Potential use cases of the blockchain

  • Proof of Existence :
    • Demonstrating data ownership without revealing actual data
    • Document timestamping
    • Checking for document integrity

Check out this What is Ethereum video by Intellipaat:

Blockchain Use Cases

  • Record Keeping :

Data inserted and hashed into secure blockchains like Bitcoin creates permanent and unforgeable information. Projects such as Tierion utilize the Bitcoin blockchain to make “blockchain receipts”.

  • Identity :

Onename uses an ID system using Blockchain technology, used to create Blockchain ID’s, log in to websites without any password.

  • Forecasting – Augur :

Augur is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The idea is to create a “predictions market”

  • Cloud Storage :

Blockchain distributed storage cloud enables capacity to be decentralized and in this manner less inclined to assaults that can cause data loss and damage. Ex.STORJ, an internet filesystem.

  • Ascribe (Secure your work) :

Provides lock in attribution, Certification of Authenticity, securely share documents, licensing of works.

Blockchain masters program

  • Supply Chain Management :

With blockchain, as items change hands over a supply chain from production to sale, the exchanges can be reported in a perpetual decentralized record — decreasing time delays, included expenses, and human mistakes.

  • Blockchain and IoT :

Universal digital ledger, ADEPT (Autonomous Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Telemetry) a decentralized system of IoT gadgets, IBM Watson IOT, IOTA, Freight transportation, Log operational maintenance data,

  • Banking :

Payments, KYC, reduction of frauds, trading platforms.

  • Government :

Online voting, registering land, real estate, devising public policy. Also, countries like Dubai, Estonia, USA, Georgia uses Blockchain for Digital Passport, Identity management, e-voting, smart contracts, public archives, and land registry.

Check this video on Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain by Intellipaat:

Blockchain Use Cases


So, from this tutorial, you got a detailed understanding of Blockchain, its workflow, its need, Bitcoins, Hyperledger, setting up blockchain and its various use cases.
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Happy Learning! 😊

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