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Function is a block of code which provides the reusability of code. There are two types of functions –

  • Built – in function (Already created i.e. predefined)
  • User defined function (Created by users according to the requirements)


functions & modules


Defining a Function:

A function contains following format –

def <function_name> (arg1, arg2,… argN):


return <value>


1. def keyword is used to start the Function Definition

2. def is followed by function-name which is followed by parenthesis which contains the arguments passed by the user and use the colon at the end

3. Statement specify the body of function.

4. Return sends a result object back to the caller


Calling function



def sum(x, y): # function name is sum contains two parameters i.e. x and y

z=x + y # body of function

return z # return value z


Calling of above function 

sum(5,10) # arguments in parentheses




Scope of variable

Scope of program means the portion of the program where you can access a particular identifier. There are two types of scope of variable –

  • Local Variable
  • Global Variable


Local variables – The variables which can only accessed in that function where it is declared. Outside the function body it cannot be accessed.

def sum(x, y):

z=x + y

print z  # print 8



print z  # shows error


Global variable

Variable which is declared outside the function is known as global variable. It can be accessed anywhere throughout the program.


def sum(y):

z=x + y

print z  # print 30



print x  # print 20


Anonymous Function:

Functions which have no name is known as anonymous function which is created by using lambda. Lambda is created without using the def keyword.


lambda arg1,arg2,arg3,…,arg n :expression


sum=lambda i1: i1+i1

print "Sum is",sum(20)


Sum is 40

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