketer’s salary, including location, company, experience, and many more.

Various Digital Marketing Career Options

Now that we are aware of the vast scope and rising demand for digital marketing, it is essential to know the career alternatives available in the field.

Consider the following digital marketing job opportunities.

SEO & SEM Professional

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals monitor and manage paid campaigns on social media platforms. They also manage display ads on Google. SEO specialists are paid between 4 and 8 LPA. SEM specialists’ salaries start at 14 LPA and can go up to 37 LPA.

Email marketing

Email marketing specialists create and launch campaigns through email. They also keep customer information databases up to date and create newsletters.

An email marketing specialist’s salary ranges from 5 to 12 LPA.

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Digital Marketing Manager

Planning, executing, and administering an organization’s online marketing strategy fall within the ambit of a digital marketing manager. They frequently collaborate closely with teams in charge of IT and web development, marketing, and advertising.

A digital marketing executive’s average salary starts at 3 LPA and rises to 6 LPA as they gain experience.

A digital marketing analyst’s salary ranges from 3.5 LPA to 9 LPA.

Finally, a Digital marketing manager’s pay package starts at 6 LPA and goes up to 18 LPA with experience.

Social Media Marketer

A company needs a social media marketer to market and handle the company’s social media handles in order to stay viable and prominent in the digital space. A social media marketer’s average salary ranges from 3-6 LPA.

Content Manager

The primary responsibility of a content manager is to create a content strategy while keeping the business objectives and the needs of their relevant target audience in mind. The average salary for a content strategist starts at 3 LPA and rises to 16 LPA as you gain more experience.

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The scope of digital marketers will stay and expand in the coming years. With its dynamic nature and vast learning opportunities, it is certain to become a dream field for the young generation. However, keep in mind that your salary as a digital marketer will be primarily determined by your experience and ability to stay up to date with current trends through developing your skills.

Hope we helped you in choosing the right career option for you. If you have any queries join Intellipaat’s Digital Marketing Community.

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